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जयशंकर बोले- दुनिया भारत को सुनना चाहती है:राहुल पर कहा- उनकी बुनी कहानियां देश में नहीं चलतीं, तो विदेश चले जाते हैंट्रम्प पर हो सकता है एक और क्रिमिनल केस:सीक्रेट डॉक्यूमेंट्स मामले में टारगेट पर, 2020 में ले गए थे ईरान-चीन से जुड़ी खुफिया फाइल्स2030 तक खत्म हो सकते हैं आर्कटिक के ग्लेशियर:दुनिया से 2.72 लाख टन बर्फ गायब, 20% आबादी को पानी इन्हीं से मिलता हैयूक्रेन में बांध टूटने से डूबे 2000 घर:30 कस्बे बाढ़ की चपेट में; रूसी सेना के लिए बिछाई लैंड-माइन रेस्क्यू ऑपरेशन में बनी परेशानीकनाडा से 700 भारतीय छात्रों को निकालने की तैयारी:स्टूडेंट्स के पास मिले जाली डॉक्यूमेंट्स, छात्र धरने पर बैठे, कहा- एजेंट्स ने धोखा दिया'ऑ वॉक' करने से बढ़ती है पॉजिटिविटी:नई जगहों पर टहलें, उन्हें एक्स्प्लोर करें; ये वर्कआउट से ज्यादा फायदेमंदबढ़ती उम्र का असर पूरे शरीर पर होता है:40 की उम्र के बाद सख्त होने लगती हैं दिल की मांसपेशियां; 30 मिनट रनिंग फायदेमंदभारत-नेपाल के बीच सुस्ता को लेकर फिर विवाद:भारत की सहमति के बिना आर्मी स्कूल-भवन बना रहा नेपाल, DM गृह मंत्रालय को देंगे जानकारीपिता ने किया बेटी का रेप, अदालत बोली-संभव नहीं:जब खुद स्कूल चुन सकती है तो विरोध क्यों नहीं किया, जापान में अब बदलेगा कानूनसऊदी क्राउन प्रिंस से मिले अमेरिकी विदेश मंत्री:इजराइल से नॉर्मल रिलेशन बनाने पर बातचीत, ऑयल आउटपुट भी अहम मुद्दा



JOBS WITHOUT DEGREEWe often hear people telling us how important it is to pursue higher paying jobs in india education because it’ll help us build a better career in future. In today’s world many areas of employment are spread up which were out of the ordinary of before.

While there are many students in India who want to take admission in reputed colleges immediately after completing their higher secondary education, there are also students who want to start their career immediately after completing their higher secondary course. 

At present, the variety of jobs for degree offcomer is growing and young people are go in for unconventional careers that pay well without a degree that are both lively and satisfying and searching for best paid jobs without a degree.

Even through, this is something easy high paying jobs without a degree with high diploma salary in india to say, many students think that it is hard to find a job without a college degree. The truth, to some it may come as a surprise, is that there are a lot of spot that don’t require a college degree. And these pay well too. So, let us have a sharp-witted look at some of the highest paying jobs in India without a degree.

So guys, Here are sprinkling some Jobs without degree in india; This are the top paying job without degree-

1. Stock Market Professionals –

How to become a stock marketor? It is indeed in the best option to choose a best career options with the most high paying jobs in india. The minimum age for this position is 21 years due to the business risks involved with this trade and can also start working after 10+2 after registering with SEBI. and also includes good paying jobs for women without a degree, and trading stocks practices to the clients.


Here are some of the stock market new career options in india:

1. Entry level career:

Equity Advisor, Relationship Manager, Dealer, Sales Agent etc.

2. Middle level career streams:

Technical Analyst, Fundamental analyst, Relationship Manager, Equity Research

3. Entrepreneurship:

Advisory service, Broking-sub Broking services, Self-investment, Financial Advisor, Personal Financial Advisors, Financial Manager, Financial Consultant

The basic salary is low, but bonus is a large part of the income which depends upon performance.

2. Real Estate Agent –


As these professional’s act as the mediators between the buyers and sellers in the process of purchasing a property, they are in great demand. It requires minimum of 18-19 years of age varying across states and it was the best jobs in india by salary & highest paying careers in india.

This profession does not require a degree and interested students only need to complete a certificate course. Because this is the interesting career options in india. In this Real Estate Agent jobs that only require a certificate from an accredited institution and obtain a license to practice as a real estate broker

How do real estate agents help in property transactions?

While many believe that real estate agents have become obsolete, the truth is that their role in property transactions is still going strong. They can help you make better property decisions whether you are buying a property, selling one or simply renting a home. There are many ways in which real estate agents in India can help you, some of them are:

1. Comparison of properties:

When you are buying a property, it is imperative that you go through several options for comparison rather than settle on the first one. As an individual trying to buy or rent a home, it can be troublesome. A real estate agent can provide complete assistance here by comparing the features, aspects and prices of properties.

2. Market it:

Property dealers in India are not only helpful in making the right buying decision but also provide their expert assistance in selling the property quickly. They do marketing work for the property on various real estate listings. Be it through print or online jobs without degree in india. Real estate portals, these agents know how to market their properties to attract the best buyers.

3. Take care of the paperwork:

Whether you are buying, selling, renting out to tenants or looking for a property to rent property in India, each case involves a lot of paperwork. Even a small error, omission or typo can result in loss of thousands. Hiring a real estate agent will get rid of all these worries and help you file all the paperwork correctly without any effort. This are the high earning jobs.

3. Photographer-


If you’re passionate about photography, So, just imagine a career as a talented photographer. Because Nowadays, digital photography has stick out  new heights and anybody can capture attractive photographs. This is the high paying jobs with no degree. You can go through a course after 10+2 and begin interning. Starting salary is around 3LPA. Evidently, you can do by getting a diploma/certificate course in photography right after completing high school. This is the jobs you can get with a certificate.

You should take a short term courses with high salary jobs in india of photography and then decide which file to pick, such as fashion photographer, nature photographer, wedding photographer, etc.

4. Professional Youtuber –

Do you dream of building your own loyal Youtube, So you must be thinking right. You are not alone, we are here to guide you the best salary jobs in india. Many creators are hopping on Youtube amidst the pandemic to try to make their dreams a reality, and grab a piece of the billions of dollars created by Youtube advertising revenue.

YouTube being a free video platform provides the opportunity to millions of aspiring artists to showcase their work to the world and reach millions of people for free and there is no age limit. Click here to earn from youtube step-by-step

1. Be consistent. And be your real self.

2. Protect yourself from “digital self-harm”

3. Don’t expect to get “Youtube rich” overnight

4. Grow your audience with the right collaborations

5. There’s no shortcut to a loyal, engaged Youtube audience.

5. Personal Trainer –

Nowadays, many people are concern about their fitness and health. So, personal trainers and fitness experts are highly in demand. Course can be taken after 10+2. You need to pass 10 + 2 examinations, after which you can enroll into a 3-15 month course depending upon your preferences. 


Jobs require patience and solid interactive skills to help clients achieve successful outcomes. Depending on the level of competence and years of experience, personal trainers will receive up to 80k per -90k month at last long, this was the high-income jobs in india.

Assessments, programming and progressions

Create client programs that improve and maintain health, fitness, weight, body composition and metabolism. Learn about heart rate, blood pressure and circumference measurements, which can be used as a baseline for future progress—plus how to apply exercise progressions to help a variety of clients reach their goals.

6. Travel & Tourism –


Travel advisors coordinate and schedule travel for people and organisations. In this course you can do diploma and certificate based on your interest and choose according to your preferences in different branches and best paying job without a degree in india.The travel and tourism industry in India is currently experiencing unusual growth. Students have endless career opportunities in this fast-growing industry in this feild.

Some of the traits and skills that candidates should have to build a successful career in travel and tourism industry are:

Skillset for Travel & Tourism Candidates


Excellent communication skills

Strong interpersonal skills

Pleasant and well-groomed personality





Good administration and management skills


Good research and planning skills

Problem-solving skills

Organisation skills

Time management skills

Strong networking skills



Leadership skills

There are different career prospects as being a travel consultant or running a travel agency.

7. Ethical Hacker –

You have must interested in computer applications to be an ethical hacker! Ethical hackers use their knowledge to secure and improve the technology of organizations. You can also pursue this course right after completing after 12th.


Also known as “white hats,” ethical hackers are security experts that perform these assessments. The proactive work they do helps to improve an organization’s security posture. With prior approval from the organization or owner of the IT asset, the mission of ethical hacking is opposite from malicious hacking. The starting salary of ethical hacker in india per month -3.5 LPA.

Is ethical hacker a good job & how to become ethical hacker after 10th?

Yes, it is a good career if you are interested in the ethical hacking and cybersecurity field but it requires a great knowledge of the whole IT field.

If you are aspiring to become an Ethical Hacker, then enroll in an Ethical Hacking Course from Intellipaat, to get skilled and trained to become a White Hat Hacker.

8. Makeup Artist – 

If you love lip shade, then you should try becoming a makeup artist. Makeup artists are also needed in weddings, photoshoots and the television industry. To practice as a makeup artist, only a few natural skills and practice are required.


Educational qualification is not necessary to become a makeup artist this was jobs for uneducated people. This is the jobs with no degree course, However, there are institutes that offer diploma/certificate courses that you can opt for. You can get anywhere starting from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 and can earn up to Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000 based on your experience. This is a really good salary.

For more makeup tips check healthtipsandbeauty.

Can you get a good job without diploma?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs requiring a high school diploma or less are projected to grow 9.1 percent by 2022. … While your job search without qualification jobs high school diploma or GED is not impossible, it does pose some unique challenges including: Higher chances of unemployment.

What are the government jobs without degrees?

Here are some jobs working for the government jobs without degree in india that you can get with a high school diploma & highest paid jobs in the india.

  1. Lifeguard
  2. Library assistant
  3. Data entry clerk
  4. Postal clerk
  5. Administrative assistant
  6. Census taker (enumerator)
  7. Court clerk
  8. Correctional officer
  9. Subway or streetcar operator
  10. Mail carrier
  11. Accounting technicianz
  12. Supply technician
  13. Social services assistant
  14. Deputy sheriff

You can read more about high paying non technical jobs in india      

People Also ASK:

Highest degree in india-


A Doctorate is the highest level of academic degree. Students work independently to produce a substantial piece of original research (this can take years to complete). The qualification is highly regarded and those successfully completing a Doctorate are entitled to call themselves ‘Dr’.

Highest paid job in india- Top Highest Paying Jobs in the World:

  1. Anaesthesiologist.
  2. Surgeon.
  3. Chief Executive Officer.
  4. Physician.
  5. Senior Software Engineer.
  6. Investment Banker.
  7. Data Scientist.

This is the top high earning jobs in india.

High paying certifications-

This is the high salary jobs for freshers.

  1. Google Certified Professional Data Engineer
  2. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect
  3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect—Associate
  4. CRISC—Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control
  5. CISSP—Certified Information Systems Security Professional

This is the High paying careers.

What to do after diploma-

  1. PGDM.
  2. PGPM (Post Graduate Program in Management)
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management.
  4. PG Diploma in Food and Beverage Services Management.
  5. Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation.
  6. Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations, and many more.

Best degree courses in india-

Some Jobs based on degree qualification, which is most demanding jobs in india-

  1. Human Resources (HR)
  2. Accountancy.
  3. Marketing and advertising.
  4. Investment banking.
  5. Management consultancy
  6. Teaching.
  7. Public relations (PR) 
  8. Hospitality and travel management.

Unique career options after graduation-

This is the unique career options in india;

  1. Politician 

  2. Chef 

  3. Graphic Designer

  4. Registered Nurse

  5. Sound Engineer

      This is the courses after graduation for high salary

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