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Top 15 Business Ideas for women entrepreneur

Top 15 Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneur

Business Ideas for Women – There are numbers of women entrepreneurs struggling while deciding the right business ideas. There are plenty of best small business to start, if you want to become a successful business entrepreneur then the road to success is choosing the right option. If you want to become successful self-employed but not sure what type of business you want to start, then in this blog, we are listing the best business ideas for women that you can start and make money.

Make sure the business you are choosing depends on your skills & passion.

Business Ideas for Women

How to Choose a Business Idea?

You must be thinking, am I ready to start my own business? But really there is no age limit to start, starting a business at a young age of 16 can become a business woman boss & a lady at the age 50 can also put her first step in business. Just depending on their creativity, vision & passion to grow. First step to officially start your business is deciding what type of business you want to start?

We are listing Top 15 good business ideas for women entrepreneurs for different types of women.  

List of business ideas to start in 2021 depends on their passion

Business ideas for Housewives or Homemaker women’s are:

1.  Food Services/ Tiffin center

2. Home Baker

3. Fashion Designer/ Fashion Influencer

4. Embroidery & Knitting

5. Beauty Salon

6. Day Care center

7. Handmade crafting/ Art & Craft

8. Tutor

Business ideas for Women interested in online working are:

  9. Blogging

10. Affiliate marketing

11. Bookkeeper or Accountant

12. Freelancer content creator

Business ideas for Women interested in Designing work are:

13. Website design

14. Graphics Designing.

15. Digital marketing

Now you are thinking why I am distinguishing these great business ideas in different categories? This is because every woman has different thoughts & different tastes of working. So, depending on their skills, taste, passion they can choose their field of working. Below mentioned ideas are the most successful small business ideas from home.

Business Ideas for women at home are mentioned below:

1. Food Services/ Tiffin Center :

If you are receiving good compliments on your cooking skills and want to spread the magic of your hands with the art of cooking then consider this business. Tiffin service is one of the most popular small business ideas for women. To start the business, make WhatsApp groups of your friends & family & let them know about your business plan. Contact PG Students or office workers who are in search of tiffin services. This is one of the best home businesses for housewives.

Business Ideas for Women

2. Home Baker :

In this situation of Covid-19 & lockdowns everyone is missing delicious cakes, but they are unable to get. If you are a great baker and thinking of starting a business, Home baking is one of the good choices for you. You can offer different kinds of cakes; cupcakes and others. Good presentation and qualitative product will build a customer base. This is a long-term business as demands for cake increasing. As none of the celebration is, completed without cake cutting i.e. Birthday, Anniversary, parties, Christmas and many more functions. Take advantage of these, serve the best cakes & start making money.

3. Fashion Designer/ Fashion Influencer :

Having a Passion for fashion? Then what are you waiting for…. Start your own business as a fashion influencer or opening a small tailoring boutique will work for you. Spread your business with Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Shopify. This allows you to reach a large amount of audience & showcase your designs. Online payment makes the whole process so easy. This is the easy work from home and easily done as per your time schedule.

4. Embroidery & Knitting :

This is now in highly demand for making special dresses or furnishings them. In this buisness ladies doesn’t need any special education, as this business only needs skills and creativity. In this type of business can be, done by any illiterate women as well. This is the most productive business for ladies sitting at home.

Business Ideas for Women

5. Beauty Salon :

Beauty is the industry where women can nail it. The bond between women & beauty is like foodie & food they can’t leave without each other, similarly a woman without beauty care can’t leave. They can open a beauty salon or the only product in Which she is having masters. Some of the beauty businesses they can open are: spa & salon, Nail art studios, Bridal make up studios, etc. If you don’t want to open a studio then also you have an option to become a beauty expert or beauty influencer. In this type of business share your knowledge of beauty products or tricks by creating tutorials or workshops at your place or at social medias like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. This is the best girls business as they are experts in makeup.

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6. Day Care Centre:

If you love kids and spending time & entertaining them makes you happy then this business is the right choice for you. Daycare centers provide safe & healthy environments to small kids. This is so when both parents are holding jobs then they leave their child at centers and they can perform their jobs. So that their child can be taken care properly. This is a great opportunity to start a childcare business at home.

I think this is the best home base business for moms to take care of children.

7. Handmade crafting/ Art & Craft :

If you are interested in Art & crafts and creative vision to serve the best. Then go with this business from home. Create some unique Handicrafts, piece of art, paper art, handmade gifts & wedding packings many more. Go with the idea that matches your passion. Create your customer base from your friends, family and social media friends. This small business doesn’t need any extra capital for the shop.

       1. Start your business from home

       2. Create Instagram/ Facebook page

       3. Show your designs/ideas

       4. Receive orders through pages

8. Tutor

Being a tutor is the easiest task if you have any teaching background or if you do not then also you can if you have qualities to explain the concept. Most parents don’t have time to teach their children or often want the best teaching environment. Parents of Primary class students approach the teachers for difficult subjects like English, Mathematics, Science.

You can also go for Online tutoring jobs and earn up to 40000 per month. In this job you need to have vast knowledge of the subject. Because online tutoring sites are the oceans, only you have to select the right site and apply for registration.


Business Ideas for Women

Business ideas for Women interested in online working are:

9. Blogging :

Blogging is one of the best ideas for women at home. They just need to build a website & write articles about any topic/subject they like. The best part of this business is that you can work for flexible hours as per your wish. When you are able to get a good number of visitors every month, you’ll start earning. People actually get good earning from these. Start your own blog depending on your interest i.e. Food blogging, beauty blogging, photography blogging, travel blogging, parenting blogging, etc.

10. Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. These days affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways & best business ideas to make money online and it can be permanent income once established. You can join affiliate programs of companies such as amazon, Flipkart & many more companies. For this kind of business, you must have a good network.

11. Bookkeeper/Accountant :

It is observed that women are good in finance as men earn money but the management of money is done by women. From being a housewife to Chartered Accountant women are just nailing it. If you are really interested in Bookkeeping & Accounting, Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an organization/corporation. The bookkeeper brings the books to the trial balance stage. You can start your business of Accounting simply from home. This business needs basic Accounting skills, laptop/computer, Tally Software.

12. Freelance content creator :

Freelance writing is the practice of earning money online where we work for ourselves rather than being employed by a company or organization. The freelance content creators or writers create content for their client by working from home. You can charge an amount as per time invested and amount of work projects have. Some of the best freelancing sites are fiver, freelancer, upwork, etc.

Business Ideas for Women

Business ideas for Women interested in Designing work are:

13. Website Design :

In this world of technical turn over, every business needs a website. Starting your own website designing business can help you to grow in terms of knowledge as well as financially.

       1. Choose right CMS platform

       2. Qualify with a Website design course. 

       3. Skills needed – Proper knowledge of the designing tool

Serve your customers using different freelancing sites or approach your friends & family for website projects.

14. Graphics Designing:

Designing is another field in which women is a star.  Currently, Graphics designing is very important as it changes the look & makes things more creative. Learn the tools & make a career in graphics designing. There is a huge demand for graphic designers in the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Just look out yourself and take your first step to start your own business.

15.Digital Marketing :

Digital marketing has become one of the most sought-after services that have great potential for those who want to start their own home-based business. Online courses give a good understanding of the subject. If you have worked in the field of marketing and brand building, then this may be the right choice for you. Freelancing with small brands looking for digital marketing services on a project basis is a good way to start and build your portfolio. Having a website that details your projects and the work done would help build the credibility of your service business ideas. This business really needs digital marketing qualification in addition to a marketing background. You must have internal knowledge of social media platforms.

Business Ideas for Women

Top 6 Successful Indian women entrepreneur

Here are the Top 6 successful womens in India in their industries. These are the true inspirational business ladies who started their own business with the amazing entrepreneur ideas and are now touching heights of sky with their passion, skills, perseverance.

Business ideas for women

Divya GokulNath 
Co-founder –

Business ideas for women

Fashion Designer- Boutique Ri / Label Ritu Kumar

Business ideas for women

Falguni Nayar 
Founder – Nykaa 

Business ideas for women

Vandana Luthra
Founder – VLCC

Business ideas for women

Radhika Ghai
 Co-founder & 

Business ideas for women

Shreya Lamba
Co-founder – Mumum Com.

With the help of this successful women entrepreneur, I want to tell you that Indian business woman can be fit in any of the industry whether it is home based business for womens, fashion industry, outdoor business ideas, online business for women, mobile business ideas, entrepreneurship ideas, outdoor small business ideas cottage industry ideas, self employment ideas  and many more home business ideas for women.


These are the top 15 business ideas for women in India with zero investment or low investment. Did you find any lead for your startup? Then choose any of the best small business ideas or entrepreneur business ideas that match your skills and passion. So, focus on your skill & enjoy doing that suits your personality & best for you. Don’t let time pass, being your own boss gives you freedom of choice and the ability to juggle your various commitments & start making money.

Thank you

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