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Highly Paid Non-technical Jobs in India For Freshers

Highly Paid Non-technical Jobs in India For Freshers

Non-technical Jobs – What? non-technical jobs for freshers in india that pay up to 1 lakh per month??? Incredible isn’t it? But it is actually true that there are many tech companies that offer great salaries and lots of perks to non-technical employees.

Non-technical Jobs

We set-down the top 7 highest paying non IT jobs in India. This list is updated and irrespective of your work level, beginner/entry-level or middle level, these will help you decide the direction you want to go in next.

Moreover, despite earning a decent salary, the below jobs are well -curated professions for freshers that offer high salary startup jobs for freshers security, great prestige in the society and many other benefits and jobs without degree in india.

Very curious to know what those non-tech jobs are? Come on Let’s dive into it.

Here is the List of best non technical jobs list


Non-technical Jobs

It is one of the highest paying non-technical jobs in it companies for freshers available in all IT and private companies. As a Business developer, you inform others about the company products and services and act as the point of contact for new clients and their assigned existing clients. 

Besides, you’re the pillar of most demanding jobs in india at IT companies, allowing them to function properly while run after benefits. So, if you are looking for a stable and rewarding career in IT companies, then going the Business Development way might serve you best earning jobs in india companies for freshers.

Roles and Responsibilities :

To identify the sales leads, maintain good working relations with clients.

Business Development Manager Salary

Average business development manager salary in India is 600,480.

Non-technical Jobs


Non-technical Jobs

With the increasing number of data, the scope for data scientists is growing steadily. Therefore, you have a bright scope if you pursue a special course in Data Science.

Being Data scientists, you work closely with business stakeholders to understand their aim and determine how the collected data can be used to achieve those goals. 

Data Science is a multifaceted field and freshers can find applications in every industry including healthcare, banking, e-commerce, business and consultancy services.

Data Scientist Salary

On average, a fresh college graduate who joins any company as a Data Scientist can earn 35,000 per month. After a few years of experience, the data scientist can earn up to 1,58,250 per month. 

Top employers are Accenture, Amazon, KPMG, Honeywell, Wells Fargo, E&Y, Dell International, eClerx Services, and Deloitte. 

However, the knowledge of a Data Scientist can greatly affect the income.

3. Digital Marketing

Non-technical Jobs

With the growth of mobile phones and the Internet, non technical jobs for freshers in digital marketing is a booming industry and is the new industry standard. Marketing refers to the act of promoting a product or service and when it is done through a digital platform it is known as digital marketing. As one of the highest paying it jobs in india non-IT jobs in India, as a digital marketer you need to have a basic understanding of marketing principles and content management and a strong working of internet and social networks to make your mark in this domain. knowledge will be required.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Create an actionable plan and launch a product.
  2. Design a detailed content.
  3. Work on the site of SEO and improve brand visibility.
  4. Manage processes related to inbound marketing, PPC, and AdWords.

Digital Marketing Salary

On average, a fresh college graduate who joins any company as a digital marketing strategist can earn 35,000 per month. After a few years of experience, digital marketing strategist can earn up to 1,45,416 per month. 


Non-technical Jobs

Investment Banker is the other non-technical jobs which is the highest paying companies in india for freshers. The main role of an investment banker is an act an intermediary between the corporation and public to public offerings. A degree in commerce or accounts can help you become an investment banker.

The investment banker career path mainly has five levels of gradual growth as follows,

  • Analyst– INR 5 to 9 lakhs per annum (pa)
  • Associate – INR 7 to 13 lakhs pa
  • Vice President – INR 10 to 40 lakhs pa


Investment Banker Salary

The average salary of an investment banking analyst in India is 10 to 25 lakhs per annum depending on the institute you pass out from.

Other than, the type of company and experience can strongly influence the salary on this job.

5. Legal Advisor

Non-technical Jobs

A legal advisor is a professional who oversees the legal affairs of an individual or company. They also fight many legal battles in court on behalf of the company or organization. He is a lawyer for a corporate law firm. They provide legal advice to help businesses resolve labor disputes and other conflicts.

Roles and Responsibilities:

To take complete liability for all legal matters, Investigate and solve legal issue for a client, and examine the cooperative’s legal document.

Legal Advisor Salary

A legal advisor can earn up to 2-3 lakhs per year at the entry level. If we talk about the average salary, it’s about 5-6 lakhs per year. The highest annual salary Which reaches up to Rs.20 lakh.

6. Media Professional

Non-technical Jobs

Media professionals are those who provide news reports on social events happening around the world. They report on social issues which are either in national or international boundaries. So that the people of the society know what is happening in the world.

There are two forms of media you can work with:

  • Print media
  • Broadcast media

Print media introduce new information in the form of written words. Example newspaper.

Responsibilities of the Media Profession

  1. To provide unbiased news to the audience.
  2. Working as per the norms set by the media industry.
  3. Reporting the news and making it public as soon as possible.
  4. To keep a close watch on the things going on in the society

Media Professional Salary

There are many types of jobs in the media profession. So, the salary of all of them is different from each other.

Still if we can say that a fresher in media sector earns around 1.2 lakh – 1.8 lakh per year. And if we go to the average media profession jobs then the earning is around 4 lakhs per annum. If you gain enough experience then you must earn upto 16 lakh per year.


This is the other upcoming in-demand non-tech jobs for freshers. The job growth for engineers is projected at 46%. while, that of technical writers is 23%. In short, the economic outlook for the field of technical writing is good. As long as the tech industry is hot, the demand for technical writers will exist.

Non-technical Jobs

Simply, we can say that a technical writer is a person who concentrate in transferring complex technical information in a crystal-clear manner. 

Here, you will develop, gather, and disseminate technical information among customers, designers, and manufacturers.

Skills and Education

  • For becoming a Technical writer there is no specified degree or diploma certificate course available. But if you have a bachelor’s degree in any field you can apply for a non-technical writer.
  • Need a good writing skill.
  • Need a good listening skill.


The starting salary of a technical writer ranges between 3 to 4 lakhs per annum. Technical writers can expect to earn between on an average Rs.5-6 lakhs.

Technical writers with experience can expect to earn between 13-14 lakhs per annum.

Highest Paying Jobs in MNC Companies in India For Freshers:

Below is the list of top highest jobs in mnc paying companies in India for freshers.

  1. Google
  2. Accenture
  3. Cognizant
  4. Tata Consultancy Services
  5. IBM
  6. Infosys
  7. Intel
  8. Cisco
  9. Flipkart
  10. Amazon
  11. ZOHO
  12. Microsoft

Wrap Up

Finally, I’d like to point out that, in addition to technical employment, India offers a wide range of non-technical opportunities. People must have a basic understanding that non-technical jobs are also a good career platform to build in. With the above resources, you can explore career options in diverse fields that pique your interest and match your expertise. Use this list as a guiding map for your preparation and prioritize learning skills that contribute to your personal and professional growth.

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