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जॉर्डन में जहरीली गैस का रिसाव:अब तक 10 लोगों की मौत, 251 घायल, लोगों से घरों में रहने की अपीलजॉर्जिया में सड़क पार कराने वाला स्ट्रीट डॉग:बच्चों के साथ बड़ों की भी मदद करता है; इंस्टाग्राम पर 37,000 से ज्यादा फॉलोअर्सपाकिस्तान में जल संकट से हालात खराब:एग्रीकल्चर सेक्टर प्रभावित, बांधों में भी पानी खत्म, राष्ट्रीय सुरक्षा के लिए बना खतराचीन के गुआंग्शी में 37 लाख लोग पर आफत:बाढ़ से 1.50 लाख हेक्टेयर से ज्यादा फसल बर्बाद, 1.6 अरब डॉलर का नुकसाननेपाल की काठमांडू घाटी में पानी पुरी बैन:12 लोगों के हैजा संक्रमित होने के बाद लिया फैसला, जानिए इसके लक्षण और बचावनए वॉरशिप पर चीन का बड़बोलापन:कहा- फुजियान जैसा एयरक्राफ्ट कैरियर दुनिया में नहीं, इंडियन नेवी ने तकनीक पर सवाल उठाएG-7 नेताओं ने उड़ाया पुतिन का मजाक:रूसी राष्ट्रपति की शर्टलेस तस्वीर देखकर ब्रिटिश PM बोले- हमें भी अपने पैक्स दिखाने चाहिएसाउथ अफ्रीका के नाइटक्लब में मिले 21 स्टूडेंट्स के शव:मरने वालों में 13 साल का बच्चा भी शामिल, मौत की वजह साफ नहींजॉनी डेप को ऑफर हुए 2,355 करोड़ रुपए?:एम्बर हर्ड के खिलाफ केस जीतने के बाद डिज्नी ने ऑफर किया जैक स्पैरो का रोलतापमान और शरीर के आकार के बीच संबंध:एडिनबरा यूनिवर्सिटी का शोध- धरती का तापमान बढ़ने से बौने होते जाएंगे इंसान

Trusted CAPTCHA Entry Jobs Sites- TOP 8

Trusted CAPTCHA Entry Jobs Sites- TOP 8

CAPTCHA Entry Job – The Internet is full of good oppturnities. There are many more ways to earn money on the internet than one can think of.

Although earning is not so very good but the job is very easy, you can do captcha jobs work from home also. In this post I am going to list 8 websites where one can make money by simply Typing. All you need to have to work with them is a computer with an internet connection and the ability to type at least 10 Words Per Minute. There are many Captcha Entry Job sites out there where one just has to solve Captcha to make money and captcha software free download.


Here you need to sign up with the companies who provide CAPTCHA entry software work, login to your admin panel & then type and earn money  the correct Captcha images.

Most of the readers asked me about what  CAPTCHA entry work, So I wrote more details about it before. 

It’s time to share some ideas about Captcha Entry Jobs in India.

1. 2captcha   

It was the best online captcha entry job in India  and image recognition site ever. The very first good thing is that it loads very fast upto minimal 10 seconds between 2captchas during Interval. You can earn up to $1 for solving 1000 Captcha & receive bonus for solving complicated Captchas. You can also earn by typing jobs referring more people to the 2Captcha app, and the very good thing is you also receive some bonus for complicated Images.


2Captcha payment method AirTM, Payza, WebMoney, AdvCash, Perfect Money, and Bitcoin for cashing out your earnings. You can cashout through Payza if you reach $1.

It is a more popular and legit captcha jobs in india site on the Internet, You Should Go ahead For this.

Is 2captcha legit? is a website that allows you to easily earn extra money on the Internet. Yes, it’s not big bucks and the work is a bit monotonous but you can be sure that you will receive each cent you’ve earned and you will not be scammed. All you need is a computer or a smartphone with Internet access.

Now Get started with 2captcha login


2. CaptchaTypers –

CaptchaTypers is another genuine captcha work without investment. The Very first thing you have to note is that this admin panel is free of cost,You Don’t have to pay anything to anyone at the time of registartion.


If You Want to join this site then you need to send an email to for login details & they will provide this for free. In this Minimum Payout for you is – $2, and the captchatypers payment proof Options – Payza | Perfect Money | Webmoney | Neteller Payment.

You also need to type fast otherwise your id will be banned for 30 minutes.You need to download the latest captcha typers app in this.

Now Get Started With captcha typers login


3. MegaTypers

MegaTypers captcha is also free to join. It is the one of the top captcha provider. This is very much similar to the Protypers,which was discussed in the below section. MegaTypers app is a very good opportunity for captcha work from home for mothers and for students  also.


It get paid for typing and earn money from $0.45 to $1.5 for every 1000 word images typed. Most of the best data entry job apps workers earn up to $250 per month from this website. 

Megatypers Payment proof options be like PayPal, WebMoney, Payza, Western Union are some of the ways you can get paid from MegaTypers income.

Now Get Started with Megatypers login– 


4. ProTypers


ProTypers is a conglomerate of data entry websites specialists. This is another site where people earn as high as $200 a month by solving captcha images. People from all over the world can join to ProTypers sign up. It could be your part time job online. You can payout when you reach the minimum level of earnings ($3 to $100) and the best protypers reviews you will get.

Now Get Started With protyper login

Pro Typers

5. Kolotibablo has been providing online captcha jobs from home for the last 5+ years & many of the people have received their payment on time.  Like most other freelance Captcha Entry Job online, they too are strict so don’t make too many mistakes while typing to keep your accuracy high.


They are very strict & ban the accounts of their workers if they find repeated mistakes. kolotibablo payment proof through Payza or WebMoney.

The minimum payout amount is $1 for all payment systems. kolotibablo captcha using PayPal, Payza, Webmoney, Bitcoin and Yandex Money as payment methods.

Now Get Started With kolotibablo log in


6. FastTypers

Yet, this is another enter captcha typing jobs in india website that really pays. FastTypers is a site which appreciates their great workers & pays them up to $1.5 per 1000 captchas. The paying rates are high during 12 am to 5 am. It allows PayPal as their payment method. You can stay updated about their service through their blog.

Now Get Started With- 


7. VirtualBee

VirtualBee is offering different kinds of jobs (Translation, Basic internet research and Typing). You can sign up on the website, join yourself as a keyer and then choose the job that you want to do on this websites with captcha.


A captcha typer can earn $0.4 to $0.8 for solving 1000 captchas depending on the quality and accuracy. You can get paid by check, PayPal or direct bank transfer.

Now Get Started With- 


8. Qlinkgroup

You have to download the qlinkgroup software to work on it. This site is free of cost, and doesn’t involve any other fools on this site who ask for the money.


Payment is made by qlinkgroup registration for 1 week’s Entry. So if you want to start work with qlink group then you have to start work from Friday night and your payment will be made if you enter a minimum 800 Entry in a week. Otherwise qlink group will not pay for your Entry.

Now Get Started With- 


Is captcha job app real or fake?

It’s very Doubtful that Captcha Job really pays. Maybe they reward a few users just to show their app is genuine. You must not expect to earn any money or reward with that game. In the Application as soon as you reach near the payout, the developers of the app cut you off.

Turn Off Thoughts – 

If you have finalized that you are going to make money by typing captcha images, always ensure and choose one of these 8 online captcha entry job sites which are mentioned above in the article. You can work with any of them assuredly as all of them are authentic. 

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    Highly Paid Non-technical Jobs in India For Freshers

    Highly Paid Non-technical Jobs in India For Freshers

    Non-technical Jobs – What? non-technical jobs for freshers in india that pay up to 1 lakh per month??? Incredible isn’t it? But it is actually true that there are many tech companies that offer great salaries and lots of perks to non-technical employees.

    Non-technical Jobs

    We set-down the top 7 highest paying non IT jobs in India. This list is updated and irrespective of your work level, beginner/entry-level or middle level, these will help you decide the direction you want to go in next.

    Moreover, despite earning a decent salary, the below jobs are well -curated professions for freshers that offer high salary startup jobs for freshers security, great prestige in the society and many other benefits and jobs without degree in india.

    Very curious to know what those non-tech jobs are? Come on Let’s dive into it.

    Here is the List of best non technical jobs list


    Non-technical Jobs

    It is one of the highest paying non-technical jobs in it companies for freshers available in all IT and private companies. As a Business developer, you inform others about the company products and services and act as the point of contact for new clients and their assigned existing clients. 

    Besides, you’re the pillar of most demanding jobs in india at IT companies, allowing them to function properly while run after benefits. So, if you are looking for a stable and rewarding career in IT companies, then going the Business Development way might serve you best earning jobs in india companies for freshers.

    Roles and Responsibilities :

    To identify the sales leads, maintain good working relations with clients.

    Business Development Manager Salary

    Average business development manager salary in India is 600,480.

    Non-technical Jobs


    Non-technical Jobs

    With the increasing number of data, the scope for data scientists is growing steadily. Therefore, you have a bright scope if you pursue a special course in Data Science.

    Being Data scientists, you work closely with business stakeholders to understand their aim and determine how the collected data can be used to achieve those goals. 

    Data Science is a multifaceted field and freshers can find applications in every industry including healthcare, banking, e-commerce, business and consultancy services.

    Data Scientist Salary

    On average, a fresh college graduate who joins any company as a Data Scientist can earn 35,000 per month. After a few years of experience, the data scientist can earn up to 1,58,250 per month. 

    Top employers are Accenture, Amazon, KPMG, Honeywell, Wells Fargo, E&Y, Dell International, eClerx Services, and Deloitte. 

    However, the knowledge of a Data Scientist can greatly affect the income.

    3. Digital Marketing

    Non-technical Jobs

    With the growth of mobile phones and the Internet, non technical jobs for freshers in digital marketing is a booming industry and is the new industry standard. Marketing refers to the act of promoting a product or service and when it is done through a digital platform it is known as digital marketing. As one of the highest paying it jobs in india non-IT jobs in India, as a digital marketer you need to have a basic understanding of marketing principles and content management and a strong working of internet and social networks to make your mark in this domain. knowledge will be required.

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    1. Create an actionable plan and launch a product.
    2. Design a detailed content.
    3. Work on the site of SEO and improve brand visibility.
    4. Manage processes related to inbound marketing, PPC, and AdWords.

    Digital Marketing Salary

    On average, a fresh college graduate who joins any company as a digital marketing strategist can earn 35,000 per month. After a few years of experience, digital marketing strategist can earn up to 1,45,416 per month. 


    Non-technical Jobs

    Investment Banker is the other non-technical jobs which is the highest paying companies in india for freshers. The main role of an investment banker is an act an intermediary between the corporation and public to public offerings. A degree in commerce or accounts can help you become an investment banker.

    The investment banker career path mainly has five levels of gradual growth as follows,

    • Analyst– INR 5 to 9 lakhs per annum (pa)
    • Associate – INR 7 to 13 lakhs pa
    • Vice President – INR 10 to 40 lakhs pa


    Investment Banker Salary

    The average salary of an investment banking analyst in India is 10 to 25 lakhs per annum depending on the institute you pass out from.

    Other than, the type of company and experience can strongly influence the salary on this job.

    5. Legal Advisor

    Non-technical Jobs

    A legal advisor is a professional who oversees the legal affairs of an individual or company. They also fight many legal battles in court on behalf of the company or organization. He is a lawyer for a corporate law firm. They provide legal advice to help businesses resolve labor disputes and other conflicts.

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    To take complete liability for all legal matters, Investigate and solve legal issue for a client, and examine the cooperative’s legal document.

    Legal Advisor Salary

    A legal advisor can earn up to 2-3 lakhs per year at the entry level. If we talk about the average salary, it’s about 5-6 lakhs per year. The highest annual salary Which reaches up to Rs.20 lakh.

    6. Media Professional

    Non-technical Jobs

    Media professionals are those who provide news reports on social events happening around the world. They report on social issues which are either in national or international boundaries. So that the people of the society know what is happening in the world.

    There are two forms of media you can work with:

    • Print media
    • Broadcast media

    Print media introduce new information in the form of written words. Example newspaper.

    Responsibilities of the Media Profession

    1. To provide unbiased news to the audience.
    2. Working as per the norms set by the media industry.
    3. Reporting the news and making it public as soon as possible.
    4. To keep a close watch on the things going on in the society

    Media Professional Salary

    There are many types of jobs in the media profession. So, the salary of all of them is different from each other.

    Still if we can say that a fresher in media sector earns around 1.2 lakh – 1.8 lakh per year. And if we go to the average media profession jobs then the earning is around 4 lakhs per annum. If you gain enough experience then you must earn upto 16 lakh per year.


    This is the other upcoming in-demand non-tech jobs for freshers. The job growth for engineers is projected at 46%. while, that of technical writers is 23%. In short, the economic outlook for the field of technical writing is good. As long as the tech industry is hot, the demand for technical writers will exist.

    Non-technical Jobs

    Simply, we can say that a technical writer is a person who concentrate in transferring complex technical information in a crystal-clear manner. 

    Here, you will develop, gather, and disseminate technical information among customers, designers, and manufacturers.

    Skills and Education

    • For becoming a Technical writer there is no specified degree or diploma certificate course available. But if you have a bachelor’s degree in any field you can apply for a non-technical writer.
    • Need a good writing skill.
    • Need a good listening skill.


    The starting salary of a technical writer ranges between 3 to 4 lakhs per annum. Technical writers can expect to earn between on an average Rs.5-6 lakhs.

    Technical writers with experience can expect to earn between 13-14 lakhs per annum.

    Highest Paying Jobs in MNC Companies in India For Freshers:

    Below is the list of top highest jobs in mnc paying companies in India for freshers.

    1. Google
    2. Accenture
    3. Cognizant
    4. Tata Consultancy Services
    5. IBM
    6. Infosys
    7. Intel
    8. Cisco
    9. Flipkart
    10. Amazon
    11. ZOHO
    12. Microsoft

    Wrap Up

    Finally, I’d like to point out that, in addition to technical employment, India offers a wide range of non-technical opportunities. People must have a basic understanding that non-technical jobs are also a good career platform to build in. With the above resources, you can explore career options in diverse fields that pique your interest and match your expertise. Use this list as a guiding map for your preparation and prioritize learning skills that contribute to your personal and professional growth.

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      What is Blogger.Com

      What is Blogger.Com may be a free web log commercial enterprise Platform. With the assistance of that Free Texts, Images, Videos etc. may be, shared simply by making a free web log. and also, the world may be, created responsive to its writing skills.

      Blogger counts in Content Management Systems. as a result of it manages the content through Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Catigarically, Labels etc. And it’s obtainable to any or all Entry readers.

      What is Blogger.Com

      The web log that’s created on Blogger. it’s a sub-domain of that remains hosted on Google Server. Blogger Users square measure unable to access Google server. however, with a Google account, they get permission on the Blogger Dashboard. in order that they will manage their web log simply.

      Apart from, users are, given Country Specific name. as an example, if Associate in Nursing Indian Blogger users produce their own web log, then they will select rather than And Google itself auto-redirects the URL.

      Features of –

      Every blogger at intervals the planet uses once in their life. significantly for beginners, Blogger is that the initial various. as a result of its service is free, that’s ideal for a replacement blogger.

      But with the exception of being a free service, Blogger has many blessings, because of that it’s to boot utilised by bloggers all over the earth. Below we’ve an inclination to unit of measurement talking concerning constant choices.

      CMS –

      Blogger may be a simple and useful Content Management System. With the help of that a blogger can share his writing with the earth. and may merely manage it likewise.

      Because it becomes simple to look at, Edit, Publish, Delete Content through Blogger.

      Free Service –

      There square measure several web log commercial enterprise Tools obtainable within the world. that is employed to be dearly-won. however, all of own services square measure free. Therefore, it may be, used freed from price. And you are doing not even ought to worry regarding paying Bill.

      Free Name –

      Through Blogger, users will register their name in Free and build a web site. however, this domain may be a sub-domain of

      No Hosting Charge –

      Blogger’s Free Hosting Service attracts the foremost. as a result of you are doing not ought to pay Hosting Charge Pay. And you’ll host your web log without charge.

      This Feature of Custom Name – is that the alternative of skilled bloggers. thanks to this, bloggers will use their own name. And you’ll build your web log skilled. as a result of your web log becomes from exploitation Custom name.

      What is Blogger.Com

      Hundreds of Free web blogger Templates square measure created obtainable to manage the design of Custom style –

      Blogger Blog. that we will conjointly customize as per our alternative. And if you wish, you’ll style a style created by shopping for Premium Blogger Templates from the market.

      Fast Speed ​​-

      Google’s Speed ​​matters a great deal. Therefore, this service of Google is of Speed ​​Industry customary solely. And in terms of Speed, Blogger is often ahead.

      Secure Platform –

      Google Security suggests that trust. And Blogger is additionally a Google product. thus, it’s thought of safer than different Platforms.

      Easy to Use –

      Exploitation Blogger is to boot easy. as a result of Blogger Interface has been created very easy. Any new blogger learns how to use it in an exceedingly} very short time.

      Easy to Manage –

      Managing Blogs designed on is as easy as managing Social Media Profiles. as a result of you will be ready to see all of your blogs in one place. And you’re doing not need to log in on a private basis for all blogs.

      Local Language – is accessible in additional than fifty languages. If you are doing not grasp English. Most wonderful factor is that, you’ll handle Blogger in your native language.

      How to create blog: tutorial

      How to make your own blog and become a successful blogger? We are giving you complete step by step text and video tutorial to learn and execute.

      Learn how to create your own blog for almost free

      History of was initial introduced and launched by Pyra Labs in August 1999. And the company has created the Blogger Platform. it had been, purchased by Google in Feb 2003. World Health Organization owns it until these days.

      1. Sign in
      2. Create your blog
      3. Blogger profile

      Limitations of –

      Blogger may be a product of Google. And its development and management is to boot done by Google. so, users do not appear to be, allowed to access the server. And this can be its biggest limit. however, with the exception of this, there square measure some limitations of Blogger that square measure being, mentioned below.

      Blogger is employed with Google account. And one hundred Blogger Blogs may be, created with one Google account.

      Blog title ought to be, named in ninety characters.

      You can use solely thirty-seven characters in web log Name.

      Only five hundred characters square measure created obtainable for writing web log Description.

      There is a limit to publish solely twenty web log Page on one web log.

      What have you ever learned?

      In this Lesson, we have given you complete data regarding what is collectively you’ve learned regarding the choices and limitations of Blogger. we have a tendency to tend to hope that this Lesson will prove useful to you.

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        Earn Money from Home through Online Jobs in Bangalore

        Earn Money from Home through Online Jobs in Bangalore

        Online jobs in Bangalore – Work from home is a new trend and after the pandemic there is a surge in demand for work from home. If you wish to start a business these days, then the return on investment (ROI) is very low and it is tough to manage to put all your assets at risk. Here we will discuss various ways to earn money in bangalore, easy jobs in bangalore for how to earn money from home in bangalore without investment.

        Online jobs in Bangalore

        If you have a computer and a good internet connection, then you can earn a handsome amount of money from home in Bangalore. For this, you need to spend a little time on the internet and there are various jobs that can be done as a part time also, so that students can also earn while studying. Part time jobs Work from home in Bangalore without investment.

        Warning!! Before going to various ways, we would like to warn you that if a website demands some money from you while registering, do not sign up on it at all.

        Online jobs in Bangalore

        Why work online and work from home? Concept of online jobs:

        It is difficult to do a 9 to 5 job in an office; everyone wants to work on their terms and according to their convenience. And if you want to earn extra cash in your free time or work online from home to earn money then these jobs will be a lucrative opportunity for you. Various pros of online jobs from home bangalore are:

        1. Flexibility

        2. Handsome amount

        3. Increasing opportunities

        4. Expand Social network

        Jobs in Bangalore

        1. Freelance Writing and Translation

        As a freelance work in Bangalore, you will simply earn up to ten to fifteen thousand (10-15k) rupees per month by work from home content writing jobs in Bangalore for numerous websites or translating for various firms. There are several translator teams on, several websites and Facebook, etc. you can choose a niche as per your choice about which you would love to write. This job is like blogging and work from home jobs in Bangalore for students without investment.

        Online jobs in Bangalore

        2. Trading

        How to make money online in bangalore? Well this is a risky one, but with proper knowledge and skills you can earn a good commission, all you need to do is signup with a brokerage firm and start trading. You can earn 3 to 5% of commission rates.

        3. Gift card, Reward, Cash

        All the websites are running, by registering, you will get money, gift, or gift voucher as a present. may be an illustrious web site on which you will begin earning by registering for complimentary. You will get less cash during this, however the items employed in your life like mobile, hard disk, mug, t-shirt, etc. are more. Work from home job for womens in bangalore.

        4. Polls and Surveys in Bangalore

        All survey corporations conduct on-line surveys, you will be able to earn cash by connecting the websites of these corporations. At home part time work in bangalore, you must answer the poll in it. tiny assignments get to be done, reciprocally you get cash. Send Earnings, Survey Club, Swagbucks, world look at Market, EPoll, etc. square measure the main websites. Earn money in bangalore through online survey jobs in bangalore.

        Various online survey sites are click here!

        Be aware of the fraud sites!!!

        Work from Bangalore

        5. Product Trial

        There square measure several corporations, United Nations agencies supply their merchandise to the final public for trial before launching them within the market. Through gift commerce, you will be able to connect with corporations that supply such offers. Once sign language up during this, merchandise has been sent to you by the corporate, you are trying them and reciprocally, write their review and send it to the corporate. The corporate pays you for this review. Some sites square measure – Free Netflix trial,, etc. this job makes working in bangalore. 

        Try some Jobs without degree in India


        6. Web Site Testing in Bangalore

        Once several massive corporations produce an internet site, it is tested on different browsers. You will be able to begin web site testing by sign language in to On every look at you get a definite quantity of cash. A look at is of twenty to half-hour and on every look at you get fifteen to twenty dollars i.e. Rs 900 to Rs 1200. These are online jobs without investment in bangalore.

        7. Virtual Call Center Agent

        You will be able to work as a call center agent from home. It is a high paying jobs in Bangalore. provides this facility to you. For this, a phone, pc, and net are needed for reception. Yes, it is vital to possess smart English. So, you will be able to decide the shoppers directly and sell the merchandise. And affirmative if you do not have smart English, you will be able to be part of it. Because the corporate can tell you what to mention as before long because the decision has been made.

        That is, as before long because the decision starts, you may begin writing on the screen, that you must talk. During this you will be able to earn from seven to fourteen dollars an associate degree hour. It is an online jobs in bangalore for students without investment.

        8. Web designing

        As Banglore is an IT hub so it will be easy to find a job or online work in bangalore for web designing. You can earn good money, this requires a little bit of knowledge in the field of IT. in this job you don’t have to work full day, a few hours are sufficient. If you don’t know how to build a website then click here and if you know then start designing today with bluehost one of the best hosting.

        Online jobs in Bangalore

        9. Online tutoring

        Looking for online works in bangalore? After the pandemic there is huge demand for online tutoring. This job can be done in both ways online and offline. But in a city like Bangalore, how you will find students. Well because of the internet it’s easy. All you need to do is sign up with a company and they will inform you whenever they get a student for your subject. This job has a lucrative amount and you can earn up to 30-40k per month. These are the genuine online jobs in bangalore. Check various online tutoring jobs – earn 40000 per month from here. 

        10. Affiliate marketing

        This is new to the web world and it is trending as there is no limit to earning money. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting others products and services and whenever you make a sale you get a commission. It’s simple and the more you will be involved in, the more you will earn. To read complete details about it and how to make money with affiliate marketing follow the link. These are the best part time jobs in Bangalore for students also.

        Learn How to do Affiliate marketing –  Click here

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          Online Part Time Jobs Are on Demand – So, Go Ahead-

          Online Part Time Jobs Are on Demand – So, Go Ahead-

          Online Part Time Jobs – If you are looking for a way to make some income from home in addition to your main income, then part time jobs are a very good option. We know that we have a lot of options in part time offline jobs, the same happen in online jobs. With which you can get additional income.

          Online Part Time Jobs

          Most of the people search for their income from their home in free time; they are such part time jobs, in which your earnings are good. So here we are aware of 15 ways to increase your income immediately. This are cover under online part time jobs from home. Here we list of part time jobs.

          Latest Online & Part Time Jobs from Home

          We have already made you aware of the 12 best online part time jobs with information. Now you can get information about the remaining 15 online jobs part time from here. This can be done easily by you in part time.

          1. Part Time Blogging 

          If you are looking for a job that offers you high pay or in which you want to earn your income in part time and best secure jobs. Then choose blogging instead of thinking about something else.

          Housewives, part-time seekers and thousands of students earn 10,000 to 50,000 rupees per month from blogging.

          We also do blogging. And are earning well from blogs. Blogging means you can design your own website, which can be free or paid. Through this website, you can show your suggestions, ideas and experiences. And with your knowledge or opinion, you can help others, which is beneficial for everyone. The more people read your blog, the more you will earn.

          There are many ways money can be made with blogging. And you have the right to choose your preferred method.

          You can earn money on your blog in many ways, such as selling affiliate products, selling your own products, paid membership, displaying ads, providing consultancy, etc.

          You can start your part time work as a blogger, by this you can make a fix income but blogging is not easy it jobs to learn, it takes time It is not a matter of concern. Yet if haven’t started your blog then it’s time to start your own blog and make money. 

          2. Online Survey 

          You can do this work as a parttime internet jobs. This is also the type of online job. Under which you can use your free time. And this work is done easily. In which you can express your opinion as feedback of many products and services.

          Business is essential to identify the tastes and interests of customers. Keeping in mind that you should survey that the website is reliable and the best part time internet jobs.

          Here you are given a list of 16 survey sites, which will be helpful in finding you a partial time online job.

          3. Affiliate Marketing

          This is a great option for online part time work. If you believe in working hard and getting rich then this is a great way. you can develop your ability to earn money through affiliate marketing,

          Online Part Time Jobs

          Here you can join your favorite affiliate programs, and promote the products mentioned by them.

          You can earn half of the revenue earned by advertisers, which means that up to 50% of your revenue can be earn by selling their products. You have absolutely no need to be concerned on topics like customer handling, shipment and products etc.

          To learn Strategies to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing? Click here.

          Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, VComotion etc. fall under the category of popular affiliate programs.

          4. Jigs Perfectly at Fiverr

          One of the popular sites is Fiverr. Here you can offer your services as a seller for more than $ 5 or more than $ 5.

          Thousands of Indians are earning well from Fiverr. Here many things you can perform on Fiverr. We recommend you to come here once on the platform of Fiverr. After that you will be able to know what work you and other people can do on Fiverr.

          This knowledge we have given you will make Fiverr look like a great source of income for you.

          5. Online Tuition

          The most effective method in part time flexible jobs is the only online tuition. You can easily carry out your work through online video chat. Since there are a lot of applications available for online chat today, the most popular among them is Skype. And if you are more interested in a particular subject, then you can also start offering your counseling services for that subject.

          You should check and visit sites like Wiziq, Tutor India, are Online Tuition Jobs – Earn 40,000 pm. to teach online in a part time job. On which you can see your career as an online tutor.

          6. Content Writer

          If you are interested in writing, then the best part time jobs to make money for you is content writing and the part time jobs at home only. There are many ways here, through which you can create a lot of writing material for yourself.

          You can check and find your favorite jobs quickly by visiting sites like Lexicon, Fiver, Upwork and other freelance sites for writing jobs.If you succeed in your writing, you may get a chance to earn at the rate of $ 20 per hour.

          7. Data Entry or Form Filling

          Many jobs of data entry are seen on the Internet. If you want to earn some good in your part time job online at home and your typing speed is also good, then you are suitable for this type of job.

          The 6 best locations are shown for searching for data entry jobs. For doing data entry or form filling jobs, you read this data carefully so that you can know about a legitimate company.

          8. Pay to Play Games

          You can find out by reading this title. But the important thing is that you can earn money by playing the game. Some companies employ game testers to test the games they create. Through which you get opportunities to earn money.

          Online Part Time Jobs

          There are also websites on the internet that offer rewards for playing their games. This gives you good opportunities to earn in parttime online work.

          9. Micro Employment

          You know that under micro-employment you may have to face many types of small things. The list of those tasks can include watching videos, searching on Google, sharing pages, writing short articles / reviews and identifying images, etc.

          Here are some of the best sites that can provide you with micro jobs. You have to join these sites and work only 2 or 3 hours daily. You can earn a good income even in this short time.

          10. Become a Captcha Solver

          All of you are fully aware of captcha. This is an image that you see when you create an email or your signature time on a website. This is a technique to control spam, which helps us and the best part is part time jobs that make good money.

          Yet, no software has yet been created to read the characters contained in the captcha. Therefore, you should concentrate on captcha solver job. In this, you only have to identify the letters and the image that appears in it so that it can be sign up successfully.

          You can get up to $ 1- $ 2 to solve 1000 captcha. If you type at a good speed, then you can solve 1000 captcha easily in 1-2 hours. You are expecting to earn less in this. In a short time, you will be able to earn hardly Rs.5000 – Rs.6000 per month.

          11. Become a Part-Time Seller

          Whether Flipkart or Amazon is profitable but their sellers are highly profitable. Becoming a seller on any e-commerce site is easy. This is the best part time online jobs.

          Just go to Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or any of your favorite shopping sites and join as a seller there.

          Now you can sell anything you want. If you don’t have anything, go to your local market and check out some interesting things available in your city.

          You can also take a dealership of some products and then sell them on these sites. When you receive an order you just have to check your order and ship the products.

          12. Online Advisor

          If you have knowledge in some particular area or you are some expert then you can provide online counseling or training through Skype.

          All you need to do is create a website or Facebook page where you can mention your expertise and how you can help other people with your knowledge and best online jobs that pay well.

          13. Part Time Photography

          Do you know that apart from being a hobby, Photography is now turning towards an income earning source these days? You can sell the pictures taken by you online, or you can also display these pictures on your website.

          Online Part Time Jobs

          If your photos are excellent then you can submit your photos on sites like iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, Fotolia and make a quick income and the best part time online job from home.

          14. YouTube Partnership

          YouTube is one of the most popular websites to watch videos. When you watch a video on YouTube you may have seen various advertisements.

          To earn money from YouTube you have to create a YouTube channel and upload some interesting videos. There are many YouTubers who make money part time. If you also want to be a youtuber – check the ways to earn money from youtube.

          To start earning from your YouTube channel, you must join the YouTube Partner Program. You are paid according to the number of video views and many other factors.

          Here, Latest Online & easy part time jobs from Home-

          1. Digital Marketing Services

          Digital marketing comes first in the fastest growing industries in India and the fast money jobs. Here i strongly advise you to take an excellent digital marketing course from a top training institute in India and the easy part time jobs online.

          In a report, a survey says that by 2022 digital marketing will create more than two million jobs. You can earn up to 15,000 rupees every month as a digital marketing fresher. Or you can also work from home as a freelancer.

          2. Social Media Manager

          Social media management is also a part of digital marketing. This includes handling your employer’s social media pages from home during free time and the best online parttime jobs. Typically, the employer will provide content for posting on the company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. You also have to reply to comments on social media.

          3. Virtual Assistant

          Virtual Assistants earn up to Rs. 30,000 per month and usually work from home. It is in the category of an excellent part-time job, suitable for great part time jobs online for students.

          As, as they are known as, provide all types of secretarial services to employers. This may include handing over social media accounts, fixing appointments, arranging travel and more.

          What are the part time cash jobs?

          If you need to find part time jobs that pay cash, then you’ll have to keep your work local- 

          • Walk Dogs – Walking dogs are a fun job that pays well and can also be a great source of exercise.
          • Sell Clothes.
          • Sell Your Music Skills.
          • Landscaping or Snow Removal.
          • Offer Handyman Services.
          • Detail Cars.
          • Offer Cleaning Services.

          4. Mystery Shopper

          There is a lot of mystery shopping around in India. Meaning, most people are not even aware of this excellent part-time income opportunity.

          Online Part Time Jobs

          Mystery shopping is part of a broader, market research industry. You will find some great mystery shopping websites online. Register on these.

          As a mystery shopper, you have to visit malls, boutiques, stores, hotels, restaurants and other outlets and do some shopping. The employer pays for the goods up to 1,000.

          Sometimes, you also get stuff to keep. If you are serious about this very enjoyable part-time job, then go for the Mystery Shopping Professional Association (MSPA) certification. This will help you achieve great paying part time jobs mystery shopping tasks. Some Latest Online & Easiest part time jobs from Home.

          5. Online ITI Instructor

          Many new industrial training institutes or ITIs are opening up across India thanks to the Skill India program. Together they offer over 120 engineering and non-engineering business courses.

          However, the rapid increase in the number of ITI facilities is causing a shortage of skilled trainers and trainers. Therefore, they are hiring online ITI instructors. You can make up to Rs. 30,000 per month as an online ITI instructor.

          Latest Online & Some Cool part time jobs from Home-

          1. Video Editor

          Excellent videos are need for a variety of purposes from vloggers, documentary filmmakers, advertising companies and lots of other individuals and businesses.

          Online Part Time Jobs

          Shooting video can be easy but professionals need to edit long recordings, adjust sound levels and fix other issues. There is unlimited income potential to work as a part-time video editor. However, you will need excellent skills to take such online jobs.

          2. Indian Railway Ticket Agent

          The Indian Railways looks for unemployed individuals or enough free time to work as ticket agents – both in densely populated metros and rural areas.

          You have to work as an Indian railway booking agent at the nearest railway office. On checking your credentials, you may have to present a security deposit of Rs 10,000. This type of job falls under the category of profitable part-time job. Example of some Latest Online & Best Part Time Jobs from Home.

          3. Sub Broker for Stocks / Commodities

          Stockbroking is not a child’s play. This requires an excellent understanding of the stock market, factors affecting share prices, buying, selling or holding, as well as a subtle knowledge of stock trading rules and regulations.

          As more Indians go to the stock market to make fortunes, a lot more if sub-brokers hire people who trade on behalf of their clients.

          You have to take stock and commodities trading course and apply for sub-brokers. You will only work when the stock markets are open and can-do other work after stock trading for daytime winds, and some of the Latest Online & Top part time jobs from Home.

          4. Online Media Editor

          Smartphones are now the largest source of news for most of India. And high-speed mobile data at a cheaper rate are bucking the trend.

          As a result, we have purely online newspapers in India. They are mostly local or regional. Since these media outlets have low-cost operations, they employ online editors. I would recommend this online job to everyone with excellent skills in any language and the online full time jobs.

          5. Online Public Relations Manager

          Efficient public relations are critical to the success of any enterprise. Good PR involves brand building and creates awareness about a particular business in a niche audience or public sector.

          There are various resources to do this. PR agencies look for candidates who can interact with clients, media and the public through online platforms.

          Works such as writing and email press releases are part of this task. Part-time online PR managers can earn up to Rs 1,00,000 per month.

          6. Freelance Stock Photographer

          Turn on your passion for photography for online part-time benefits. If you own a great digital camera, take amazing pictures of everything from celebrities to nature and natural phenomena; or even everyday life in your area and do the best easy jobs that pay well in photography.

          If you are thinking about selling your pictures on a website. You can easily register yourself on a stock photos website. Earning is usually in US dollars, which means that you actually have a good chance of earning huge amounts of money.

          7. Micro Task

          We personally believe that micro tasking is a less preferred Part time job. Few people know about it and very few go for it. Micro tasking jobs are very simple. This job include checking websites and content for duplicate images, misinformation, proofreading and much more minor work.

          Amazon has a program known as Mechanical Turk which is sometimes online job available in India. Here you have unlimited income potential because salary depends on how many hours you log in,

          8. Amazon Force /Amazon High Volume Hiring

          We all know that Amazon is the single largest online store in India. Worldwide and in India, Amazon runs a program known as Amazon Force or Amazon High Volume Hearing.

          Under the program, Amazon helps part-time and freelancers to perform offline and online tasks. Generally, you will find a work-from-home customer care job from Amazon Force.

          9. Online Magazine Journalist

          Like to write articles about various issues and topics? Become an online magazine journalist. You can send many interviews for notable individuals, feature stories, human interest articles and such magazines.They usually cost you Rs. 1 per article or on a word count basis.

          Second advantage: You become a member of the press, if the magazine is valid and the Registrar of Newspapers of India (RNI) holds the registration. A government press card opens the door to a lot of fringe benefits.

          10. App Developer

          Coming back to widespread use of mobiles in India again. You are definitely using some apps and updating them often as well.

          Online Part Time Jobs

          I suggest you go to Google Play and learn more about apps. You will definitely find that some organizations have multiple apps.

          This proves that all types of companies and businesses require app developers to create, maintain and update apps. App developer is an amazing online part-time job and you are helping small organizations grow. It presents unlimited income opportunities.

          11. App Checker

          App testing requires skill. You have to test an app for various things like user friendliness, access speed, market usability, usability, brightness and more. Provide part time app testing services. The better your ability to test and review apps, the highest paying part time jobs and higher your income. And it is a growing profession, which you can enter right now if you have the necessary skills and qualifications.

          12. Games Developer

          We all love playing games on mobile and computer. In fact, developing games for mobile and computers is a huge business worldwide. There are companies that specialize in this field and are looking for innovative, creative game developers. Software experts with substantial experience can get part-time jobs as game developers with these Indian and foreign companies. Earning Capability: Unlimited Again.

          13. Game Tester

          If you know how to develop games for mobile and computer, then of course you also know how to test them. Therefore, you can play a part-time role for various employers or simply enjoy yourself and earn money as a game tester. It depends on how many hours a day you can allocate to this part-time, profitable work.

          14. Remote Monitoring

          We have left all sensitive and important installations such as power stations and substations, antenna farms and remote telecom units without a watchman or guard. These places are under 24-hour camera surveillance. And these cameras are monitored by a person sitting at a remote location.

          In case of emergency, these remote surveillance crews alert police and law experts. Sensitive installations are usually under remote monitoring at remote locations. People who watch CCTV work in shifts. This means that you can choose your working hours and the best paying part time jobs.

          15. Online Computer Astrologer

          There are two ways to work as an online computer astrologer. One is by working for an astrology company or media house. Astrology companies provide online horoscopes and people need to operate their software to create one.

          They also need people who can make some astrological predictions and do horoscope matching for marriage and other purposes. Newspapers and magazines employ astrologers for their daily or weekly horoscope section.

          You can find a job as an online astrologer with these companies. Or you can open your own freelance, part-time business as an online astrologer. Given the craze for horoscopes in India, this online work will take tremendous money.

          Latest Offline Part Time Jobs –

          If you do not have a computer or internet connection in your home, then you can opt for these top jobs in partial time and some of the online summer jobs.

          Online Part Time Jobs

          1. Part Time Office Job

          If you are looking for an offline part time job then this is the best way to work part time from home. You can check popular job portals like, Actually, Quikr, Timesjob, Job etc. to find such office jobs.

          You must check travel time and office hours before joining an office job, otherwise it can become a full-time job with part-time pay.

          2. Amazon Flex

          Amazon India offers surprising ways for people to keep side-gigs and make extra money. You can earn Rs. 30,000 or more per month by working for a few hours per day with Amazon Flex.

          What is Amazon Flex? In short, Amazon Flex is a program that helps you earn money by delivering packages to Amazon customers in your area.

          You have to register online after passing the background check and qualify.

          3. Offline Data Entry

          You must have definitely heard about data entry operator jobs. Do you know that offline data entry jobs are also available?

          Offline data entry involves filling in information from raw data to paper forms that your employer will provide. It may also include entering data on registers and scrolls, ledgers and producers.

          You can check these 6 methods to find offline data entry jobs.

          4. Home Tuition or Home Tutor

          If you love teaching, you can take part time tuition for young children in your area. If you do some research in your field, you can easily find at least 10-20 students who need tuition because their parents are unable to do each of them.

          You can become a home tutor and teach students at your home. To get more children for your tuition you will have to advertise through Mouth Publicity, or pamphlets distribution, WhatsApp marketing, etc.

          5. Network Marketing

          It is one of the best part time jobs online options for those who like to work on their own terms. If the company is new and the product is good, then there is a good scope of earning.

          Some old companies name Amway, Herbalife, Modicare, Vestige etc. which are popular and have good products but everyone knows about these companies so it is difficult to persuade people to join their team. You can find new companies with good products and compensation plans to earn a good income.

          6. Insurance Agent

          Personally, I don’t like to be an insurance agent because I hate follow-ups but if you are good at taking follow-ups and convincing people then this is for you.

          You can become an insurance agent with companies like LIC, ICICI Prudential, Tata AIG, HDFC Life etc. You will pay a lifetime commission for each policy you sell. Read a detailed article on LIC Agent salary.

          7. Ola / Uber Driver

          If you have found a good car, work as a part-time driver for Uber, Ola or other major taxi aggregators in your area.

          Online Part Time Jobs

          Thousands of people across India are earning as much as Rs 1500 per day by working part time as a cabin with either of these two companies.

          Of course, your income will depend on where you live and which routes you can work on. However, many Uber and Ola drivers earn up to Rs 1500 per day after spending on fuel and car maintenance costs.

          8. Domestic Call Center

          You can choose to work from home for call centers that seek officers to answer their customers’ questions. There are many companies that hire part-time executives for their call centers.

          Just check your local newspaper in English or your language with confidence in the number and opening of call centers and the best part time jobs for students.

          9. Translator

          If you have fluency in a language other than English, you can see the status of the translator. Of course, to do this work you will need a computer. However, an internet connection is not necessary.

          10. Part Time Faculty

          There will be many colleges in your city who are thinking about part time faculties. If you are eligible, you can contact each college in your city and apply for a part time faculty. I am sure, you will get a positive answer from at least 1 college.

          11. Jewelry Making

          Handmade jewelry is gaining importance among young girls these days and you can choose this business at home.

          Online Part Time Jobs

          Initially, you can simply make jewelry at your home and take them to your local store to sell and if they are satisfied with your work, you can get more orders. Or you can also sell them  through instagram pages or whatsapp groups. The same work can be done for painting of pottery along with other artifacts.

          12. Home Based Food Business or Bakery

          If you have a special interest in culinary arts, you can make it a source of extra income. However, food production is a regulated sector and hence you should understand the local regulations related to this sector before you start.

          13. Children’s Day Care

          If you are interested in young children; you can start a Children’s Day Care Center to look after the children until after their parents return from work for home a few hours after their school hours.

          You can advertise your center locally and invite parents to leave their school going children with them to go away for work.

          14. Home-based Franchise Business

          There are some companies that are looking to sell their goods in their local area from franchises. and you can also choose franchise business opportunities. You can either focus part-time or full-time depending on your convenience.

          You can also appoint someone who can take care of your franchise business and while you can participate in it part time.

          15. Event Planning

          If you are interested in planning events, then the event planner job will be suitable for you.

          Online Part Time Jobs

          Nowadays, in their busy schedule, people hardly get time to plan their events and when you can provide this service, there is a lot of possibility that you will get more by word of mouth popularity. More work orders will be available.

          When you get advance orders, you can plan things during the four or five hours you get per day.

          16. Music Instructor

          Not only as an educational tutor, if you have knowledge about music, you can also become a music instructor with good part time jobs. This can be done in the evening after returning home from your office or college.

          17. Hand Drawn Invitation

          You can also choose to make handmade invitations as a part-time business. Initially, you can start by creating invitations for personal tasks in your home and then develop yourself to provide this service to others and earn handsomely.

          18. Stomach Groomer

          If you are interested in pets, you can become a pet groomer and there are many pet grooming materials available in the market to help you.

          19. Agent (MLM / Insurance /Post Office)

          Helping people save money is also a great way to get rich quick. Act as agents for Bharat Post Savings Schemes, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and other insurance companies and some banks. They pay superb and sometimes lifetime commissions on insurance premiums and savings plans where you enroll others.

          You can start Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing (MLM) as your part time high paying jobs. Indian laws allow only those MLM companies that do not offer financial products to operate in the country.

          Find one or more MLM companies and act as their agent. Use your social network to promote your products to earn excellent profits.

          20. Event Management Jobs

          Anyone living in India will definitely know about the season during which the events are held. Usually, before and after the monsoon, i.e… between October to May 

          This is an excellent time for you as well as to earn extra money. Sign up with any event management company to work part time.

          You can find many jobs from food server to DJ, bartender or MC. These jobs are on assignment basis. You can earn anything from Rs 500 to Rs 50,000 per day depending on your skills.

          21. Sales Executive

          No need to work full-time as a sales executive. There are many companies that also need part-time sales staff. In this job, you have to provide door-to-door service or you can also work at their store.

          Nowadays, lots of brand stores in malls and emerging consumer goods companies are looking for part-time sales executives. Depending on what you are selling, you can get Rs or more per month. Can expect to make 15,000.

          22. Fashion Photographer

          Do you have a passion for fashion, and you want to know more about fashion? Work as a fashion photographer. There are many budding fashion designers who need excellent paintings to promote their fashion in India and abroad.

          Magazines and newspapers also require fashion photographers on a part-time basis. what’s more? You can also do the work of selling your excellent pictures on the stock photo website.

          23. Tele Marketing Executive

          Telemarketing is considered to be one of the fastest emerging industries in Indian industries. Therefore, we have companies that employ students, housewives, retirees as well as employed and unemployed persons as telecolors.

          A list of names and telephone numbers were given by your employer. You just need to call people on the list and promote a company’s products or services. Tele Colors usually get 500 rupees per day in big cities.

          24. Graphic Design

          Online Part Time Jobs

          You may be clueless, but if you’re good at graphic design, you’re sitting in search of treasure. Graphic designers are also in high demand as part time job at home. You can take simple tasks like designing business cards for complex tasks like creating corporate logos and promotional materials. You can also offer graphic design services from crowdsourcing websites to work on large, overseas assignments. If you are wondering how to become a graphic desginer? Check this article Make a Career in Graphic Designing.

          25. Volunteering

          Volunteering to earn money is not a part-time job at all. Rather, it is more of a charity where you donate time and effort to some notable cause. However, you can make little money voluntarily.

          Many charities give some volunteers some charitable work to meet their daily travel and food expenses. For example, a charity in Mumbai pays Rs 2500 per month and offers free snacks to volunteers who teach street children to read and write.

          26. Fitness Trainer

          As the cost of medical insurance rises and healthcare costs increase, including the cost of medicines, a greater number of people engage in fitness activities than before.

          Therefore, you have seen an increase in the number of people walking in gyms and parks. Get a fitness instructor course at a good institute. One personal fitness trainer per trainee Earns anything between Rs. 5000 to Rs.15,000 per month.

          27. Home Tutor

          You will definitely know about the rat race for school and board examinations among students. You may also be aware that nowadays most of the schools and junior college students attend coaching classes.

          However, wealthy families prefer to receive home tutors for their children. It saves a lot of effort and is also prestigious. As a home tutor, you can expect about Rs 25,000 per month and more, depending on the number of students.

          28. Phlebotomist

          You may wonder who is a phlebotomist. Anyone who is in the hospital or undergoing a blood test must have seen one. A phlebotomist is a person who collects blood samples for laboratory testing.

          Thousands of diagnostic centers across India now offer domestic collections of blood samples. They send a fellobomist from patients to draw a blood sample, pack it, and distribute it to a laboratory in a proper way.

          This is a part-time job that you can do in the morning — when most blood samples were collected.

          29. Delivery Boy / Executive

          Online Part Time Jobs

          Food delivery services such as Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats and others require part-time delivery agents for various locations in the city or town.

          This is because it is impossible for them to appoint a large employee for food order delivery only. Typically, these companies pay 50 to Rs. 100 per delivery depending on the size and price of the food order.

          To do this part-time job you will need a good two-wheeler. You can also work for food delivery services? They work round the clock. Meaning, you can select working hours to suit your schedule.

          30. Back Office Jobs

          A lot of offline back office jobs are also available, depending on your skills.

          These include manual proofreading, filing documents, filling in forms, maintaining registers and accounts, and more. To easily get offline back office jobs, one can get job information from the recruitment portal.

          31. Typist

          Typing is not something you would have seen in old films. Although it is rare nowadays, typing remains in high demand. Many documents still require manual typing.

          These may include legal documents, applications for various services from the government and converting written material into typed formats.

          Since typing and typewriters are rare nowadays, you can take up to 50 rupees per page or on a single document basis.

          32. Anchor

          With the boom in regional and local TV channels, you can find a good part-time job as a news or show anchor. This is an amazing part-time job where you can make at least 500 rupees for anchoring a 30-minute news broadcast.

          This job is ideal for photogenic people who are not camera shy. You will need some practice with a teleprompter before becoming a full-fledged news anchor.

          33. Waiter

          It may seem strange to work as a part-time waiter. Nevertheless, it is one of the top most offline, part-time businesses that you can get anywhere in India.

          Typically, bars and restaurants that work long hours or are open round the clock require a part-time waiter. Restaurants always face a shortage of good waiters.

          By working as a part-time waiter, you can earn up to Rs 250 per day and get free food and some health benefits.

          35. Office Assistant

          If you live near a business area then it is possible to work as a part-time office assistant. Typically, office assistants are given outside work.

          Your tasks will include collecting checks and depositing in banks, collecting documents, post work and sometimes, some short deliveries around your office. Office assistants can earn up to Rs 7,500 per month by working at a job four hours a day.

          36. Content Writer

          Media organizations and websites usually pay Rs.1 to Rs.5 per word for good content. It works on simple logic: the better the content, the higher your salary and the best easy online jobs from home.

          If you have a flair for research and writing, then start working as a content writer. This is a great offline work. You can get enough work from bloggers in your area or small companies.

          What is the high paying part time jobs?

          High-earning part-time jobs-

          1. Customer service representative. Average salary: $13.48 per hour.
          2. Bank teller. Average salary: $12.82 per hour. 
          3. Warehouse worker. Average salary: $15.42 per hour.
          4. Personal driver. Average salary: $14.55 per hour.
          5. Phlebotomist. Average salary: $14.85 per hour.
          6. Delivery driver.
          7. Nanny.
          8. Mail carrier

          These are the high paying online jobs.

          Turn Off Thoughts-

          So here we are giving information about part time online jobs from home for you. Thousands of people are earning well from the above mentioned online jobs and other jobs. Choose the best option for you and achieve the heights of success.

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            I have listed more than 45 online top notches for students. Which are exceptionally well known in India and a large number of individuals are getting full time or low maintenance salary from these online jobs.

            I am sure, if you are searching for an internet jobs for students for any reason, you can find it today through this article-

            Top 50 Best online Jobs for Students from Home

            Although I would advise you to go through this list of online jobs if you are looking for a part-time income opportunity, but if you are looking for a full-time career, then read about these popular online jobs in india for students from the home opportunities below.

            To start working, all you need is an internet connection and a PC with knowledge of a specific field-

            1. Content Writing

            This is another online job from home for students who have some good writing skills. There are hundreds of student freelance jobs platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and others; where you can create author profiles and get writing assignments.

            Best Online Jobs for Students

            You can prepare different types of content for your clients. You can get $ 10- $ 20 per hour income based on your experience.

            Editing and proofreading may be suitable for students who are good at English grammar and may edit material written by other content writers.

            2. Blogging

            Blogging is one of the best online jobs for students in india from home. Every student job at home should create their own blog after finishing 12th examination.

            Not only can you make some great part-time income from this; but if you want to take up blogging as a full-time career, you can make an excellent career.

            I personally know hundreds of popular bloggers who started their careers when they were students and now; they earn an income of 6 digits.

            Creating a blog is very easy money for college student. Read the step by step post to start your blog today.

            3. Data Entry Operator

            Home-based data entry jobs college students are the most widely used online part time job for students from home in india. They are in great demand these days and you can find these openings in freelancing from data entry websites. Here, you have to enter some details after searching on the Internet. A number of online data entry jobs are available.

            4. Online Tuition Jobs for Students

            Online tuition is a job in which you can teach young children through PCs and laptops and use features such as; Skype or other software to interact with students and clarify their doubts.

            There are dozens of online tutoring websites available here where you can sign up and if approved, you can start teaching online.

            Mostly you get pay $ 20- $ 50 per hour and it depends on your knowledge and experience, teaching skills and other factors.

            If you are good at English then online earning jobs for students  as English tuition may also be a good idea. There are millions of people who want to learn the basics of advanced English.

            5. Become a You Tuber

            I am sure you must have seen many popular YouTube channels of children and college students. This is the best online jobs for college students in india. Many of these young YouTubers earn $ 1000 more per month in their spare time.

            Now it is a better time to start a YouTube channel. It is easy to start your own YouTube channel and earn money. It is easy online jobs for students from home.

            Here are the steps:

            1. Start YouTube channel
            2. Make a useful video
            3. Publish on your channel
            4. Also, make money from YouTube using these tips.

            6. Amazon Flex Program

            There are many online jobs provided by Amazon. Amazon Flex program is the best work from home jobs for students who want to work online from home, where they can earn Rs.140 per hour through this program.

            You need to join this program from Amazon’s website and once selected, you can work 3-4 hours daily and earn up to Rs 30,000 per month.

            7. Affiliate Marketing

            Affiliate Marketing is also one of the best online part time jobs for students in india that can be done from your home as well. You can become an affiliate marketer of popular merchants like Amazon, CJ, Commision etc.

            Best Online Jobs for Students

            You can promote affiliate programs on your blog or in other paid or organic ways. They paid you for each lead (free signup) or sale on the merchant website. Thousands of students make $ 1000 as additional income with affiliate marketing.

            8. Online Marketing

            Online marketing is at the top of online jobs to know the marketing of the business of other companies.

            But, in order to do this work, you must have knowledge about various online marketing techniques; such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, link building and more.

            9. Graphics Designing

            Best Online Jobs for Students

            The graphics designing job are one of the top online jobs for students to earn money in india who are looking for innovative jobs. After getting proper training, it can also be done from the comfort of your home. Do you also want to make a career in graphic design? Click here to read a detailed article. 

            10. Logo Designing Services

            Logo designing services can be offer to small businesses looking for an appealing logo. One of the hottest online jobs at home for students and is one of the best places where you can start a logo designing services.

            11. Designing Brochures

            If you can take care of designing work like brochures, pamphlets and similar advertising materials, you can search for brochure designing posts through the Internet.

            12. Website Designing

            Website designing can be done from the comfort of your home after gaining knowledge in designing some online jobs software programs. To work on this internet work, you must have knowledge of HTML, HTML5, PHP, CSS and other programming languages.
            Get your website design with vertical solutions at an affordable price by clicking here

            13. App Designer

            App designers are in great demand these days and many good tools are available online jobs to do this work. If you are good in a programming language, you can offer app designing services.

            Best Online Jobs for Students

            Initially, you can create an app for yourself as a sample and show it when employers ask for copies of previous works. Some app designers earn that much Rs. 5 lakhs every month. If you want to start this online work for students, you have to get training.

            14. App Marketing

            App marketing can also be done online. Nowadays, many companies have their applications which should be taken by the end users and you can take care of their marketing.

            15. Tax Preparers

            Tax preparers who can work from their home are also hired by companies these days to take care of their tax filing work.

            16. Accounting Posts

            Accounting status is also outsourcing in the same way in which you must manage the accounting transactions of businesses from your home country.

            17. Computer Programmer

            To work as a computer programmer, you must have a good knowledge of programming. This work can be done from home comfortably. You can find the project through freelancing websites.

            18. System Administrator

            Best Online Jobs for Students

            If you are good in hardware engineering and networking then you can expect from the post of system administrator. It is one of the online part time online jobs for students in india, where you can choose to work from a remote location.

            19. Translation Services

            Translation services can be offer from the home through the Internet. If you are good in a regional language, you can look for such job opportunities through freelancing websites.

            20. Medical Transcription

            Medical transcription services can be offer for your home after receiving appropriate training for the same. People work full time at this online job for college students for Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000.

            21. Online Stock Trading

            Online stock trading is a lucrative business for sitting at home and working at ease. This can be somewhat risky and if you want to start it then you must have a proper knowledge of the stock market and its ups and downs.

            22. Online Sales

            Online selling is another lucrative opportunity, where you can sell your old and unused goods and earn from home for students with extra income.

            23. Selling Beauty Products

            Even, you can start selling your beauty products from home. If you can’t create your own website, some popular websites like Amazon allow sellers to create an account with them; and you can buy beauty care products from external sources and sell them online.

            24. Art & Craft Works

            Best Online Jobs for Students

            If you are good at making art and crafts works, you can only make them and sell them online.

            25. Participating in Online Surveys

            There are websites that pay to participate in online surveys and you should select a reliable website to pay to participate in the survey. It is one of the most searched jobs online for students on the Internet. But this is not a full-time job as you can only work 2-3 hours a day ;on online survey work and make money from 16 best survey sites

            26. Customer Service Provider

            Some clothing stores, airlines, and other companies look for customer service providers to be present in their customers’ calls; and respond to their emails and they are ready to give this job to employees working at home.

            27. Gaming Development

            If you are good at computer programming, then gaming development may be a great idea. This may be one of the best part time jobs for students online.

            28. Tele Radiologist

            Many radiologists, these days work as tele radiologists and read X-rays of patients at their home and get them through online.

            29. Nursing

            If you are a nurse by profession who wants to work online from your home, remember that health care and insurance companies are working to answer nurses about their medication and medical conditions by email or via phone.

            30. Online Travel Agency

            An online travel agency can be a great idea if you can explore travel sites for online jobs and help people find the best possible deals for their vacation.

            31. Sell Photos

            Sell ​​photos and there are websites that are ready to buy any type of photos like coffee mugs, pets, etc.

            32. Product Review

            The Product reviews can be written and some companies are prepared to pay authors to review their products.

            ​​33. Product Testing Jobs

            If you like different types of testing applications, there is a lot of money to take online testing jobs. As a product tester, you will test various applications, computers and smartphones as well as simple software.

            Your task in these products is to find ease of use, great features as well as glitz. There are other product testing tasks.

            They include test samples of everyday items you use. Typically, this type of sample test is available from employment market research companies.

            34. Market Research

            Many market researcher companies work from home for students in india market researchers looking to research for the information they need. If you are good at researching online, you can contact such a company to find a placement.

            35. Create an eBook

            If you are interested in writing, you can also create an eBook and sell it online.

            36. Flip Domain Name

            Flip domain name is a business carried out by many people. They are earning well by buying domains for cheap and selling them to needy people at very high prices. Sometimes a single domain can earn you millions of rupees.

            37. Audio Editing

            Best Online Jobs for Students

            If you are good at audio editing software, you can clean up interviews and webcasts before you reach online. You can find this type of job in elanced and oDesk.

            38. Online Mystery Shopper

            You can become an online mystery shopper, a concept that is popular in the real world and has now entered the virtual world as well.

            39. Online Video Posting

            Online video posting is a great way. You can review some products or movies in video format and post them on popular video sharing portals like YouTube for earning.

            40. Referring to Other Professionals for Jobs

            Mentioning other professionals for the job is another way of earning. If you know someone whose work and skills are more willing to stand back, you can refer them to prospective employers and earn attractively.

            41. SEO Specialist

            Best Online Jobs for Students

            SEO Expert is a job that can be done through online advertising jobs and if you are good in SEO, you can find companies that are ready to entrust you with their website for search engine optimization. You should have a good experience jobs of ranking websites in a search engine before taking a freelance jobs for students project or starting an SEO business.

            42. Sell Your Old Textbooks

            Sell your old textbooks online because there are many sites where you can earn an attractive amount by selling old books.

            43. Administrative Assistant

            To become an administrative assistant, you need to be good at organizing things. Here you will be assigning tasks like data entry operator, transcription.

            44. Advise

            Recommend to others if you are good at anything like car repair, medicines, etc.…. There is a paid question and answer site, where registered customers are paid for quality clarification.

            45. Filing Competitions

            Entering the competition is another idea of ​​earning through online. If you become specialized in specific areas like logo designing, background designing, etc. you can search for a variety of free contests in that area and submit your work to as many places as you can for higher entries. Can win the competition.

            46. Make Money Through Amazon and eBay

            There are thousands of products on Amazon or eBay that sell 5-6 times more than its original price. For example, if you get something for 1000/-, then the probability that the original price of that item is 200 rupees or less.

            Do you know, you can become a seller on eBay or Amazon and make some good money by selling such items. In fact, many other online shopping sites are available to sell anything online.

            You need to find a wholesaler in your area or you can tie-up with any dealer in China for cheap rates. You can also contact sites like AliExpress or Indiamart.

            47. Online Transcription Jobs

            Medical transcription jobs are the most common online jobs that students can easily find in India. You can register with any medical transcription service provider or search for these part time jobs from any excellent recruitment website.

            These jobs are suitable for everyone, but medicine can benefit students more. Similarly, there are other online transcription jobs such as legal transcription for law firms, financial transcription for banks and technical transcription for non-banking financial companies and engineering firms. All these can be found on any top recruitment portal.

            48. Micro Task

            Micro-task is the easiest type of work. This includes small tasks such as proofreading, editing, duplication detection of pictures, posting pictures on a business’s social media page, etc.

            You can do a lot of micro-work from Indian and foreign companies. You will be given raw data to read and correct.

            For example, yellow paper is the largest employer for part-time work from home online micro-tasking workers. This is a fairly easy jobs for students and does not require special qualifications.

            49. Build and sell a course on Udemy

            Do you have expert level knowledge about any subject or hobby? Then create a great syllabus and post online on Udemy. Usually, most courses at Udemy sell for Rs. 00.

            Apparently, Udemy also takes its fair share of commissions to promote an online course. Most online courses in India include English language, mathematics and science subjects as well as vocational training. Go to and you will see what is in demand right now.

            Wrap up

            Therefore, the Internet has opened up vast opportunities for people to generate income these days. If you are interested in working online, then you can choose any online job for student from the list mentioned above to earn money online and start working as soon as possible.

            If you are already working on any job, then share your experience or if your online home jobs for students is something different from this list then; tell us its details and we will include it in the list. For more updates stay connected with

            Ask anything to vikas

              List of Products


              Latest Post from Blog

              Highest Paying Online Jobs without Investment  from Home

              Highest Paying Online Jobs without Investment  from Home

              advertising jobs – We all want to earn money online without investment whether it’s For Passion or for Extra income. The coronavirus has deranged many of our regular lives. From the inability to get out, while some of us are trying to find activities to do inside our homes, get knowledge of private finance, others are thinking about how to earn money from online jobs without investment?

              advertising jobs

              Here you will get the ad posting jobs free registration without investment daily payment & free online jobs Without Investment You Can Start Today.

              So are you also thinking the same, Come on let’s dive into it. I have uncovered a complete list that you may have never considered. So, be hooked to it till the end.

              Ad Posting Jobs Without Investment Daily Payment

              1. Amazon/ eBay / Flipkart affiliate program posting jobs –

              We all know that amazon, ebay & flipkart are the most trending on the indian shopping market. All the products are affordable and authentic. So why not take this opportunity to upto the next level and squeal up for the next level.

              Once you sign up with any associate program like Amazon you are able to promote their products with a small commission. Now you can share your associate program affiliate links by ad posting work daily payment basis.

              Now let’s talk about earning from affiliate program posting jobs

              If You Post Your Amazon Affiliate on Top 100 Classified Sites: 100 Ads X 30 Days X 50 Daily Views = 15000 Times in a Month, Then You Can Make Money Up To 5K-8K

              For 1000 classified ad posting you will earn: 1000 Ad X 30 Days X 25 Views per day = 200000 Views in a month, then can earn money up to 50K-80K

              To know the strategies to earn money with affiliate marketing click here

              2. Google ad Posting Job Without Investment –

              advertising jobs

              So, what does it actually mean Google Ad Posting Jobs? Let me be clear that Google has no ad posting job to do. Those who do ad posting jobs here are earning money from Google Adsense, and pay their members from Adsense income! It’s called Google best ad clicking job.

              However, Google ad posting is the easiest ad posting job and CYBER EXPO is the highest payout ad posting job company that offers this job.

              Now let’s talk about earning money from Google AdSense ad posting job –

              If you post on top 100 classified sites: 100 Ads X 30 Days X 50 Daily Views = 150000 Views in a Month, Can Make Money Up to 7K-11K

              For 1000 classified ad posting you will earn: 1000 Ad X 30 Days X 25 Views per day = 200000 Views in a month, then can earn money up to 50K-80K

              3. Your own Ad Posting Services

              advertising jobs

              Do You Want to Become Your Own Boss? Yes, why not become your own boss while doing online Jobs in India! It’s just free online ad posting sites, free of cost and does not call for any registration fees.

              Post 10 ads in top 10 classified sites that you are going to work as a freelancer and post ads clicking jobs of people as per requirement.

              Soon you will start receiving small and wholesale classified listing service orders.

              Negotiate pricing and start working for them.

              This way you will earn up to Rs.6.00 per ad posting. But make sure you are talking 50% of the full amount in advance, to take this thing to the next level you can start small websites with different plans and pricing of your ad posting service. Your website address is also linked the next time you post your ad clicking job without investment. This way a buyer will trust you more and get all the presale queries directly from your websites. With its help, you can significantly increase the sales of your freelance classifieds service.

              You can go through: login

              Free Online Jobs Without Investment You Can Start Today –

              Thus today, for the college students whose classes have been put up, to the newbie office worker who is left to think about when offices will reopen, I have sorted out  a list of the best online jobs without investment that you can begin working almost right away.

              1. Freelance

              Freelance jobs are some of the best online add post jobs for women at home. I have found many freelance projects on Upwork. I riddle through the available work options to see which project suits me the best.

              advertising jobs

              You can go through Freelance Writer –

              Do you like to write? You can make a lot of money as a writer.

              A freelance writer is a writer who works on a self-employed basis. They may work for just one magazine or, more often, they write for several different publications at a time. The more diverse an author can be, the more likely they are to be published and paid for their work.

              2. Start Online Lessons

              advertising jobs

              Another way for you to get online work without investment is by starting a virtual tutoring class for school and college students. With everyone stuck in their homes, not able to ask their doubts to their school teachers, you can use your friend or relative circle to broadcast your online tutoring classes.

              This is also one of the online jobs for students without investment that can help your friends and family kids to overcome their school problems. It’s also a great way to read up on some old skills and get extra money.

              You can Teach English Online If you have (or are working on) a bachelor’s degree, you can go to the U.S. or are citizens or permanent residents of Canada, and have teaching experience (tutoring, mentoring, children)

              3. Transcribe

              advertising jobs

              Transcriptionists listen to audio files and record (type) what they hear. You will want to have good typing and grammar skills for this job. Consider pursuing a career in transcription with this free mini-course.

              If you build your own business you can earn $7-$21 an hour with the companies hiring here for remote transcription jobs or more.

              If you want to work from home transcription, be sure to read my article on how to work from home transcription. 

              4. Proofreader

              advertising jobs

              English enthusiast? Check. Manically meticulous? Double check. Spots typographical miscue on anything with a printed word?

              Check, check, check. Sounds like you have a promising career as a proofreader, buddy.

              What skills does a proofreader need?

              “Patience for the endless that comes with fine-tuning every single aspect of every single word and line,”. “Precision for the fine-tuning required in revising word-to-word, sentence-to-sentence, and paragraph-to-paragraph; and originality for the creativity each client deserves during every aspect of revision.”

              5. Start a Blog

              advertising jobs

              Blogging is one of the most famous online jobs without investment from home. Anyone can become a blogger. All you need is a subject of interest, be it film, music, makeup, food. You can likewise tell stories from your life, or use the blog as a diary.

              This is one of the free online jobs without investment for students, which offers you to polish your writing skills. However, to get the most out of this online job without any investment, it would be a good idea to spend some time mastering the skills of search engine optimization. SEO allows your blog to be more visible to users who search for the content you write. You can learn more about SEO here.

              Some of the best places to do these online jobs without investment are:

              1. wordpress
              2. Weebly
              3. medium
              4. blogger
              5. Tumblr

              6. Start your Own Youtube Channel

              advertising jobs

              Do you think you can entertain anyone? Do you like to prank on friends? Are you good with jokes? Do you love to cook and share your recipes?

              Then YouTube is the platform for you to share your skills and become famous. YouTube has recently changed the way you make money from ads. To join Google Adsense for YouTube, your channel must have 4,000 hours of views within 12 months and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

               If you don’t like being in front of the camera and have computer-related stuff, you can use screencast software like Camtasia and do step-by-step tutorials or how-to videos. Consider your talent and make some money!

              Some More Glimpses For 2021

              How to earn money online in india without investment?

              1. Make money with Online Surveys.

              2. Blogging. …

              3. Become a Freelancer. …

              4. Online Tutor. …

              5. Earn money with Affiliate Marketing. …

              6. Become a Captcha Solver. …

              7. Virtual Assistant. …

              8. Online Micro Jobs

              Beware of Possible Scams

              Be aware of potential scam artists. Since there are hundreds of websites that can serve you for a long time, but will not pay you enough. They can be sites where you will take advantage of your work skills but not pay you at all. Those are the websites you should check out. You should see additional information and comments about it before you start working for those websites or companies. Thus, no registration fee is require for these best online jobs in India.

              advertising jobs

              For example, you can read about it from websites that provide reviews of different companies. You can also read the full contract that they get you to sign before joining. You can see what kind of work they provide. If you suspect anything illegal, don’t work with that kind of company. Because they are there just to rob us. And we want you to work with companies with a good work environment. so that you too can grow. That’s why your development is very important to us.

              With the increasing popularity and easy accessibility of the internet, earning money online has become very easy. So why not avail the best online jobs in India? Take advantage of the opportunities that exist. These opportunities will only help you to become better and grow.

              Ask anything to vikas

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                Latest Post from Blog

                Top 15 Business Ideas for women entrepreneur

                Top 15 Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneur

                Business Ideas for Women – There are numbers of women entrepreneurs struggling while deciding the right business ideas. There are plenty of best small business to start, if you want to become a successful business entrepreneur then the road to success is choosing the right option. If you want to become successful self-employed but not sure what type of business you want to start, then in this blog, we are listing the best business ideas for women that you can start and make money.

                Make sure the business you are choosing depends on your skills & passion.

                Business Ideas for Women

                How to Choose a Business Idea?

                You must be thinking, am I ready to start my own business? But really there is no age limit to start, starting a business at a young age of 16 can become a business woman boss & a lady at the age 50 can also put her first step in business. Just depending on their creativity, vision & passion to grow. First step to officially start your business is deciding what type of business you want to start?

                We are listing Top 15 good business ideas for women entrepreneurs for different types of women.  

                List of business ideas to start in 2021 depends on their passion

                Business ideas for Housewives or Homemaker women’s are:

                1.  Food Services/ Tiffin center

                2. Home Baker

                3. Fashion Designer/ Fashion Influencer

                4. Embroidery & Knitting

                5. Beauty Salon

                6. Day Care center

                7. Handmade crafting/ Art & Craft

                8. Tutor

                Business ideas for Women interested in online working are:

                  9. Blogging

                10. Affiliate marketing

                11. Bookkeeper or Accountant

                12. Freelancer content creator

                Business ideas for Women interested in Designing work are:

                13. Website design

                14. Graphics Designing.

                15. Digital marketing

                Now you are thinking why I am distinguishing these great business ideas in different categories? This is because every woman has different thoughts & different tastes of working. So, depending on their skills, taste, passion they can choose their field of working. Below mentioned ideas are the most successful small business ideas from home.

                Business Ideas for women at home are mentioned below:

                1. Food Services/ Tiffin Center :

                If you are receiving good compliments on your cooking skills and want to spread the magic of your hands with the art of cooking then consider this business. Tiffin service is one of the most popular small business ideas for women. To start the business, make WhatsApp groups of your friends & family & let them know about your business plan. Contact PG Students or office workers who are in search of tiffin services. This is one of the best home businesses for housewives.

                Business Ideas for Women

                2. Home Baker :

                In this situation of Covid-19 & lockdowns everyone is missing delicious cakes, but they are unable to get. If you are a great baker and thinking of starting a business, Home baking is one of the good choices for you. You can offer different kinds of cakes; cupcakes and others. Good presentation and qualitative product will build a customer base. This is a long-term business as demands for cake increasing. As none of the celebration is, completed without cake cutting i.e. Birthday, Anniversary, parties, Christmas and many more functions. Take advantage of these, serve the best cakes & start making money.

                3. Fashion Designer/ Fashion Influencer :

                Having a Passion for fashion? Then what are you waiting for…. Start your own business as a fashion influencer or opening a small tailoring boutique will work for you. Spread your business with Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Shopify. This allows you to reach a large amount of audience & showcase your designs. Online payment makes the whole process so easy. This is the easy work from home and easily done as per your time schedule.

                4. Embroidery & Knitting :

                This is now in highly demand for making special dresses or furnishings them. In this buisness ladies doesn’t need any special education, as this business only needs skills and creativity. In this type of business can be, done by any illiterate women as well. This is the most productive business for ladies sitting at home.

                Business Ideas for Women

                5. Beauty Salon :

                Beauty is the industry where women can nail it. The bond between women & beauty is like foodie & food they can’t leave without each other, similarly a woman without beauty care can’t leave. They can open a beauty salon or the only product in Which she is having masters. Some of the beauty businesses they can open are: spa & salon, Nail art studios, Bridal make up studios, etc. If you don’t want to open a studio then also you have an option to become a beauty expert or beauty influencer. In this type of business share your knowledge of beauty products or tricks by creating tutorials or workshops at your place or at social medias like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. This is the best girls business as they are experts in makeup.

                Read Also : Small profitable business ideas

                6. Day Care Centre:

                If you love kids and spending time & entertaining them makes you happy then this business is the right choice for you. Daycare centers provide safe & healthy environments to small kids. This is so when both parents are holding jobs then they leave their child at centers and they can perform their jobs. So that their child can be taken care properly. This is a great opportunity to start a childcare business at home.

                I think this is the best home base business for moms to take care of children.

                7. Handmade crafting/ Art & Craft :

                If you are interested in Art & crafts and creative vision to serve the best. Then go with this business from home. Create some unique Handicrafts, piece of art, paper art, handmade gifts & wedding packings many more. Go with the idea that matches your passion. Create your customer base from your friends, family and social media friends. This small business doesn’t need any extra capital for the shop.

                       1. Start your business from home

                       2. Create Instagram/ Facebook page

                       3. Show your designs/ideas

                       4. Receive orders through pages

                8. Tutor

                Being a tutor is the easiest task if you have any teaching background or if you do not then also you can if you have qualities to explain the concept. Most parents don’t have time to teach their children or often want the best teaching environment. Parents of Primary class students approach the teachers for difficult subjects like English, Mathematics, Science.

                You can also go for Online tutoring jobs and earn up to 40000 per month. In this job you need to have vast knowledge of the subject. Because online tutoring sites are the oceans, only you have to select the right site and apply for registration.


                Business Ideas for Women

                Business ideas for Women interested in online working are:

                9. Blogging :

                Blogging is one of the best ideas for women at home. They just need to build a website & write articles about any topic/subject they like. The best part of this business is that you can work for flexible hours as per your wish. When you are able to get a good number of visitors every month, you’ll start earning. People actually get good earning from these. Start your own blog depending on your interest i.e. Food blogging, beauty blogging, photography blogging, travel blogging, parenting blogging, etc.

                10. Affiliate Marketing :

                Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. These days affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways & best business ideas to make money online and it can be permanent income once established. You can join affiliate programs of companies such as amazon, Flipkart & many more companies. For this kind of business, you must have a good network.

                11. Bookkeeper/Accountant :

                It is observed that women are good in finance as men earn money but the management of money is done by women. From being a housewife to Chartered Accountant women are just nailing it. If you are really interested in Bookkeeping & Accounting, Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an organization/corporation. The bookkeeper brings the books to the trial balance stage. You can start your business of Accounting simply from home. This business needs basic Accounting skills, laptop/computer, Tally Software.

                12. Freelance content creator :

                Freelance writing is the practice of earning money online where we work for ourselves rather than being employed by a company or organization. The freelance content creators or writers create content for their client by working from home. You can charge an amount as per time invested and amount of work projects have. Some of the best freelancing sites are fiver, freelancer, upwork, etc.

                Business Ideas for Women

                Business ideas for Women interested in Designing work are:

                13. Website Design :

                In this world of technical turn over, every business needs a website. Starting your own website designing business can help you to grow in terms of knowledge as well as financially.

                       1. Choose right CMS platform

                       2. Qualify with a Website design course. 

                       3. Skills needed – Proper knowledge of the designing tool

                Serve your customers using different freelancing sites or approach your friends & family for website projects.

                14. Graphics Designing:

                Designing is another field in which women is a star.  Currently, Graphics designing is very important as it changes the look & makes things more creative. Learn the tools & make a career in graphics designing. There is a huge demand for graphic designers in the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Just look out yourself and take your first step to start your own business.

                15.Digital Marketing :

                Digital marketing has become one of the most sought-after services that have great potential for those who want to start their own home-based business. Online courses give a good understanding of the subject. If you have worked in the field of marketing and brand building, then this may be the right choice for you. Freelancing with small brands looking for digital marketing services on a project basis is a good way to start and build your portfolio. Having a website that details your projects and the work done would help build the credibility of your service business ideas. This business really needs digital marketing qualification in addition to a marketing background. You must have internal knowledge of social media platforms.

                Business Ideas for Women

                Top 6 Successful Indian women entrepreneur

                Here are the Top 6 successful womens in India in their industries. These are the true inspirational business ladies who started their own business with the amazing entrepreneur ideas and are now touching heights of sky with their passion, skills, perseverance.

                Business ideas for women

                Divya GokulNath 
                Co-founder –

                Business ideas for women

                Fashion Designer- Boutique Ri / Label Ritu Kumar

                Business ideas for women

                Falguni Nayar 
                Founder – Nykaa 

                Business ideas for women

                Vandana Luthra
                Founder – VLCC

                Business ideas for women

                Radhika Ghai
                 Co-founder & 

                Business ideas for women

                Shreya Lamba
                Co-founder – Mumum Com.

                With the help of this successful women entrepreneur, I want to tell you that Indian business woman can be fit in any of the industry whether it is home based business for womens, fashion industry, outdoor business ideas, online business for women, mobile business ideas, entrepreneurship ideas, outdoor small business ideas cottage industry ideas, self employment ideas  and many more home business ideas for women.


                These are the top 15 business ideas for women in India with zero investment or low investment. Did you find any lead for your startup? Then choose any of the best small business ideas or entrepreneur business ideas that match your skills and passion. So, focus on your skill & enjoy doing that suits your personality & best for you. Don’t let time pass, being your own boss gives you freedom of choice and the ability to juggle your various commitments & start making money.

                Thank you

                Keep Reading…!!!

                Ask anything to vikas

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                  Popular Freelancing Jobs: Best Freelancing Jobs on Internet You Can Start Today

                  Popular Freelancing Jobs: Best Freelancing Jobs on Internet You Can Start Today

                  Freelancing job: Today, Freelancing Job opportunities in India are better than any other career options. And we have collected some best freelancing work and sites for you which you can start today from and start earning.

                  Why freelancing jobs and what are freelance jobs meaning? The first is that the average freelance occupations earns more money than an average salaried person and the second is, still there are only 15 million freelancer in India, when compared to 53 million freelancer earning in the USA. So, there is a lot of potential for a freelance in India.

                  You can search almost every types of freelance jobs on freelancing sites, which pay higher rates than usual and it is easy to find a job online instead of approaching the corporates. Another benefit of free lancing jobs is, you are your own boss, you have to achieve a target in a given time period no matter how many hours in a day you give to that work. freelancing job types work can be performed anywhere at your home or at any outdoor place, you don’t have to go to the client’s office and don’t have to report anyone. It’s a flexible, independent and freelance income source work that anyone can do.

                  Freelancing Job

                  Freelancing Job

                  This does not mean that it is not a great opportunity for other countries. Work for Freelancers are in great demand all over the world.

                  There are dozens of types of freelancing jobs on the internet where you can find good earning freelance opportunities. Not all are good freelance jobs, but some are extraordinary. They have been there for some time. You can get any job based on your skill / skill set. We have listed some of the freelance jobs examples here.

                  This list of Freelance Jobs India sites provides you a myriad of jobs covering almost every sector or industry. However, there are some jobs that are very popular if you want to do freelance job ideas.

                  Well the list of advantages of freelancing jobs will go on, so let’s see what are the top freelance jobs that you can start working today in India:

                  point to be noted:

                  These 20 are not just Freelance Jobs types opportunities. There are hundreds of other types of freelance work you can do as freelancers. There is no freelancer who has acquired this skill since birth. If you do not have a skill then learn it. It does not take much time. Just check popular freelancing opportunities for what to do in a job and how to learn and grasp that skill.

                  Top 20 freelancing jobs:

                  1. Website Development

                  11. Project Management 

                  2. Video Editor 

                  12. Fashion Designer

                  3. Article Writing and Translation

                  13. Software developers

                  4. Data Entry

                  14. Virtual Assistant 

                  5. Mobile App Developers

                  15. Networking & Information system

                  6. Design & multimedia

                  16. Administrative Support

                  7. SEO Expert

                  17. Customer Service

                  8. Marketing & Sales

                  18. Business card design

                  9. Finance & Management

                  19. Logo design for Clothing

                  10. Engineering & Architecture

                  20. Office Administration

                  1. Website Development

                  If your background is from the IT sector and willing to go higher in the same field then Web development is the work about developing, designing and building a website on the Internet. This includes many topics; such as developing Static Single Page of Plain-Text or web-based Internet applications, like social networking and electronic businesses or E-commerce. It’s a vast field and requires knowledge, there are so many jobs in freelancer.

                  Freelancing Job

                  Get your website design with vertical solutions click here

                  This includes web content development; Web server and network security configuration, e-commerce development and more. The average salary of freelancer in India ranges from 15,000-30,000 Indian rupees.

                  2. Video editor

                  Video editor is a very small word to describe this business as it requires a lot of skills and a creative mind. Creating videos is a lot easier than editing them. In this world of youtube if you post a video without any creativity or editing then you are going to lie nowhere. This is the best freelance jobs online; one can generate a huge revenue through this business in freelancing or setting up his own platform. Video editing is not limited to editing videos of anyone but there are several campaigns that start an internet business opportunity online to promote them. Video ads are used, they play a huge role. All you need to have is knowledge of using software and a creative mind to edit a video in the best possible way that no one can think of.

                  3. Article Writing and Translation

                  Article writing is one of the top Freelancing Jobs list, which is easy if you have a good grasp of any language in certain things like grammar, sentence formation in the language you are writing, vocabulary. Content writing can be for websites, eBooks, newsletter, product description etc.

                  Here, you are given with a special topic to write about. The first and most important thing is to understand the topic, its purpose and client needs. Then you can collect the required information from the respective websites and start writing it by following the guidelines given. The only condition is that you can’t copy paste it from another source, otherwise it will be considered as plagiarized content which is actually a crime, you can just take ideas from the internet. This is a types of online jobs.

                  Freelancing Job

                  Translation is a rather simple task. Things that need to be kept in mind while translating are meaning, sentence construction and Grammatical Factors. 

                  Writing an article is not a difficult task and anyone can start it. If a customer asks for content on a subject, you can search on the Internet related to that topic and write your review and rewrite the same thing in your own words. The average freelancer salary ranges from 15,000-20,000 Indian rupees.

                  4. Data Entry

                  Data entry naturally involves many businesses. These include sectors such as electronic data processing, word processing, typing, transcription, coding, and clerical jobs.

                  Methods of performing a data entry job differ with data entry operators, who work for micro labor outfits using crowdsourcing techniques and traditional data entry companies, which are typically business process outsourcing firms’ freelance professions.

                  5. Mobile App Developers

                  In recent years, the demand for mobile app developers has increased adequately. Now, even a small company wants to develop its own apps for smartphone users.

                  Freelancing Job

                  Mobile application development, like web development, is the task of developing application software that applies to Android or iOS smartphones. It requires special knowledge in various programming languages and there is huge demand and scope particularly in this field. This is a great freelance jobs ideas and highest paying freelance jobs.

                  6. Design & Multimedia

                  Multimedia is content that is a combination of different content forms such as text picture / Still Image, video, animation, audio etc. This comes under the creative field.

                  Multimedia has wide use in all areas of the world today including industry, health, administration, engineering, IT, education, and journalism. Therefore, multimedia and designing has also become a top free lance work which is being accepted by the job seekers of the respective fields. You should have good knowledge of editing software and good command over it.

                  7. SEO Expert

                  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting a website to the first page of a search engine with a Desired Keyword when a user searches for a Keyword. This is a great choice to build freelance careers.

                  It is one of the trending and hottest Freelancing Jobs on the internet because companies pay you huge amounts for your work. You need to maintain rank on search engines like google. There are many skills required for this field like SEO, Link Building, Site Analysis, Keyword Research etc. on your page.

                  Get a complete guide for beginners on SEO 

                  It is easy if you have experience or trained from any reputed SEO Training Center / Reputed SEO Training Center.

                  8. Marketing & Sales

                  Now-a-days, the fields of Marketing and Sales / Marketing & Sales have expanded their field in the world of freelancing. The marketing strategies of many reputed / reputed companies and their sales jobs are done by freeelancers, often online services. They help them achieve and understand their customer to increase the range of working. They research the market thoroughly through many surveys and then give that synopsis to the company.

                  Most SMEs (small and medium enterprises) do not have large budgets, so they hire freelancers for all their sales and marketing needs.

                  9. Finance & Finance Management

                  Like jobs in marketing and sales departments, which we have previously discussed, Finance and Management has also gained a new identity with freelancing jobs. Whether it is an important function of the finance department of a firm or the management of a new project, freelancers handle all of them cleverly. They handle all the accounting and give their advice as financial consultants. check top 8  finance certification courses.

                  Freelancing Job

                  10. Engineering and Architecture

                  Both engineering and architecture have deep links with technology and the Internet. Therefore, there were also widespread views independently in these areas. This is the vastest field in freelancing jobs.

                  Architects and engineers are very appreciative and enthusiastic of working from home for many companies after the pandemic, in addition to working full time and they are very professional and creative in their field. Average salary range depending upon the work which you will be assigned for.

                  11. Project Management

                  Well, in today’s world of advanced technologies and fast internet facilities it is not very difficult to handle a freelace project on the internet. While freelancers receive all the Necessary Details, they can inspect them for a project and make wise decisions. This work is performed to make easy and accessible everything on finger tips, this requires management skills and sometimes they can ask for a degree too.

                  12. Fashion designer

                  Fashion designing is a very interesting field because every year people are investing in themselves to look good. It’s a business where every new idea is welcome and still the creativity will not end. Same like graphic designing you can start your own online business store or you can work as freelance by creating your account. Sometimes you can get contract-based jobs from a company or from a movie production house. All you need to have a successful portfolio to show your work and skills. This is the best freelancing job ideas.

                  13. Software Developers

                  Software development is a part of web development and application development. A lot of new software is being designed for different purposes for computers, tablets, mobiles, and other devices. Indian freelancer.

                  Freelancing Job

                  There is a need for continuous up-gradations and maintenance of those softwares for which freelancers are appointed. This job requires high skills in the field of information sector and knowledge of various programming languages.

                  14. Virtual Assistants

                  A virtual assistant is usually a self-employed person who provides administrative, creative, or technical support to clients from home. It also comes under the freelancer job list.

                  Generally, they are employed for taxes, insurance, or similar things. He is well- accepted for his productive/ Well-Acknowledged tasks. They work like personal assistants and the client only asks for basic management skills.

                  15. Networking & Information Systems

                  Functions such as managing networks of electricity, water, managing networks like Telecommunications fall under the category of networking. Information system is something that helps in getting information about different matters like networking or taking surveys.

                  16. Administrative Support

                  It is also a well-known freelance freelancer work that supports different administrative matters sitting at home. It can be for a particular client or can be for a corporate. Here you are required to command and proficiency over a language. This is an examples of freelance jobs.

                  17. Customer Service

                  Customer service related to products such as electronic gadgets or home appliances or cars is one of the top Frelance Jobs that anyone can do. It is more like administrative support; the only difference is, it is physical work.

                  18. Business Card Design

                  This is an ideal profession for freelence jobs. This includes making a business card according to the customer’s choice and requirements and supply. Business Card Design comes under the graphic design niche. There is a lot of scope in this field and high paying freelance jobs. You must have knowledge of designing software like adobe.

                  Freelancing Job

                  19. Logo Design for Clothing

                  Fashionable clothes are high demands, whatever the target market. Putting the brand logo on the clothes is a business that is good to run from home. For a fashion designer it’s a tough to manage all this work, so they a hire freelamce for designing logo.

                  20. Office & Administration / Office & Admin

                  Like a Virtual Assistant or a project management or administrative support done at home, freelancing part time jobs for office and admin is now an effective job gaining popularity among job seekers. This is combining work of all those, the workload is high here and obviously the pay rate is also high respectively.

                  Wrapping up(Freelancing Job)

                  Here we mention the best freelancing job that you can go with a great future ahead. The only thing you have to do is develop your skills and focus on a particular niche. Just try the above freelancing jobs to earn money.

                  Ask anything to vikas

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                    How to Make Money with a Blog without degree For Beginners

                    How to Make Money with a Blog without degree For Beginners

                    Make Money – Blogging is an amazing way to convey yourself. It gives you an opportunity to write about topics close to your heart and share your thoughts /opinions with millions of people.

                    You can make good money from blogging. If you are thinking of starting your own blog or are new to blogging then this is a must read for you.

                    Make Money

                    25 ways to make money making blogs-

                    Some of the professional bloggers earn even more than the annual income of employees at the executive level. Today, blogging is growing at a fast pace and is being regarded as a mainstream profession. So, if you want to know how to make money from blogging in India, you have come to the right place. Here are the top 25 ways to make money from blogging in India & create blog and earn money.

                    1. Google AdSense

                    Google AdSense is the easiest and best way to earn money blogging. Even if you use the other 24 methods to make money from your blog, Google AdSense can give you excellent income.

                    More than 70% of my income comes only from AdSense. The other 30% of my income comes from these methods.

                    If you have not started your blog, start here today. Your interest and your hard work can make blog you richer. How much google adsense pay in india? google adsense earnings in india Google adsense blogger works with Earning per Click (EPC) and Cost per Click (CPC). Though it depends on your niche and the keywords you are using, one can earn $0.5 – $2 for every 1000 views.

                    Best blogging sites in india to earn money

                    There are many other ad networks similar like AdSense but nothing close to Google AdSense. I tried several of them, but stopped after some time.

                    Now Google is strict about approving for AdSense account.

                    So, people who don’t have an AdSense account or want to earn more money by showing other ads with Google, they partner with other ad networks.

                    Apart from ad networks, you can also take direct advertisements. Initially selling banners, pop-ups and e-newsletter ads directly will do a little more work than using something like Google AdSense.

                    So be ready to negotiate pricing, decide on the terms and conditions and prepare an invoice.

                    You should start by going to small brands, retail outlets in your area based on the domain/topic you have written in your area.

                    And yes, it is always better to charge a flat rate for the tedious task of tracking the views and/or clicks of every advertisement.

                    2. Affiliate Marketing

                    If you put in some extra effort you can make more with Google AdSense. You can partner with several affiliate networks such as CJ, VCommission, ShareASale, or direct merchants like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

                    Here you need to promote your blog related products with the help of your blog. When someone clicks on a product link (your affiliate link), you are going to get a commission from the merchant.

                    Make Money

                    When you will be referring to a product in your post you can use banner ads on your blog or add a link to your post.

                    Linking to your post is more effective because people consider this link as a recommendation from your blog and not from some advertising.

                    Once you learn the tricks and secrets of affiliate marketing, you will hate other ways to make money from your blog.

                    3. Business Blogging

                    In the digital age, businesses / brands are always looking for domain experts and good writers who have the skills to keep in the news and media headlines.

                    Popular best blogger in india are often on their hit list because they have both key elements – and the money they pay is great.

                    So, if you own a popular blog about a fast-growing industry, such as retail, banking and finance bloggers india, FMCG or technology – You can send a blog through a company either full-time or part-time.

                    Companies can either get in touch with you directly or you can browse through online job sites/blogging networks to check current jobs in this category.

                    How much is blogger salary in india?

                    In India, a bloggers income can earn anything between $100 and $10,000 per month. On an average, a typical bloggers of india earns around $300 – $400 a month. However, if the blogger india is more experienced, then he/she can earn up to $3000+ also. Celebrity bloggers in indian blogging sites that pay earn between $20,000 and $30,000 a month.

                    4. Post a Sponsored Blog

                    Let’s say you’re not interested in displaying ads in your blog posts – to reduce the risk of offending your readers.

                    You can see the highest earning bloggers in india money by selling sponsored blog posts instead.

                    It is quite simple and works just like any other sponsorship deal where a company/brand pays you to write about its products or services on your blog.

                    Before contacting relevant companies / brands, I would suggest you create a simple media kit – including details of your blog, audience profile, demographics, social media post and traffic Stats – to present to your potential customers.

                    Similarly create a dedicated page on your blog where people can find details about your offer on sponsored posts.

                    5. Consultancy Services

                    In addition to hosting paid webinars, this is another paid service you can consider.

                    If you are a blogger ads who is considered some of the experts in your best niche for blogging in india/domain, you as an advisor can start earning from blog income by imparting your expertise and skills.

                    All you have to do is put together an attractive list of packages for hourly consultation, email advice and/or DIY packages and you are good to go.

                    You can always test this service among your existing audience / readers and then fine tune it based on their feedback.

                    6. Write Paid Reviews

                    This may sound like the preceding point – but it is not exactly the same.

                    Here you are the highest paid bloggers by the companies / to review the products of the brands /to offer a variety of services on your blog.

                    For example, if your blog is about the latest mobile phones in the market, a cell phone manufacturer may send you their latest model to review and write on your blog.

                    And as I mentioned, they pay you for your opinion and review.

                    There are many popular blogs that make the most money, pay  product reviews in various categories and earn a handsome income from it.

                    7. Start a Job Board / Classified

                    Jobs are something that most people are always looking for.

                    By starting a job section on your blog, you will not only ensure that people will keep coming back to your blog, but you also ensure the source for your permanent income. This will be a great way to provide a valuable service and make some useful cash in the process.

                    You also have to choose the job listings to be posted on your blog and decide the money you are taking for service based on the duration of the advertisement on your site.

                    8. Merchandising

                    Make Money

                    Is your blog attracting a fixed flow of traffic every day and boasts a growing pool of loyal people who keep coming back?

                    If yes, then you can consider merchandising – meaning things like coffee mugs, tees and stickers printed with your blog’s name/logo/ tagline – and put them up for sale online.

                    These days there are many e-commerce sites like Wix, Shopify and Etsy, which can help you build online stores and sell products online.

                    If your blog is popular enough, they will be sure to get an enthusiastic bunch of buyers from your dedicated audience.

                    9. Social Media Post

                    Bloggers with a broad social media profile attract big brands such as beekeeping honey.

                    In fact, there have been cases where bloggers earnings in india money from blogging income in india & careers only through Instagram.

                    The reason for this is that they have large numbers on online platforms and charge brands on a per post /re-post basis – and the charges can be very high.

                    But before you decide to follow suit, you will first need to create a list of your followers – first, to explain the brands that you would have the necessary numbers and following.

                    10. Host Webinars

                    Well now this option of monetizing your blog works best if you or your blog earning are considered to have authority over a topic or domain.

                    In this case, you can host a webinar (an online interactive chat) where people will pay you to answer their questions on a particular topic and voice your opinion on specific topics.

                    You can try any webinar hosting given below which is free.

                    1. ezTalks
                    2. AnyMeeting
                    3. ClickMeeting

                    Hosting a webinar is not only a great way to share your experience, but also a good way to make some money online.

                    11. Sell Subscription

                    Right now, this idea is by no means new and has been used from time to time with varying results. This includes giving your viewers the option of paying to see additional content on your blog; that can be anything from learning resources to videos.

                    But the most common problem faced by bloggers is that most of the topics they think about – are already available for free websites – so why would someone pay to read their content?

                    So, you have to either get your hands on some super-exclusive/ premium content or go to some expert/ expert on some rare but interesting subject, who are not yet making free websites.

                    You can make your own payments in less than 10 minutes using a plugin like Paid Membership Pro. Yes, it is a very big challenge, but if you manage to close it – then it is more money in the bank for you.

                    12. Create and Sell E-Books

                    A tried and tested way to make money from blogging earning in india is to create and sell digital information products.

                    E-books are a popular choice in this category – as they are relatively simple to write and produce.

                    Assuming that you are looking for a possible subject in your head, here is an easy way for you.

                    If you have been blogging for money for some time, you only need to collect your old but relevant blog posts and turn them into chapters for your eBook.

                    Once the content is ready, users can use online tools like Canva to design the cover and create a PDF of their e-book.

                    13. Sell Newsletter Space

                    If you have a blog with a decent following, it makes enough sense for you to start a newspaper.

                    Not only as a price increase for your blog loyalists, but also to increase your income.

                    Once you have a newspaper, you also have the option of charging an interested brand or a company for advertising space in your newsletter or mentioning it favorably.

                    You will be surprised to know how many companies are ready for an honorable mention in a popular newspaper that targets the right audience.

                    But first things first, you’ll need to create a decent-sized mailing list for companies to actively consider this option.

                    14. Sell Courses Online

                    Selling online special courses is another great way to earn   money earning blogs online.

                    The added incentive here is that such courses sell a lot more than e-books – because you can charge a premium for your expertise.q

                    Make Money

                    To begin with you will have to finalize the course syllabus, as well as any other supporting materials (slides, templates, downloads) that you want to include.

                    The accepted practice here is to offer two versions – the original (without support) and the more expensive premium version (with email support).

                    Once ready, you can use popular learning management system plugins such as Learning Dash or Member Press to deliver it to your paying customers.

                    15. Work / Tie-up with An Agency

                    Advertising and PR agencies are always ready to pursue their clients’ interests and products in new ways and across all media platforms.

                    This is where you come. As a popular blogger with a demonstrated ability in your area of ​​expertise, you can join or start a tie-up with an agency that handles clients in that particular domain.

                    Apart from making extra cash, this is a good way to ensure that leading brands/companies are featured in your blog periodically, giving it credibility.

                    You can hire other digital / print platforms to write about them – as ghostwriters – and earn more money in the process.

                    16. Create Your Email List

                    There are many successful bloggers who declare that money is on the list. Once you build an audience for your blog, it becomes necessary to retain them – it’s not that they don’t come back.

                    You will be able to start collecting email addresses via email using online tools such as get Response or AWeber in exchange for a free 7-day course such as Kehna, Freebie.

                    Chances are readers will stick around to read your content after the free course ends.

                    The key for growing your mailing list and your audience is to entice new readers as well as retain your existing fans. For detail information Read our blog on email marketing – Best strategy for digital marketing.

                    17. Start / Join a Blog Network

                    Blog networks are fast emerging as a potential income source for bloggers. There are two such ways to earn money.

                    The first option involves starting your own network and contracting bloggers for you. Another option is joining an existing network as an author and contributing paid posts / articles to other websites for a fee.

                    To get a better idea, check out some popular blog networks listed below.

                    1. Oak
                    2. Blogdash
                    3. BlogMeetsBrand
                    4. social structure

                    There are quite a few blog networks out there and you have to select and include those that match your domain expertise and areas of interest.

                    18. Guest Speaking Opportunities

                    In today’s world, knowledge is power and as an authority and popular figure in your field of expertise, you can be invited to appear as a guest speaker at relevant social / corporate events.

                    These invitations are usually well paid and if you are selective about your appearance then you stand to earn good money from it.

                    What else do you need to promote your website for free and attract new potential members.

                    19. Freelance Writing Gigs

                    Popularity comes with its own dangers and in your case, it may be media platforms (online and offline) and other websites that request you to write something for their magazine / website.

                    For example, if your expertise is in the area of ​​prudent financial investing, a newspaper or financial website may ask you to write a paid piece on financial planning tips for your readers.

                    However, to qualify for such freelance opportunities, you must be particularly knowledgeable about the subject and enjoy some credibility among readers & writing blogs for money.

                    If you manage it, it can turn into a good source of regular additional income for you. Here are the 30 best freelancing sites for any type of freelancer.

                    20. CPM Advertising

                    To make money from Cost Per Mile (CPM) ads for blogger, you need to attract a large amount of traffic to your blog.

                    You don’t really need any special knowledge of coding, so they are quite easy to install. All you do is create an advertising account and add the code to your website.

                    Now here is a word of caution, CPM is not generally known to generate greater revenue. Some sites like pay as little as $ 0.10 (per thousand impressions) – so your expectations are not very high.

                    But even if your blog attracts a lot of traffic, you can still get good income from them.

                    21. Provide One-On-One Coaching

                    For instance, if you run a blog that is already doing very well in terms of its search engine rankings, viewership, and revenue generation, then you can become a huge inspiration for aspiring bloggers.

                    As a successful blogger, you have the skills and know what it takes to get where you are. This is what makes you an extremely valuable item for others who want to replicate your online success.

                    By sharing your experience and tips through online tutorials, video chat will provide you with a valuable service not only to an aspiring blogger on a one-to-one basis, but may also charge a fixed fee for your expertise.

                    22. Flipping Websites

                    Make Money

                    Flipping websites or blog flipping may be a good idea to create additional cash. If done properly, it has the potential to become a highly profitable full-time home business.

                    The idea is quite simple. You simply buy websites (or blogs) that are not doing well – but there are a lot of possibilities. Next you use your expertise as a professional blogger money earning to sell them for a good profit.

                    There is a word of caution here though. When scouting to buy or sell websites, it is always a good idea to use reputable online marketplaces such as Flippa or Free market.

                    23. Crack a Book Deal

                    Now this is a difficult choice, which is why this figure is at the bottom of this list.

                    Cracking a five-figure book deal is not possible in every blogger’s fate. So, let’s face it.

                    All you will need is some awesome, life-changing content, a receptive publisher and certainly loads of luck.

                    And before you think it is wishful thinking, let me tell you that many bloggers have managed to convert their online blog content into pages of a book – physical or otherwise – and have made a lot of money from it.

                    24. Donation and Tip Jars

                    If none of the above methods work for you, it can be your last resort to make money blogging – just by asking for it – for your readers.

                    Keep in mind, you should have both readers, who can like enough to donate cash and your blog. Also, you are completely dependent on their definition of generosity, so don’t expect a flood of cash.

                    Accepting donations can be done one of several ways including adding a PayPal donate button or strip donate button to your website.

                    25. Create a Business Directory

                    As a blogger, you are probably aware of (or should be) the types of product and service recommendations most frequently asked by your readers.

                    This presents you with an opportunity to earn a good potential income. All you need to do is create a list of such products and services for your business directory and; contact the most relevant businesses to sign-up.

                    This way your readers get ready reckons for all the products and services they need, while you get to enjoy a constant source of income as you keep adding more companies to keep the list updated.

                    Highest Earning Blogs




                    Amit Agrawal



                    Harsh Agrawal



                    Faisal Farooqui



                    Shradha Sharma



                    In Conclusion

                    So, here you have 25 best ways to make money online in india. And if you haven’t started a blog yet then it is your high time.

                    Whether you are making a little extra money or want to launch into a full-fledged blogging career – if you are ready to work hard, you can make as much money as you want from blogging.

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