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A Quick Getaway to Waterfalls Near Bangalore

A Quick Getaway to Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Waterfalls Near Bangalore – If you are tired of your fast-paced life and; are looking for a perfect weekend getaway near Bangalore, you landed on the right page. Karnataka is home to numerous waterfalls which offer you not only breathtaking views but also peace of mind. The routes to these near waterfalls Bangalore are equally scenic and refreshing and; make for a perfect break from the city. Calling all those travellers who are seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city culture, these waterfalls are magical. Look at this list of all the waterfalls that appeal to tourists. Most of these waterfalls are best-visited post rainy season when they are running at full capacity and; are a treat to the senses.

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Best Waterfalls Near Bangalore Within 125 km!!

Thottikallu Falls

33.5 km

Muthyala Maduvu Falls 

43 km

Chunchi Waterfalls

83 km

Mekedatu Falls from Bangalore

93 km

Shivanasamudra Waterfalls 

110 km

Kaigal Falls

120 km

Kalyan Revu Waterfall

123 km

Thottikallu Falls

Thottikallu Falls, also known as ‘SwarnaMukhi Falls’, is a Bangalore nearby falls within 100 km which offers mesmerising views and attracts several visitors during the post-monsoon season. Few accommodation options are available for those wanting to spend more than a night here. It is also one of the top offbeat places near Bangalore to enjoy your weekend.

Waterfalls Near Bangalore
  1. Height of the waterfall: 90-100 feet 
  2. Distance from Bangalore: 33.5 km 
  3. How to Reach: Board a bus from Majestic Bus stand or drive/ride your own car/bike.
  4. Best Time to Visit: October to March 
  5. Location: Kanakapura Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 
  6. Things to Do: At the starting point of these waterfalls in Bangalore is the Muneshwara Temple, which lends a spiritual appeal to the place. Picnic with family, Sightseeing, rock climbing, birdwatching.

Muthyala Maduvu Falls

Muthyala Waterfalls or the Pearl Valley Falls is a gushing stream cascading down from a height of 92 m. This waterfall bangalore is located amidst hills, making it a great picnic spot. For trekking enthusiasts, the nearby hillocks should appear challenging enough. It is one of the most magical near falls Bangalore for a one-day trip.

Waterfalls Near Bangalore
  1. Distance from Bangalore: 295 feet 
  2. How to Reach: Muthyala Maduvu Falls is a lovely picnic spot, an hour’s drive (about 40 km) from Bangalore near Anekal falls. It’s in the periphery of Bannerghatta National Park. 
  3. Best Time to Visit: During monsoon i.e. August to November 
  4. Location: Pearl Valley, Thammanayakanahalli, Karnataka
  5. Things to Do: Overlooking the Bangalore waterfalls is a small shrine of Lord Shiva where rituals are conducted every morning. Picnic with family, Sightseeing, photography, birdwatching.

Chunchi Waterfalls

Chunchi Falls near bangalore, situated near Shivanahalli, is a renowned picnic destination not too far from the heart of Bangalore. What makes the falls so popular among tourists is the 100 feet plummet of water into a small plunge-pool. Taking a dip in its pristine waters is sure to rejuvenate the mind and body. Fed by river Arkavati, Chunchi nearest falls is enroute to Mekedatu and Sangam, it is amongst the most scenic water falls near Bangalore. Sangama is a place where 3 rivers join and flow through Mekedatu, a rocky valley. The route to Chunchi Falls from bangalore is full of greenery.

Waterfalls Near Bangalore
  1. Height of the waterfall: 197 feet 
  2. Distance from Bangalore: 83 km 
  3. How to Reach: We recommend you take your own transport since public transport is limited. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to reach this waterfall. The closest railway station to Chunchi Falls is Kanakapura. 
  4. Best Time to Visit: Post monsoons and winter 
  5. Location: Kanakapura, Karnataka
  6. Things to Do: Picnic with family, take a bath, photography, Camping and trekking.

Mekedatu Falls from Bangalore 

Mekedatu means goat’s leap in Kannada. River Kaveri flows into a deep and narrow gorge, so narrow that a goat could leap over it and that is how it got its name. When reaching the gorge, the river flows ferociously onto the rocks sculpting them into some amazing shapes, making it the most beautiful nearest waterfalls from Bangalore. The river Kaveri flows through a deep ravine of just 5-10 metres wide. Getting to the waterfall involves a short trek through rocky terrain. Being cautious when entering the sea is advisable because- it is in reporting that the undercurrents are particularly strong here.

Waterfalls Near Bangalore
  1. Height of the waterfall: 39 feet 
  2. Distance from Bangalore: 93 km 
  3. How to Reach: A diversion is required after Kanakapura (33 km) via Dodda Alahalli & Hegganuru towards Sangama to reach Mekedatu. To visit Mekadatu, cross the river at Sangam on a boat and take public/private transportation to Mekadatu (3.5 km). 
  4. Best Time to Visit: September to December 
  5. Note: No transportation is available after 5:30 PM.
  6. Location: Bangalore, Ramanagara District Karnataka
  7. Things to Do: Picnic with family, Sightseeing, photography, birdwatching, Trekking and fishing.

Shivanasamudra Waterfalls 

The island of Shivanasamudra splits the Kaveri River into two waterfalls – Gaganachukki and Bharachukki, collectively called the Shivanasamudra Falls making these nearby waterfalls around Bangalore a popular holiday getaway. Get the best views of the waterfall from the Shivanasamudra watchtower. An important fact about this place is that- visitors can also enjoy a coracle ride over the gushing waves of the water at the bottom of the waterfalls.

Waterfalls Near Bangalore
  1. Height of the waterfall: 321 feet 
  2. Distance from Bangalore: 110 km 
  3. How to Reach: It is a 3hr drive from Bangalore and is best reached via the Kanakapura main road. 
  4. Best Time to Visit: The fall is in its full glory during the monsoon season of July to October. 
  5. Location: Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka, India
  6. Things to Do: Picnic with family, Sightseeing, birdwatching

Kaigal Falls

Kolar Kaigal Falls are in the undisturbed settings of nature where you can sit and gaze at the scenery for hours. The bangalore falls are in Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary and you may need the police’s permission to get inside. It is a heaven for nature lovers where they will get to spot a variety of flora and fauna. It is one of the picturesque near water falls Bangalore city that you can visit in a short duration. Bangalore to kaigal falls distance is 100 km approx.

  1. Height of the waterfall: 40 feet 
  2. Distance from Bangalore: 120 km 
  3. How to Reach: Take a Palamaner-Kuppam bus and get down at Kaigal Bus stop from where falls are located at just a 10-minute mud walk. Ambur is the nearest railway station, only 36 km away. 
  4. Best Time to Visit: September-December 
  5. Location: Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh 
  6. Things to Do: Picnic with family, photography, birdwatching

Kalyan Revu Waterfalls

Kalyan Revu Waterfall is in the Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary. It lies in the Chittoor district and lures travellers with its serene ambiance. Apart from encountering the mesmerising beauty of this near by water falls, you can also explore the enormous variety of flora and fauna at the wildlife sanctuary. You will surely be listening to the melodious chirps of migrating birds while visiting the Kalyan Revu Waterfall in Bangalore.

Waterfalls Near Bangalore
  1. Height of the waterfall: 40 feet 
  2. Distance from Bangalore: 123 km 
  3. How to Reach: You can board any local or private bus to Chittoor and take an auto or taxi to Kalyan Revu Falls from the bus stand.
  4. Best Time to Visit: From May to October 
  5. Location: Andhra Pradesh 
  6. Things to Do: Picnic with family, photography, birdwatching

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