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Internship-Why Should You be Hired for This?

“Why Should You be Hired for This Internship?” 5 Best Answers

Table of Content:

  1. What is internship?
  2. How internship helps in students’ career?
  3. Why interviewer ask question “why should we hire you”
  4. Best 15 questions ask in place of why should you be hired for this internship?
  5. How to answer question?
  6. One-line impressive answers to answer why would they hire you?
  7. 5 Best Possible answers to “why should you be hired for this internship?”
  8. Answers for professionals.
  9. Turn off thoughts

Getting pass in interview & hire for internship is not a piece of cake, the first question you need to face by interviewer is “why should you be hired for this internship?”  but do you know why this question is asking.

What is Internship? 

An Internship is an opportunity by an employer to the prospective employees to work in their organization for a fixed period of time. The term is not only a bridge between real-world & practical applications of skills learned in college, but also teaches them about organizational culture. A stipend internship-based work where companies hire people to grow side by side.


How Internship Helps in Students’ Career?

An internship helps your career in many ways: –

1. It Serves as Foundation of Career –

When you carefully choose an internship in the company you wish to build your career in, it is the first step towards your goal. You get the chance to work with a company that can teach you the basics of the industry. Often companies hire interns as an analysis for future employees, and if you pass their tests & perform well, you might even end up being a full-time employee in the same company!

2. It Exposes to Real World Experience –

Studying books is all about imaginations of a world but when we enter in internship, we enter in the new world that is the real world. here, you get hands-on experience on how things work in office environment. An idea about job role you perform when you join a full-time job.

3. Teaches Time-management –

As an intern, you have to perform multi tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced work environment. Everyone is expecting results from you, so you have to manage your time schedule that fits your work. After some time, you will learn the art of time management and precedence of tasks.

4. It Builds Your Resume –

A lots of degrees & certificates looks good on a resume but an internship looks more better. Currently, degrees are own by everyone but internship can increase your chances for being hired. It shows your employer that you have some work experience about the industry.

Learn how to write resume in proper way.

5. It Promotes Networking –

During internship periods, you attend meetings, seminars & other company’s events. You will meet professionals from different fields and make new connections. May this will help you in your future.

Why interviewer ask question “why should we hire you”

This is the most commonly asked question Why should I hire you? Often, people get higher education and prepare to enter some well-known reputed organization. This question is, asked by employer because the firm have certain criteria based on which candidate list is rate.


Best 15 Question which can be ask in place of why should you be hired for this internship?

  1. why should we hire you for internship?
  2. why do you want this internship?
  3. explain why you are applying for this position
  4. why are you interested in this internship?
  5. why are you applying for this position?
  6. how did you learn about this position?
  7. why are you a good fit for this position?
  8. why this company
  9. in your words tell us why you would be a great candidate
  10. why do you think you are the best fit for this position?
  11. why do you believe you are suitable for this role?
  12. is there anything else that you would like to add that would help us to know you better?
  13. why should we choose you?
  14. why do you want to work at our company?
  15. explain why your background and experience is good for this job
  16. why should we consider you for this position?

How to Answer Question?

The basic question every enterprise asks “why should we hire you for this internship” but may be ask in different ways but the intention is same.

1. Highlight Your Skills –

The most important thing you known your skills and look what abilities are, required by the organization. Try to fit your skills with organizational requirement.

2. Look to Your Experience and Related Jobs – 

Recall times you were productive in past positions and were compensate by your boss. Present your outstanding aptitudes which assisted you with gaining ground.

3. Give Different Answers – 

Instead of giving regular answers given by everyone, practice on giving unique and simple measures. Research the web on your work region and construct extraordinary answers.

4. How You Can be Beneficial to the Company – 

Express how you can contribute to the work environment with your skills, what can you do for this company add success to the company.

5. Tell Educational Qualification –

Tell about all your educational qualifications & degrees what you have learned through theory or book. And so, focus on learning through internship.


One-line Impressive Answers to Answer Why Would They Hire You? 

Here are the best 10 examples you can use while answering “why should you be hired for this internship.”

1. “I can manage workload and stress with full responsibility.”
2. “I am confident of working in strict timelines.”
3. “Also, I will deliver the assignment within the appointed time.”
4. “I am an energetic person and want a platform for proving my skills”.
5. “I have good creative skills which you need in your company. Also, I am from the same field for which you are looking for”.
6. “I am a responsible person and complete my work confidently”.
7. “I know time is very important, that is why I complete every task on time.”
8. “Well! I can understand things very easily and work properly”.
9. “I am a very hard working and quick learner”.
10. Tell “I am very dedicated to my works and fulfilling my goals”.

5 Best Possible Answers to “Why Should You be Hired for This Internship?”

Answer 1

“Thank you for asking this question! Well, I am confident that I will be a great fit for this internship, because I am a fast learner, and I am very passionate about making a career in this industry. I have already started my groundwork – I have explored about your organization, your dreams, and objectives, and I am certain I can convey all that you are searching for in an up-comer.”


Answer 2

Since I am a fresher, yet I am learning. However, I can vouch for the way that I am a quick student. I’m generally open to learn and forget simultaneouslyUnlike as to let go of old practices and ideas and pursue more advanced processes.

Answer 3

I consider myself a team player and can do well when working with the team. I also have good leadership qualities, which helped me in group discussions and during my academic days. And I value a culture of empathy and support in the workplace. “

Answer 4

The moment I saw this job description and other information, at the same time I thought that I was fully-fit for this job. I have all the necessary qualifications and skills listed in this job description. And if you hire me for this internship, I promise to give full work with honesty and quality with the tenure given.

Answer 5

I would make your work much easier. I have many skills that make me different from people, and I would love to show you more than I can tell about them. So, I would like you to give me a chance to speak for my work.

Possible Answers for Professional Internship “Why Should You be Hired for this Internship?”


Answer 1 (Digital marketing)

For freshers – I think I will be a good fit for this internship as I am a digital marketing enthusiast and I possess the skills you are looking for such as Social media marketing skills, SEO/ SEM, etc. Also, I want to explore my potential through this internship.

For experience – Being a passionate reader and a strong writer, I have what it takes to write, understand and analyses all kinds of content including digital content. I have also conceptualized, created and maintain my own blog on WordPress, which I update with fresh content on a regular basis. The response from readers has been encouraging and is growing even further, following efforts to promote their website on social media platforms. I have completed several basic and intermediate certifications online pertaining to website creation, digital marketing, and content development. These are listed in my resume for you to check in detail. Hence, I believe that my exposure, my interests, and my experience will help me do justice to this position. Looking at the opportunity, I am sure I will not let you down in any way.

Answer 2 (HR Profile)

For freshers – I think I will be well-fit for this role as I have developed skills in the field of human resources. My goals match perfectly with the role and your company which is why I am a good candidate for this job.

For experienced candidates – I think I will be a good fit for this role because I have experience (mention years or months) and developed skills in the field of human resources. I have held the positions of ‘Campus Ambassador’ and ‘Placement Coordinator’ during my college days. So, I possess a decent experience in cherry-picking the right talent for a specific task Selecting the right person for a particular task is half the job. Since I have a knack for identifying appropriate talent for any given task, I believe that I fulfill the basic requirement for this internship/job role. That’s what makes me a good fit for this job

Turn off Thoughts

These are some possible answers to the question “Why should you be hired for this internship?” as there’s no “correct” way to crack an interview. The trick to thwart the answer is to understand what the employer is looking for in the candidate and sell it in such a way that it is the best compliment to your resume and personality. You can use this answer as a reference and create your own unique answers and highlight your skills, experience, job profile, what is your contribution will be and if you are hired, don’t miss an opportunity to learn.

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