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चिप मैन्यूफैक्चरिंग में चीन का दबदबा खत्म होगा:बाइडेन ने 200 अरब डॉलर के बिल को मंजूरी दी, अमेरिकी कंपनियों को फायदा होगाइमरान का करीबी दोस्त गिरफ्तार:शाहबाज गिल को कार के शीशे तोड़कर ले गई पुलिस, अब पूर्व प्रधानमंत्री खान की बारीभास्कर अपडेट्स:24 घंटे में कोरोना के 14, 317 नए केस, 47 की मौत, दिल्ली और हिमाचल में पॉजिटिविटी रेट 15% के पारश्रीलंका में बिजली की दर में 264% की बढ़ोतरी:रेगुलेटर ने इजाजत दी, कहा- घाटे की भरपाई करने के लिए बदलाव जरूरीकॉमनवेल्थ गोल्ड मेडलिस्ट साक्षी मलिक पहुंची घर:बोलीं- अंतिम मैच सोचकर लड़ी कुश्ती; मोटिवेट करने को किया अभ्यास, नेगेटिव सोच से रखी दूरीक्लाइमेट चेंज का बच्चों की हलचल पर असर:61% बच्चे जरूरी शारीरिक गतिविधि नहीं कर पाते, माता-पिता से 30% कम फिट हैंपाकिस्तान में प्रेग्नेंट महिला की बेहोश होने तक पिटाई:सिक्योरिटी गार्ड ने पहले थप्पड़ मारकर गिराया, फिर मुंह में लात मारी; आरोपी अरेस्टPAK सेना के काफिले में फिर आत्मघाती हमला:रिक्शा में बम बांधकर आए हमलावर ने सेना की गाड़ी में टक्कर मारी; 4 की मौत, 7 घायलनीदरलैंड्स में बुजुर्गों के लिए खास पहल:अब सीनियर सिटीजंस की देखभाल करेंगे स्मार्ट गैजेट्स, 'स्मार्ट फ्लोर' गिरने से बचाएगाडोनाल्ड ट्रम्प के घर FBI की रेड:तलाशी के बाद कई डॉक्यूमेंट्स जब्त; ट्रम्प बोले- वे मुझे 2024 का चुनाव लड़ने से रोक रहे

Creative Gift Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day this Year

Creative Gift Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day this Year

Mother’s – This day does not have any fixed date to celebrate. It falls on the second Sunday of May, every year. No words to define the love of a mother. The definition can differ for every individual. For someone she may be a caretaker, for someone she may be the best cook, for someone she may be a best friend. A mother is such an inspiration that a single day is insufficient to appreciate her efforts. The celebration of this day is to pay gratitude and appreciate mothers. A mother is known by many names, including mommy, mom, and mamma, but she plays the same job in our life. Every family relies on her for support. She is the caregiver and loves everyone unconditionally.


The date for Mother’s Day in 2022 is May 8, 2022. Mother’s Day serves as a gentle reminder to think about and do something for our mothers. Mothers Day 2021 (मदर्स डे डेट) in India was on May 9. 

Table of content

  1. History of Mother’s Day
  2. Significance of Mother’s Day
  3. Gift Ideas to make your mother feel special
  4. Mother’s Day Wishes

History of Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day was first recognised in the United States in 1908. This day is commemorated by Anna Jarvis in honor of her mother. She conducted a memorial service for her late mother in Grafton, West Virginia, on May 12, 1998. Anna Jarvis wore solely white carnations at the time, but as the tradition grew, people began to wear red or pink carnations to commemorate a living mother and white flowers to represent a deceased mother. After that, it became a state-wide tradition. 

Anna wanted to pay tribute to her mother since she believes a mother is “the person who has done more for you than anybody else on the earth.”


Significance of Mother’s Day 

Many people will never be able to express their gratitude to their mothers in a single day. The event provides an opportunity for everyone to do something special for the mothers in our lives. Mother’s Day falls on this day, hence the occasion is significant. It is a worldwide celebration honoring India moms and expressing respect, honor, and love for them. Mother’s Day is a time to honor mothers’ work, maternal relationships, and the importance of moms in our society. A mother works hard 365 days a year to make her children and family happy and healthy. People should try to make mothers feel more special on Mother’s Day.

Gift Ideas to make your mother feel special 

Your mother is deserving of love 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. However, when Mothers Day India arrives, it’s time to go all out with festive meals, pleasant family activities, and plenty of gifts. That said, finding a gift for your mother that completely reflects how much she means to you as her daughter, son, husband, or other family member may seem nearly impossible. 

Instead of flowers, give something extra special to the women in your life this year.

Wooden music hand crank box

A music box is an automatic musical instrument in a box that produces musical notes by plucking the tuned teeth of a steel comb with a set of pins placed on a revolving cylinder or disc. She is a constant source of sunshine in your life. When she twists the handle on this little wooden music box, she will be aware of this.

Custom Family Portrait

Everyone loves to take pictures. Collect the beautiful pictures of your family and make a portrait for your mother. Framed photos are great but the digital portrait is a great idea to gift your mother on Mother’s day. Buy the best family portrait.

I wrote a book for you mom 

The best gift for your mother is a book to write the qualities of yours. A great idea to show and express the feelings of your mother. Write up some memories to cherish forever. Take a night to fill this book with all the memories, jokes, and spend some quality time with your mother. Buy this book

Personalized Puzzle

Introduce your mother to a puzzle she’ll adore: Select a photograph of yourself and your mother, or a family photo of yours. Your mother will love this wonderful gift. This personalized puzzle is a creative gift this Mother’s day. Buy this personalized puzzle.

Mirror greeting card

Sometimes simple is the best. Simply expressing your gratitude to your mother can be significant, and may even result in a happy cry or two if she’s the emotional kind. The simple and sweet gift for your mother is a greeting card. Write some wonderful message for your mother here and make her day special just by your wish. Buy the greeting card.

Mother’s Day Wishes (2022 Mother’s day

  1. Home is wherever you are, Mom.
  2. I’m so grateful to call you my mom and my best friend!
  3. Mom, you’re the glue that holds us all together.
  4. The best compliment anyone can give me is to say that I’m just like you.
  5. Sending Mother’s Day wishes today from the luckiest child in the world!
  6. Happy Mother’s Day from your favorite child.
  7. Sorry for driving you crazy sometimes, it was just because I love you so much!
  8. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you—literally!
  9. Dear Mom, it turns out that you were right about everything.
  10. I love you Mom even though I’ll never accept your friend request.

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    Best Traveling Bags from Top Brands in India

    Best Traveling Bags from Top Brands in India

    Traveling bags – Vaga wandrer to college students, everyone needs a bag to carry their essentials. Bags made it easy to carry heavy weight on your shoulder or by adding wheels on a suitcase. How often do you travel? Well no matter how often it is but even for a single time you need a perfect bag to carry all your belongings that can be set up in the proper manner in those bags for travelling. There are many brands which manufacture different types of bags, but only a few work on the engineering of bags. 

    A bag must be designed in such a way that you don’t feel the weight and easily carry it anywhere while keeping your essentials safe inside. Women carry almost all their accessories and; clothing while going for a small trip of 2-3 days and still these bags manage to carry the overload weight of their personal items. Best travel bags in India.

    Traveling bags

    Here we have listed top brands of bag not for a single type but for all varieties of bag. These are the best trolly bag brands in India and their service is unbeatable. Their travel bag kits are strong and long lasting and tested under many circumstances before reaching you.

    Top bags to have with you. 

    1. American tourister

    Sub company of samsonite group – American tourister, founded in 1933. One of the top leather luggage bags company in India. This company is reliable and manufactures every type of bag pack. You just list down your requirements for a bag type you want you will find in American tourister bags they have best bags for travel. Their bags are lightweight, durable, spacious, travellers bags have wheels, suitcase bag, TSA locks and sturdy design. Whether you are planning for a short trip or long trip these american tourister bags will ease your burden. 

    2. Sky bags

    Asia largest industry of bag manufacturers – VIP industries ltd. Sky bags are part of VIP industries, American tourister and skybags have tough competition in the market. Sky bags have all varieties of bags in their catalog and almost in every possible trolley bag sizes. They have the same features as an American tourister. They are long lasting, TSA lock, light enough to carry easily, spacious and; apart from these have textured surfaces to give journey bags a unique look. Sky bags are famous for stylish travel bags looking for big carry bags with great quality. Buy the best trolley bags set of 3.

    3. VIP bags

    VIP bags are also part of Asia’s largest industry that is VIP industries ltd. This international brand works in 50 countries and has 8000 outlets in India itself. VIP portable bags are water resistant, wear resistant and have different size and different types of traveling bags; like travel handbags, Briefcases, Traveling bags, plastic molded best suitcases and vanity cases. Their size is made in a compact manner to easily fit anywhere, these are small bags for travel.

    4. Tommy Hilfiger

    This company is known as Tommy Hilfiger corporation and Tommy Hilfiger Inc. It has most luxury and premium traveller bags for every category, this American international company works in many countries and is known for manufacturing comfortable and lightweight traveling bags. They have sequence number locks for more security, made of polyester which can carry more weight and is more durable. 

    5. Safari bags

    Safari is the oldest brand in manufacturing bags and they have the best trolley bags in India so far, this is also part of VIP industries. This is the first company to introduce a number lock system. Safari bags are durable and long lasting and quite popular in India. You can use these bags for frequent traveling and travel club bags, they are designed for rough and tough use. Buy a trolley bag cover.

    Types of travel bags

    There are various types of bags available in the market, each serving a purpose. You may choose from: backpacks, travel packs, suitcases, duffle bags, college bags, bags for trekking and many more. You can buy traveling as per your need and convenience. Here we have listed each type of bag. While choosing a bag you have to keep some points in mind like size of the bag, hard shell or soft shell and number of wheels they have.

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      Decorate Your Home Office with These Tiny Items: Work from Home

      Decorate Your Home Office with These Tiny Items: Work from Home

      Home office – It has been two years now and working from home in your packed bedroom daily at the same place can be frustrating. You can’t work with your 100% efficiency in such an environment. Maybe you have a separate room, but still you can get bored with the ambience of that room for working 2 years constantly. So you are thinking of redesigning or renovating your room with the high budget and hiring an interior designer (home office interior design), but here we have some cool office decorating ideas that you can change your room interior into a modern home office setup ideas with budget friendly equipment. 

      Home office

      These tiny items will give a decent, elegant and modern office decor look to your room which will give you a working atmosphere so that you work more efficiently. This creativity into your cozy home office ideas will inspire and motivate you for your work. We have consulted with a special team of interior designers (home office layout planner), blogger and editor to give the best and unique office decor, as work form is the new trend and will last long. To avoid anxiety, depression and office sickness this small home office decor for work will let you work in a friendly environment. 

      1. A perfect desk

      When you work from home, it’s not possible to work all day sitting in bed and it is not good for your spine. Work from home desk ideas – A perfect or ideal table could be a first step to your interior, choose color as per your room wall color and size should be decent so that you feel spacious in your room. An adjustable table would be recommended so that you can alter your position at home office. Work desk decor ideas – Don’t be attracted towards the most stylish that will be too funky; and position the table as per your comfort this gives you home desk ideas.

      2. Cozy Chair

      For a super long day, you need a super comfy chair. Working on a bed or stool can be a difficult task and makes you feel sleepy and lazy. Position your chair such that you can have a view and do not get disturb with surroundings. Perfect place to put a table and chair together is near a window, so that you can work under the natural light and feel fresh every time. Chair comes in a vast range, but look for the adjustable one for great comfort and space saver. Black color would be ideal and looks great on every color don’t go for a fancy home office

      3. Stylish Pen holder

      Now you have main components for your cute home office decorating ideas, let’s make it classier and more elegant  with decorative things. First and basic thing that you need on the table is a pen or pencil holder for desk. A stylish and decent pen holder looks great on the table and serves a great purpose of keeping small things together. Desk decor ideas for work These small things give professional office decor ideas for work to your home office and make you feel the ambience of your office.

      4. Add greenery

      Bring in some nature into your beautiful home office room decor. Cute office decor ideas for home – These small office decor ideas of plants with low maintenance look so tranquil on your office table. Plants work as a natural room freshener and as a natural air purifier. Plants keep you calm while working which results in less stress and anxiety of work and more efficiency. These low maintenance plants are easy to care for, look good in the office home decor and provide a clean atmosphere. Office decoration ideas for work and aesthetic desk decor ideas.

      5. Let the light in

      Desk lamp is useful equipment in this list of cheap office decoration items. In the night time if room light is not enough or maybe there is a power cut then a lamp can be very handy. But these lamps are not only for a meaningful purpose but also great above desk decor of home office and; give a professional look to your small setup of home office. The Lighting of the room sets a proper mood for your work from home office ideas, sometimes just because of poor lights in the room you don’t feel vital and not able to give your 100% to your work, go for an adjustable table lamp. Work office Desk decor ideas.

      6. Blooper stand

      If you have built and invested for your diy home office ideas for work, you always want it to be neat and clean. Also picking up your phone again and again for just a notification will disturb you. With these phone stands or bloopers, you can keep your phone steady in place and; see all the notifications because of its vertical alignment. Phone on this phone stand looks perfect on your cozy office ideas of table decorations and if you left your phone on the work desk décor lying then it will look like a mess. These changes in small things make a huge difference in the aesthetic desk setup

      7. Make it more spacious

      When you are on work from home there are many things you need on your table, and if you have to go to your wardrobe to pick each file it will disturb you a lot and soon you will be frustrated with these. These small storage units can be easily placed on or below your office desk and; you keep your important papers, files, or other accessories that you need frequently while working in your cool home offices. These look so fine, organized and elegant on your work office ideas on the table, otherwise all the papers and files may create a mess on your desk and you may lose some of your important things. Work office desk decoration ideas.

      8. Mail station

      If you have any event or any physical mail then it’s difficult to manage them in a single folder or on a desk. On this mail station you can customize them according to categories or priorities. It will look tidy and you can manage and make things accessible. With all these small items and equipment your desk decorations for work and home workspace will have a perfect and well-organized setup. In this way you can make perfect office ideas for home without consuming much space in your room.  

      9. Add colors to your wall

      If you place all the items together then you can see a perfect home office in living room, but still something is missing. Creative office wall decor ideas. You can place some wall paintings in your room which will give a great look to your interior for both home office’ and bedroom. Colors bring life to the room and; you can choose paintings of your favorite color which will motivate and give cheers throughout your work. For virtual meetings home office wall decorations can work as a great background. 

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        Gym Equipments Or Accessories for Your Daily Workout

        Gym Equipments Or Accessories for Your Daily Workout

        Gym equipment – Staying fit and healthy is the key to living a happy life. Whether you go regularly to the gym or plan to go to the gym in this new year, you have to keep some basic gym accessories for men and women with you in your gym stuff bag. Since it is not like a day or two-day thing so using your daily wearable and; equipment won’t be a good idea, instead of that keep a complete gym kit other than your daily essentials. Even if you are not a gym lover then you can gift this to your friend who is hardworking in the gym and loves going to gym. Gifting them will motivate for more workout and stay fit and healthy.

        Gym equipment

        Here we have listed the top 10 gym bag equipment, which you need to carry in the gym. Maybe some of them are with you already in your workout backpack, but check the list to not miss any of your workout essentials. These essentials can be useful for both pre-workout and after-workout gym. Well what are the workout stuff or gym equipment you need, see the below list with details of every equipment.

        List of Daily gym equipments:-

        1. Shoes

        The first thing you need is a pair of shoes for gyming. Keep a separate pair of shoes as most gyms don’t allow you to wear your regular shoes into their premises. Also, you need shoes of good quality, they may be a little bit expensive but last long and help in preventing any injury. Good pair of Shoes gives you comfort, proper posture and grip that you need for your intense gym workouts. Always keep these gym equipment in your gym bags so you won’t forget them and; here I have listed one of the versatile shoes for gyming and other purposes, you can buy it from amazon. 

        2. Earbuds

        Songs give a vibe for everything, whether you are traveling, roaming or exercising at the gym. Music gives you energy and motivation for your workout. Gym premises may have a music system installed but you can’t listen to your favorite songs there, so here you can carry earbuds which have supreme sound quality and keep you vitalized throughout your workout. Headphones and wired earphones may be an obstacle for your workout, but earbuds won’t be a hindrance. You can check these boat air pods whose battery is long lasting and sound quality is great. Check it on amazon workout things

        3. Clothing

        Another essential for your gym, clothes are of many types for sports categories. But having proper gyming clothes is a must, because you have to adapt to different postures and lift heavy weight. Clothes may wear and tear while you go workout, so they should be flexible, fit and comfortable for proper workout. You can carry these gym equipment clothes in your gym bag with you so you can go directly to the gym after your office or work. You can check these clothes on amazon for men and gym accessories for women

        4. Wipes

        Not every time is possible to take shower before workout and even if you are getting late to the gym, you can’t wash your face. So, these wipes will help you clean your face or body in no time. At the time of workout, using a napkin again and again can be unhygienic and; in this pandemic, you can’t tolerate a percent of it. This use and throw wipes will help you clean your body sweat and keep you fresh. So always carry a small packet of wipes in your gym equipment bag. You can buy this at a very cheap price on amazon. 

        5. Mat

        Well you can find this in your gym too, but it is listed in the essential gym equipment list because of the pandemic. You can sanitize your hands after every set of exercise, but it’s not possible to sanitize the whole mat of the gym. So it’s better to carry your own mat. It may also be helpful for home workout. You can choose the best mat for the gym on amazon by clicking here

        6. Wrist band

        Wrist band is a gym must haves equipment, it is not just for showoff. It helps in better grip while heavy lifting and another benefit of wrist band is that it prevents injury like ankle twist. If you are a regular gym people, you are aware how important wrist bands are and; how helpful they are in heavy weight lifting. You can buy this gym equipment on amazon by clicking here. 

        7. Belt with pocket

        Like a wristband this belt is essential for the best gym accessories for your waist and spine. It supports from twisting, bending and overloading weight on your waist and spine. Apart from this it helps in maintaining a good and proper posture while working out. This belt has a small pocket in which you can keep your stuff like mobile phone and wallet so that you don’t have to bother where to keep them in the gym but don’t forget to keep this in a workout bags. Check out stylish belts on amazon.

        8. Gym bag

        Now you have almost every gym bag essentials equipment with you. But you can’t carry each one in your hands, so obviously you need a bag. There is a gym back pack especially designed for the gym, in which you keep all these fitness stuff. They are easy to carry and you can keep all your belongings at a single place, so even in your home you won’t lose any of the gym essentials. Best gym bags are available in different sizes you can check and buy it on amazon as per your requirement.

        9. Skipping rope

        Skipping rope is not an accessory but a gyming equipment that you can find things in gym also. But listing here in the list of workout items because in the gym mostly you will find it engaged with someone, so it’s better to carry your own skipping rope in the gym. Also, if you skip gym any day then you can skip the rope at your home so that laziness won’t get to you. You can consider this as a home gym necessities. Check it on amazon. 

        10. Bottle

        A reusable bottle is necessary to keep with you while working out. Instead of wasting plastic glass or bottles daily, keep a cool gym bottle with you. This bottle also works as a shaker, so that you need a different bottle for your protein shaker. Keeping your bottle with you all the time keeps you hydrated during your gym work outs. Check out this cool bottle on amazon.

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          Home Gardening Tools to Bring Nature at Your Doorstep

          Home Gardening Tools to Bring Nature at Your Doorstep

          Gardening tools – Everyone loves the joy of nature, which gives you a different vibe, serenity and ecstasy. Nowadays home gardening is very trendy and good for cleaning ambience moisture. There are several plants which purify the air in your home and give a pleasant atmosphere. For gardening at home, you need some gardening essential tools for home. Home gardening looks beautiful whether it is inside or outside of your home. 

          Taking care of plants is not easy, you need special tools to make your gardening proper and perfect. Here we have listed some essential gardening hand tools or best garden hand tools for home which will help you in bringing nature to your doorstep.

          Gardening tools

          Gardening tools list for your home:

          1. Gloves

          A pair of gloves are the first and basic things for gardening you will need. Gloves protect your hands from dirt and thorny hassle. Gloves should be of good quality and as thin as possible otherwise they won’t last long and thick gloves may be a hindrance in your work. For gardening tools long cuff gloves are recommended.

          2. Pruner

          Pruner also known as secateurs or garden cutter. This tool is needed when there is excessive growth of a plant so to trim it and maintain a proper shape, we need a pruner. This garden cutting tool helps in maintaining the decorum of the home garden. Pruner also helps in removing dead branches of a plant, its blades are very sharp. 

          3. Fork

          Fork is an important gardening tool and a versatile tool used in home gardening. It mixes up soil and seeds and removes stones causing hindrance in the growth of the plant. Fork gardening tools and equipment have sharp edges that can easily dig dense into the ground and are better than spades. It is an essential gardening tools. Search for garden digging tools on amazon or click here.   

          4. Hand trowel

          A hand gardening tool used for planting and transplanting. Find a transplanting tools that is easy to use and provides as much grip to have control over it. Choose a unique gardening tools trowel that is broad and long blade to move rocky soil asideh. Hand trowel material is preferably stainless steel for long lasting. It is also used as a seed planting tool. Search for gardening tools amazon or click here. 

          5. Spade

          A spade is a long handle and flat head gardening tool. Sometimes hand trowel is not sufficient in home gardening tools, so to remove stones and dig holes for new plants we use Spade, which is a small gardening digging tool. A spade can be very helpful for lifetime gardening. It can be helpful in removing mud from one place to another. Look for a spade that has treads on the upper side to give extra push. This is a tool for digging holes for plants.

          6. Shovel

          A small gardening shovel is like Spade but has a long handle. Shovel gardening is a tool to dig holes for plants used for digging dense and deeper holes. When you have to add compost, fertilizer, soil etc. a good quality shovel is a necessity. A shovel be long handled and sharp blade is recommended to work efficiently and comfortably. A shovel and the best garden hoe are similar. 

          7. Rake

          A rake is another small garden tools list that is required in home gardens. All the remnants, leaves, clogs, and rocks on the surface of the ground don’t look attractive in your home garden. To clean this mess a special gardening tool is made that is rake. It is very easy to use and comes in different varieties to satisfy each problem. 

          8. Wheelbarrow

          Wheelbarrow is something you are looking for in this list of basic gardening tools. As it makes easy boarding and lodging of garden equipment and throws debris outside of your house. You can carry heavy gardening equipment in it and roam around any corner of the garden. Park it in a dry place to prevent it from rusting and maintain the inflation or tyre pressure for easy toggling. You can also find the best gardening tools set on amazon or click here.

          9. Watering can

          You may think why to invest in a watering can when you can directly pour water with a mug or pipe. But that is not a proper way to water the plant tools as due to high pressure and volume of water the soil and mud continuously shift from their place which is not good for plants. That’s why having a watering can is a must have garden tools and equipment as it pours water properly and does not give excess water to the plants. Watering can be metallic or plastic, you can choose any water tools for gardening and there are lots of designs and sizes available in types of garden tools. Search for plant watering tools on amazon or click here.

          10. Knee pads

          Working in the mud may dirt your clothes. But with these knee pads you can sit on the ground with the support of your knees and work so that your clothes won’t get dirty. You can add this extra item in your list of tools used for gardening to avoid additional workout of washing your clothes.


          Whether it is farming or home gardening, selecting the right personalized gardening tools is important. Not having the right tool will let your plants die slowly or may your gardening not look beautiful as you have expected. Right gardening tool makes your work easy and less tiresome and when you use a make shifter it may even lead to injury to yourself and to plants too. These are basic equipment tools that a garden must haves, other than this there are many equipment which you will need as your plants grow and you need a perfect home garden. You can find all these tools on amazon garden tools and all these basic tools are recommended by gardening

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            Best Smartwatches for You : Top 5 Smartwatch Specifications

            Best Smartwatches for You : Top 5 Smartwatch Specifications

            Smartwatches Smartwatches or let’s say everything on finger tips. They are not just fitness trackers, they’re a lot more than that. Technology has evolved so much that a watch can perform all functions that a mobile can do and; once you connect your mobile with the smartwatch you don’t need to take out your mobile from your pocket, not even for using a digital wallet. Smartwatch is a versatile gadget and enhances your appearance in your daily life. 


            Smartwatches are integrated with many health safeties features which rarely any mobile gives you, they can make calls even in emergency situations like if you fall  and the most amazing part is that you don’t need to charge it daily like mobile phones. 

            There are many types and of many brands of a smart watches available in the market ranging from few thousands to lakh rupees. But choosing the right one as per your budget is tough. Here we have got you some top android smartwatches that perform well and are on budget. See below for a list of top smart watches. 

            Noise colorfit pro 3

            A watch with a very decent and professional square smartwatch look, but performs like a volcano. This watch has 14 sports modes which can be used for performing and recording your stats of activities. The watch is waterproof so, no problem and doesn’t have to be meticulous everywhere. Display size of the 1.5-inch full touch screen is great which grabs a lot of attention. This model of noise colorfit pro has 10 days of battery life which is huge and same is storage that is of 1GB. The only disadvantage of this watch is that it is compatible with android devices only.

            Talking about features of smart watches, this has a heart rate monitor, GPS, text and call notifications, control of music, measuring SpO2 level, checking sleep and stress level. This watch is the best budget smartwatch in India and Noise best smartwatch till date. 

            Mi revolve smart watch

            Mi is a leading company in mobile phones, smart TV and fitness bands. But this Mi revolve smartwatch is a phenomenal gadget. It has a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with 14 days of battery life. Looking into features it has accurate sleep tracking, alexa support, SpO2 level, heart rate monitor, GPS and the best is it has 110+ faces design, which means you can wear a new watch daily. The voice assistant by alexa makes it simple and easy to use smartwatch.

            This best watch is compatible with both android and IOS compatible smartwatch devices (smartwatch that works with iphone) and; has 10 different sports modes, which makes it suitable for use while working out. The only disadvantage of this watch is slow charging. For better user interface it has an android operating system. This is the best budget android smartwatch. 

            Samsung galaxy 4

            Google and Samsung collaborated to make this unique and high-tech watch. Everyone is aware of these two smartwatch brands and; their capabilities, so with no doubt this is one of the best smart watches in this list of top smartwatches. This sporty look watch is loaded with many features, the list is never ending, but here I am highlighting some of the main features that are: available in various size, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor for Body Composition Analysis, Optical Heart Rate Sensor, SpO2 measurement and many more.

            This watch is available in 2 versions one is classic and other one is LTE with a battery life of 40 hours. For digital wallet it has samsung pay. The only disadvantage is that this is the best smartwatch for android compatible devices only, not with the apple or IOS devices. Best android smart watch. 

            Fossil gen 5 LTE

            Fossil is a huge and top watch brands in India in the watch industry, people add it’s watches in their collections, because of their classy looks. This fossil watch is pretty because of 1GB ram and has an android operating system. The circular dial with chain belt makes this fossil watch look so elegant in the coolest smart watches and have many features like: smart watches fitness heart rate monitor, GPS, extendable battery, swim proof, digital payment through google pay and many more. The only disadvantage is that when compared in price range this fossil smart watch lacks many features especially; in the health safety features segment, which you can find in Samsung or apple series watches. But these watches are android and apple compatible smart watches. These fossil smart watches for men are attention seekers.

            Apple series 7

            Keeping this precious gem in the last just because it’s a premium watch. The Apple series 7 watch is the best in the market till date. This best fitness smartwatch has accuracy level of the heart monitor, distance, steps are 9 out 10 it only lags in measuring sleeping time. This IOS smartwatch has every feature that other smartwatches have and is available in 2 different sizes. The only demerit of this watch is that it works only with apple devices meaning its compatibility is only with IOS and payment can be made through apple pay only. Unique features are it has a qwerty keypad and USB-C type magnetic fast charger. This best smartwatch battery life is 18 hours.

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              Small Plants for Home Decor

              Small Plants for Home Decor

              Small plants – There is nothing like the greenery and natural beauty of plants. Not everyone has a big yard outside their home decor plants India to plant small plants or trees, but everyone loves nature and their beauty and wants to build a small home garden. Plants bring in life to a home and not only they look good but they also purify air around the atmosphere. Small indoor tree decorations give your house a beautiful and; natural interior, you don’t need to invest in show piece plants or for a good interior designer. All you need to do is bring in some small indoor plants which are low maintenance to interior design with plants. 

              Small plants

              Waking up and breathing fresh air keeps you healthy and lightens up your good mood. These simple plants and small potted plants can be fit anywhere in your home or apartment and enhance the decorum of your house. Here we have concluded some of the best and small low maintenance plants to grow inside of your house.

              Chinese money plant

              The Chinese money plant popularly known as Pilea peperomioides has a  unique design with its round leaf plant with straight stems. This money plant decoration ideas indoor looks cute in small pots for indoor plants and can be placed in any corner of the house or even on the shelf. Chinese money plants don’t require direct sunlight and they grow very quickly with watering once in a week. Click here to buy at the lowest price. Hanging money plant decoration ideas.

              Jade plant

              Jade plants also known as Crassula ovata are a type of succulents- very small plants. These modern plants have a unique structure which makes them suitable to place anywhere around the house. If the weather is suitable for them, they may have pink flower blossoms, in summer they require a little amount of water but in winter they require an exiguous amount of water. It looks vibrant in your home and they don’t require direct sunlight. Watering for home decor with plants can be done in a few days after the mud or soil becomes completely dry. Low maintenance indoor plants in India and a plant for small pots.

              Oxalis plant

              Oxalis triangularis, also known as false shamrock, is a Brazilian plant. The Color of these unique plants leaves range from violet to crimson, which is vibrant and attractive. If these fancy plants get decent weather it can bloom lavender flowers in 10-week duration. They look pretty in light-colored pots because of their leaves’ colour. Oxalis need to keep in direct sunlight for hours and need to keep away from pets. It has one unique thing that it’s flowers and leaves open when it meets with light. Low maintenance indoor plants India

              String of pearls

              String of pearls is so beautiful that you can’t remove your eyes from it and it will attract everyone who sees it. This plant looks great when you hang it on a hanging pot somewhere like on a balcony or terrace as it must be kept in direct sunlight- indoor hanging plants ideas. These aesthetic plants need very little water to grow properly, over watering may damage the plant. This plant grows very fast and because of the hanging pattern it allows fresh air to move inside your home. Nothing can beat home decoration with plants.

              Aloe vera

              Everyone is aware of aloe vera benefits for skin and hair, many by products are sold in the market which are made up of aloe vera gel. But very few people plant a plant aesthetic in their home. Instead of wasting money on it’s by product plant an aloe vera plant in your and use it gel directly. Aloe vera is a low maintenance plant, you just need a place where there is bright and direct sunlight. These best indoor plants India have their own attractive presence so they look best in any type of pot and anywhere. It needs water once a week and they are part of a succulent family.

              Rubber plant

              These long tail plants are to be kept in bright light and indirect sunlight and the mud or soil mostly be wet with a humid atmosphere. Rubber plants are also known as Ficus elastica, which is their original name. These indoor plants with big leaves grow tall so they look great in the house and build a great presence in the interior. They are well known for the best natural air cleaner; you can keep anywhere in the house and breathe fresh air all time. These indoor big leaf plants have large leaves which makes them attractive and these plants can grow up to ten feet of height. 

              Snake plant

              Snake plant officially known as Sansevieria Laurentii. These plants need indirect sunlight and little watering because they are desert plants so let their soil dry completely and which means you can decorate it anywhere in the house or your apartment where there is bright natural light. Snake plant is famous for the best natural air purifier in the house. This living room plant decor is easy to care for and grabs a lot of attention because of its unique structure

              Anthurium plant

              Anthurium is a plant which has constant red blooms on it, these waxy red heart shapes are attention seekers in the house. These may look like artificial plants because of vibrant colours. Don’t keep it in direct sunlight and watering can be done every 2-3 days. Their size is neither too large nor too small, you can garnish your table or any corner of the house. Plant decoration ideas. 

              Succulents plant

              Succulents are a plant category, these are small, have colourful leaves or flowers and low maintenance plants. These colourful indoor plants for table top plants are kept in a small pot. Choose a colourful pot according to your plant colour to add beauty to your bedroom plant decor or hall. These are plants for very small pots. 

              Spider plant

              Long skinny leaves of spider plants look great on a hanging pot. Need to be kept in bright indirect sunlight and watering can be very occasional which makes them a low maintenance plant. This beautiful leaf plant is also known as the airplane plant and the ribbon plant. Place it anywhere in the house, these beautiful leaves plant with dual-color leaves will grab the attention of your guests. 

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                These Trending Accessories Will Make You Look Cool!

                These Trending Accessories Will Make You Look Cool!

                Accessories – Going for a party or wanting to prepare casually, you are incomplete without accessories. Accessories are an important part of getting the best look in your daily life. Without them you may feel incomplete, especially at any occasion, no matter how much makeup you put on, but if you are not wearing proper accessories then it will be not worth it at all.


                No one is cool by birth, what makes them attractive and cool is their lifestyle, their attire and their dress accessories. To keep you up to date with the trendy accessories that you can wear daily, here we have listed some basic clothing accessories to garnish yourself and look attractive all day. Now the fun fact is instead of spending money on buying new clothes every time, with the accessories you can get a new look every time every day. Luxury Accessories are just a compliment to your attire and look.

                If you look at the wardrobe of stylists who are considered you will find barely anything, there would be limited dress, but still they manage to look unique everyday just wearing cool and good accessories. What are accessories? Here we have a list of cool dress accessory that you can buy and stand out yourself from common fashion appearing.

                Hand bags

                Originally handbags are known as purses which are used to carry money, but because of their size they have capacity to carry more items like personal belongings. Hand bags are now a must have accessories for women’s fashion accessories to carry with them. These are not just to enhance your appearance but are very useful in carrying essentials for your day. Find perfect matching for yourself in this list of accessories.


                Goggles are trending these days and a lot of varieties are available in every shape and size. They also protect your eyes from UV rays, dust and insects from penetrating into your eyes. Goggles or spectacles also look very cool and give a smart look to your face and matching outfit. There are different designs available for glasses including aviator, bug-eyed, goggles, cat-eye, horn-rimmed, lens-less, rim-less, sunglasses, and more. They are also available in all sorts of shapes, ranging from square, round, ovals, and rectangles to star and heart shapes! Accessorize in style and go with the trend.


                Wallets are small, compact and stylish things to keep your money and credit cards. These are generally made up of leather so they are everlasting. Wallets are a safe way to keep your money together and they look attractive when you take it out. These top accessories lists are the best accessories for men. Wallets are available in many designs and patterns you can choose according to your attire of the day. This is a man fashion accessory.


                Clutches are bigger than wallets but smaller than hand bags. These are for womens accessory and female accessories only. They have more capacity than wallets to store more belongings. They look fashionable when you carry them in your hands and the design is so elegant that everything is accessible easily. Likewise, wallets, clutches are available in thousands of designs and patterns and you can choose cute accessories for outfits of the day.


                Hats perform versatile functions and one of them is to enhance your beauty. It protects from weather and sun rays in summer. It adorns your looks and makes it look cooler. These are basic fashion popular accessories that you can match with your garments and make them look more appealing. Hats are available in many designs and shapes including baseball caps, beanies, berets, fedora, panama, and many other types of accessories. Male accessories


                When you are wearing a crop top and jeans or having a shirt-in belts make your look complete. Without belts fashion items our costume looks incomplete and inappropriate. Apart from enhancing your appearance they help in wearing loose waist pants. To look  cooler you can attach keys, purse, phone cover with your belt. You can wear any colour outfit with accessories.


                A bracelet is an ornament for both men and women to wear on your naked hands. It is a classic accessories. Without them your hands look so sober and naked which doesn’t look great at all. Bracelets accecories can be of gold, silver, or any other metal and even it can be artificial. You can choose as per your dress and wear them on any hands or on both hands.  


                Well what to say about a watch, a watch itself speaks a lot. But other than displaying a time, a watch is an ornament on your hands with outfit accessories. In this world of technology from analog to digital watches every watch is equipped with many cool features. These watches look so attractive on your hands that you will not remove them any day. Watches are collectible ornaments. 


                Rings are another jewelry accessories that has to be worn on fingers. Artificial rings or gold rings are fashionable ornaments and they never go out of trend. Rings showcase many things like a relationship, wealth, fashion accessories for women and men. When a ring has a gemstone, there is no replacement for that beauty and it looks cooler. The best thing about this accessory is that it can be worn on any garment and on any occasion, it matches with everyone and on everyone. These rings are such elegant accessories for black dress.

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                  Celebrate This Valentine Like Never Before: Valentine Day Gift Idea to Express Your Love!

                  Celebrate This Valentine Like Never Before: Valentine Day Gift Idea to Express Your Love!

                  Valentine dayValentine’s day special day to feel and express your love to your loved ones. Valentine day special is not just for a day, it is celebrated for a full week. This whole week is popularly known as love week or the romance week and it starts from 7th February with the rose day and ends on 14th February that is valentine day (7 feb to 14 feb). Celebrating this whole week : seven days of valentine by expressing your love in different ways by sending different and varieties of presents to your love. 

                  If you are eagerly waiting to celebrate valentine week 2022, then this blog may help you celebrate valentine day 2022 in a more creative manner. Here are amazing gift ideas for valentine days and valentine week, which will surprise your lover.

                  Valentine day

                  What are the 7 days of valentine week?

                  7 feb to 14 feb days list, valentine week list:

                    1. Rose day
                    2. Propose day

                    3. Chocolate day

                    4. Teddy day

                    5. Promise day 

                    6. Hug day

                    7. Kiss day

                    8. Valentine day

                  1. Rose day

                  On this very 1st day of valentine week or 7 days of love, send beautiful roses to your lover. A flower is the best gift irrespective of the occasion. It can make anyone happy and change their mood to ecstasy. Roses are the epitome of the everlasting love in a relationship. Every color of rose says something and you give it to your crush to let them know your feelings for them. It’s a great start to Valentine’s week days. Rose day is celebrated on 7th february. 

                  2. Propose day

                  This 2nd day of v day is a very special day as this propose day is the beginning of so many new relationships. The whole idea behind this day is to convey feelings in a very beautiful manner to express love with those three magical words. You can make Valentine’s month better by giving a beautiful present to the love propose gift day on your love day. Which will show significant love and make them feel jaunty. Propose day is celebrated on 8th February. Each day is a different days of valentine week. 

                  3. Chocolate day

                  Well everyone loves chocolate but when you get it from your love it makes it more special. So, this 3rd day of february valentine week days is valentine chocolate day, where you and your love exchange chocolates to celebrate this day. Sweets always represent sharing and caring of relationships and their bonds with how strong they are. You can also keep a handwritten note with the chocolate to express your love. Chocolate day is celebrated on 9th february. 

                  4. Teddy day

                  Soft toys are something that anyone can buy and play with, irrespective of their age and if you get a teddy bear as a gift means you are very special. This 4th day of valentines week is teddy day, it is celebrated by sending teddy bear gifts to your lover. Sometimes if your love will miss you, they will hug this teddy bear in memory of you. Valentine day list: Teddy day is celebrated on 10th February.

                  5. Promise day

                  Expressing your feelings to your love and promising them to stay forever in all your hard and good times. Giving a promise is a natural gift as promising your love for something keeps it real is hard, not everyone can afford a promise. This 5th day of valentine week plays an important role in a relationship and to begin a new relationship with trust. You can send a small gift to make a promise and celebrate this valentine week. Promise day is celebrated on 11th february.

                  6. Hug day

                  Hug is a feeling you can express through a gesture. This 6th days in valentine week is known as hug day. Well a hug works as medicine and your love feels special and warmth. This shows love, affection and caring. This hug day gives something memorable to your loved ones. Hug day is celebrated on 12th february.

                  7. Kiss day

                  Kiss is another gesture of expressing love. This day is the 7th day of valantine week. There are various ways to express or show love but this one is the best way, by this you are making a commitment to your love for your forever relationship. Add a kiss day gift to make a perfect memorable moment this kiss day. Kiss day is celebrated on 13th february. 

                  Valentine day

                  And finally comes the most awaited day of this valentine week: valentine day. This last day of valentine month is valentine special day where you spend your day with your love and celebrate it. This valentine makes them feel special by sending unique presents and expressing your love. Valentine’s day ideas is a festival of lovers. Every year valentines days week is celebrated on 14th february.

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                    Best Smart TV to Buy this Year

                    Best Smart TV to Buy this Year

                    Best smart TV – Want to upgrade your television to the latest technology all LED tv and to better screen quality. Here we have brought the top big smart TV which is loaded with many features and best screen resolution. Mobile may be a versatile gadget and can offer everything that a TV has. But still a big screen at the walls of your home is a necessity. Looking for the best LED TV in India? We have got you.

                    Best smart TV

                    You can’t enjoy the movie or a TV series on a mobile the way we enjoy it on the best television in India. With the advanced technology apart from high tech features, every company aims to provide better picture quality and sound systems. Here we have made a list of the best smart TVs to buy this new year which are perfect in every aspect that you look at while purchasing TV. 

                    List of top 5 smart TV brands in India

                    1. Sony bravia A8H OLED

                    This Sony bravia A8H is a smart android TV with the largest tv in India and best performing processor in the segment. The display panel is 4K tv in India OLED that displays an incredible picture with congruous to superior sound quality. Size of the display is 55 inch (139 cm) big screen TV in India, which gives an amazing wide-angle view.

                    The X1 ultimate picture processor controls individual pixels with a refresh rate of 100Hz. It has both HDMI and USB ports to connect external devices. As being a smart TV, it has Wi-Fi connectivity and is built in Netflix, YouTube, google assistant, google play store and several other applications. This Sony TV has a unique feature that it converts SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) into a 4k picture quality, all thanks to Sony technology. Sony is the best TV company in India and this particular Tv is the best 55 inch 4k TV in India.

                    2. Mi 4X Ultra HD LED smart

                    A top leading brand in all electronics products and specially in top android tv in India. This Mi 4X ultra HD best LED tvs has a 4K display, that gives a very vivid high-quality content on your screen. The size of the display is 43 inch (108 cm) large screen tv with a refresh rate of 60Hz which is low, but the viewing angle is 178 degree which is phenomenal. For connectivity to external devices it has both HDMI and USB ports, 3.5 mm audio jack and a LAN port. When talking about features and applications it has Wi-Fi, patch-wall, Netflix, google assistant, prime video and many others. This is under the normal TV price.

                    3. Samsung QN 900A neo QLED 8K

                    When we talk about high end segments in television, we can’t forget this brand. This Samsung QN 900A NEO QLED 8K is a masterpiece in new smart TV. It has an 8K resolution display panel which is not there in any other TV. This is a future TV and with 8K AI upscaling you can transform video into 8K. It has all other features that a normal TV has, but other than those it has dynamic object tracking sound, Q-symphony, multi view on single screen and many more. Size of the display is a large LED tv Neo QLED type display with a refresh rate of 120Hz. This is the latest smart TV in India.

                    4. Philips ultra slim 4K ultra HD LED smart TV

                    Looking to buy a new smart TV on a best budget smart TV india or a low price smart TV. Consider this Philips ultra slim 4K UHD smart TV. This 4K TV gives you a jubilant experience on a 43-inch display big size tv, which is perfect for a small room. It has both HDMI and USB ports for connectivity along with one VGA port. Refresh rate is a little bit slow at 60Hz and is integrated with MHL technology for mobile connectivity. Being the best android TV and smart TV, it has Wi-Fi connectivity and various other applications to enjoy movies and TV series. Best smart TV in India.

                    5. One Plus Q1 series UHD QLED smart android TV

                    Another leading brand in best tv in India, new model TV and mobile phones. This One Plus Q1 series is a great smart TV. It has a 55-inch 4K QLED display big size LED tv, which gives a vivid display and better picture quality. This OnePlus TV runs on an android operating system which means it has google assistant, Prime Video, Zee5, Google Play Movies, SonyLiv, Hungama, Hotstar, ErosNow, YouTube, OxygenPlay and many other applications. It has 3GB ram and 16GB of storage to download applications and movies. In hardware it has both HDMI and USB ports. This is the best smart android TV in india

                    What do you need to look at before buying a TV? 

                    There are many things you need to take care of to buy the latest TV models or top LED TV that are: display size, display type, resolution, viewing angle, refresh rate, sound quality, picture quality, connectivity, contrast ratio and last but not least is online customer reviews. Sometimes it’s confusing buying a TV, because it’s not possible to get everything and every features of smart tv in a single TV.

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