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Create Your Own Blog; Without Investing and Earn

Create Your Own Blog – Do You Want to Start your own Blog? I really appreciate your decision!

Blogging is a full time career now and thousands of bloggers around the world including me are making good income from it.

Through this article of ours, you will learn how to create a blog for free without investing a single penny. How to make good money through it.

By creating your own blog, you can not only earn a sizeable amount from it, but you can do many other things through it.

Create Your Own Blog

Create Your Own Blog

There are two major reasons of mine to start blogging.

1. I desired to help out those who want to earn themselves.

2.  And of course, I myself wanted to earn something good with my knowledge.

There are some other main reasons for starting a blog-

1. Blogging makes you perfect in writing or thinking. you can say it sharps you

2. You meet new peoples every day and some follows you too with lots of comments via email and social media accounts.

3. Your blog can inspire others with exchange of good knowledge. It became a great help too.

4. With the help of blogging you can take your business at high with free promotions and good services.

5. You can have a lime light wit increased confident.

Whatever be the reason, but the important thing is that a blog is a powerful platform through which you can achieve your goals.

When you are getting a lot of profit with minimal investment then you should start your own blog.

You just cannot ignore it.

So, let us get start!

Create Your Own Blog

Free Blogs vs Self Hosted Paid Blogs

Blogs have created in two ways – one you get for free and in the second way you have to buy domain name and hosting. For which you have to pay about $ 100 (7000).

The platform for blogging is available on,, etc. through which you can do blogging absolutely free, but there are some rules and conditions that you have to follow. And it also has some limitations.

Therefore, instead of free blog, you should start blogging on it by creating your own platform. Why you should not use a free blog has been, explained in detail below.

1. Your blog’s domain name will give something like or wix.comwhich is too lengthy to read as compared to a paid blog that reads

2. You will face some restrictions during design changes.

Create Your Own Blog

3. Monetization is another issue that proves difficult to adversely affect your revenue.

4. The whole process of shifting from free platform to paid one is very tedious and you might also lose some of the traffic & revenue.

5. Blog readers, advertisers and customers will feel confused and may not take your write-up seriously.

6. Finally, you will have nothing to take care of especially because you are using an independent platform. Therefore, you will banned or suspended forever for putting any wrong information or inappropriate content.

I hope all above given reasons are better enough to convince you for not going to. free sites.

you can buy a self-hosted blog with any web hosting company by paying $100 or more.

But today through this article, I will share how to get a full-featured self-hosted blog with minimum cost ($60). Along with it provide free domain & free SSL certificate with this domain.

Create Your Own Blog

How to Start Your First Blog(Create Your Own Blog)

So, you can start your own blog in just $60 (Rs 4000/- in India) with your own domain name and hosting.

Here are some easy steps to start you first ever blog.

First Step: Choosing a Right CMS

Second Step: Selecting an Appropriate Domain Name

Third Step: Selecting Best Hosting Provider

Fourth Step: Setting Up the Blog

Fifth Step: Designing Your Blog

Sixth Step: Start Earning

You can also take help of our video which will guide you step-by-step.

Let us understand each step deeply.

Step 1: Choosing a Right CMS

CMS or Content Management System is another blogging platform same as Blogspot, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, TypePad etc. where you can attach all your data in files in.

There are various blogging platforms where WordPress is the most used because of its outstanding features.

1. It’s free.

2. The design of the blog and our dashboard is very easy to understand.

3. WordPress provides you 5000+ free and paid themes.

4. Currently WordPress gives you around 70 thousand above free plugins for you blog. which is quite faster and efficiently?

5. WordPress has their volunteer 24*7 to help you out at any time. WordPress team is available to fix your technical issues and setup the blog. Many forums are running over there.

WordPress is the most using platform now a days which occupied almost 98% blogs. Even I use WordPress for all my blogs including this blog askvikas.

So, I strictly recommend you to start your blog with WordPress CMS.

Step 2: Selecting an Appropriate Domain Name

Step 2 is an important step because here you have to suggest a name for your blog. And this name is representative of your blog, so choose the right name and do proper justice to your blog. Because this domain name will affect your blog.

If you want to start a blog on football or cricket, you can choose interesting names like or

If you are an animal lover and want to write about your pet dogs and cats, then you can choose a topic like or

I think you got the idea!

Below are the more things which you have to remember.

1. Domain name must match with the blog as it has put the impact on it. if it has found unrelated then uses might be confused. the related video mentioned above for guidance, where you can learn how to choose correct or perfect domain name.

2. Domain name should be easy but not too easy as it can hack. for your remembrance it should with easy letters or numbers or symbols.

3. Try for a .com extension. You can target worldwide with .com. If you are unable to put .com with your website then do not worry. You can use other extensions like .in,.net, .info, .co etc.

4. Ignore number and dash in domain.

Do finalize the domain which is completely match with your website or it has a suitable name.

Create Your Own Blog

Step 3: Selecting Best Hosting Provider

WordPress is a software where you create your blog by adding all the necessary files together.

But where you host your blog?

Well that’s what you wish a hosting supplier for?

A provider who is hosting your blog, stores all your data and content from your blog like text files, CSS files, images, videos etc. at one place and build it accessible to the planet.

So, you wish a hosting supplier to use your name and build it accessible all round the world.

But which hosting provider are you going to select?

In last 15 years I’ve used and experienced over a dozen of hosting providers. But one of the most reliable hosting providers I came across is A2-hosting. It is a true SSD Hosting. Which is very fast for the most least plans they offer. and most of the other top bloggers recommend A2-hosting as their first choice.

One of the best thing that I like about A2-hosting is their support. You can chat online 24×7 and in most of the case, they solve your problem in just 5 minutes.

Step 4: Setting Up the WordPress Blog with A2-hosting

I have an exclusive partnership with A2-hosting for askvikas readers.

However minimum hosting period should be 1 year but if you really need to make money online and build a smart carrier than you should opt out for a 3 year plan. Because when you learn the skills it will at least need 8-12 months and then after you start earning so go for a longer hosting plan and which will be more than cheaper than any other deal. But if you are low on your budget than you can go for a 1year plan also.

Actual price of the 3 year hosting is $324(approx. INR 24000) but if you use my special discount link then you will get the hosting for just $108 (INR8000 for Indians).

Domain name price has to been paid separately which isaround $15 (INR 1100) extra for a .com domain name.

So, go ahead and create your first blog for less than $125.

Create Your Own Blog

Create Your Own Blog

To make it user friendly or for new bloggers, we have given image with pointers.

1. Visit a2hosting

2. Click on the shared hosting option on top bar.

Create Your Own Blog

3. Now you have taken to the hosting plan’s page. There are four plans offered by

4. a2hosting –  Startup, Drive, Turboboost and TurboMax. Choose the Startup Plan if you want to start just one blog.

5. Read the features and click on the “Select” button.

The best thing of A2 Hosting is that it provides rates in multi country currencies also for easy and convenient purchase do for Indian customers i am selecting INR from top border and then the prices will be shown in INDIAN Rupee. You can also select your desired country from the list…

Create Your Own Blog

6. If you need to host multiple websites or blog than select the second option Drive. which is shown by arrow in the next image.

Create Your Own Blog

7. On the next page, you have to add your domain. Refer step no. 2 for deciding your domain. Type your domain and click ‘Check’ button

Create Your Own Blog

8. On the next page, you have to uncheck all the selected options. We can add them later if required. Image shows you what to uncheck and just click Continue…

Create Your Own Blog

9. Now on the next screen you are going to review and checkout your webhosting purchase. Here our discount will be automatically added and you will see the final discounted amount of your order. Here we are going for a 3 year hosting plan and 1 year of domain name registration. It will be too helpful for you to buy a long-term hosting plan. Because if you are planning for a good business opportunity you better need a good and reliable hosting plan and even a long term plan helps in getting the most of the discount and continuity of the services. Now click on the checkout button and you will be directed on the next page.

10. For our Indian customers the checkout screen will look like…

Create Your Own Blog

11. On the next page, you have to add account information. Enter your name, address and other details. You also get free SSL along with free domain. SSL means you will get https protocol for your website which is very secured and It’s good for Google search traffic.

12. For our Indian readers the screen will look like this

13. Enter your payment details and press complete order button. After successful payment you will receive and email confirmation for A2 Hosting stating your credentials for login in the hosting panel.

You can also buy for a 1 year plan, it will cost you less. But if you need to do a real business than in my opinion you should buy a three year plan which is less cheaper than a 1 year plan.

You will receive a detail email for your login information from a2 hosting and if you need any help than just chat or generate a ticket to a2 hosting and they will be glas to assist you.

So congrats for your new hosting panel. Its great!!! Now you are all set to host your new blog for earning a lot in the field of online business.

So, I hope you found all the credential needed for login to your hosting panel. Now you should create a WordPress site in the hosting panel of what you have bought the domain name. If need any help than raise a ticket to a2 hosting for the same and then follow the below process.

Create Your Own Blog

14. With this, you will access your WordPress admin panel. And you will go to your WordPress dashboard as shown below.

Create Your Own Blog

Create Your Own Blog

For an excellent blog creation, you have to really use all the features of WordPress. Although they are quite powerful but simple.

(You have to login to your account by adding / wp-admin to your blog and then login with your email and password. E.g.

Step 5: Designing Your Blog(Create Your Own Blog)

Here are some of the most important tasks have to be, done after creating your blog.

1. Create a new user

You have already created an administrator account. Administration panel, provides you the facility to make any changes in your blog. Also, you can install any theme, plugins, creates posts, pages, categories and users and many other things.

But make sure your Admin user and password should very strong. Spammers and hackers can attack your account with spam and malware links if they are able to hack your admin username and password.

To avoid this. You need to do 2 things.

1. Whenever you set the username and password for the admin, make sure that it is strong.

2. An important thing to keep in mind is that never publish any posts or pages through the admin account and whenever you accept or respond to a comment, write through the admin account itself.

You can also moderate posts, publish pages, and comments received on your blog from an Editor account.

You can easily have an Editor account by clicking on Users as shown in the above image.

1. Go to ‘Users’ then Add New

2. Feed username, email, First name and Last name of a new user.

3. WordPress will suggest you a strong password. lick on ‘show countersign/password’ button to envision your password. Copy this password and note down.

4. Select role as ‘Editor’ from the drop.

5. Click Add New User.

To publish a post or page from Editor account, you wish to logout from this page and re-login on the highest right with the Editor username and positive identification.

Login computer address for your diary is

2. After starting your blog, install a theme

When you install WordPress to make your blog, WordPress provide you default theme in your blog.

Theme is the most important part of any blog. This allows changes to the look, design, style and layout of the blog to make it effective.

Around thousands of free & paid themes available for WordPress bloggers.

If you want any free theme, then take your mouse to ‘Appearance‘ and then click on themes (see above dashboard image), then install it.

Create Your Own Blog

Click the ‘Add New’ button and you will get hundreds of free themes. You can have Featured theme, Popular themes, Latest themes and many more.

For more theme option you can use the ‘Feature Filter’.

Check the main points and preview of every theme and install the one that you just like the most.

If you have attractive budget, go for premium themes on Theme Forest.

Experiment with the themes and have a great design for your blog.

3. Install Important Plugins

WordPress plugins area unit like apps that assist you to feature additional options to your diary and create it additional economical & quick. You should must have installed some of the most important plugins to start your blog.

Click on ‘Plugins’ (as in image) and so ‘Add New ‘to install plugins.

Some of the important plugins are Yoast SEO, Jetpack, Contact Form 7, Akismet, Classic Editor, WP Super Cache, Smush Image Compression.

And you will get these plugins at ‘More Details’ to know more about each plugin.

Click on ‘Install Now’ button and so ‘Activate’ button to put in and activate the plugin.

Get check for more plugins from the Featured, Popular & Recommended fields out there.

4. Add Your First Post

You have to write detailed posts and publish at least 2-3 posts every week. Your readers ought to be happy and glad together with your posts.

Your posts will get ranking from google. If your written posts are genuine, useful and have good ideas.

Write your first 800+ words post and publish on your blog.

Take your mouse to ‘Posts’ and click on ‘Add New’ to feature your 1st blogpost.

Give a title in ‘Add title’ section & copy your article in the text area. Add good image(s) to your post. And then click on Publish button to publish your 1st post.

Congratulation! This will be your first post after starting the blog.

Keep writing and publishing such Awesome posts.

Other belongings you will liquidate your diary area unit Adding classes, making navigation menu and adding identical on your diary. you will get further details in my next write-up.

Step 5: Start Earning

Blogging has become apopular full-time career in India now a days and around the globe. Millions of bloggers earning $1000 to $100,000 per month with blogging.

Blogging is a full time career for me. I give 10 hours a day and 6 days in a week for my blog.

So, if you have desire toearn attractive with your blog, have to be serious for your blog.

You paid almost nothing for starting your blog. But you need to work hard if your target is $2000+ per month.

Your income will depend upon the number of visitors who visits or you bring to your blog. The more traffic you get and more you earn.

To increase the traffic there are two main areas you need to focus on.

1. Content

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Focus on writing quality content that folks notice educating, downside finding, amusing and joyful to scan.

If a good content does not entice readers or meet their criteria then it is not enough to have such content. Without rank there is no use of blog, it is not on high rank on Google Search engine. So, firstly you need to learn google SEO policy for ranking high on Google.

SEO is a vast subject and to learn it you may get few months. Here we are giving some resources to learn SEO.

1. On Page SEO

2. Off Page SEO

You also need to learn social media marketing to get more traffic from other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc.

Firstly, you need to exploit all the channels to increase high traffic to your blog.

Once you start bringing amazing traffic to the blog you can monetize it with various advertising platforms.

Google AdSense is one of the best platforms. You can show Google ads on your web log and earn for every click. AdSense comes first for blogger’s choice when it comes to contextual advertisement.

You can also sell your products and earn something on other’s behalf which is also known as affiliate marketing. Amazon Associate is one such example.

As much as you collect experience you will learn a number of others ways to monetize your blog and earn attractive money.

But as a beginner keep it straightforward and target Google AdSense.

Create Your Own Blog

Conclusion(Create Your Own Blog)

Step 1 to Step 3 are quite easy to learn. But you need to read carefully 2 to 3 times for Step 4 until it is clear to you. We have tried to explain it well with user friendly way along with images.

Step 5 is technical about designing and you have to learn and understand it.

And finally comes step 6, which is very important because you will apply it every day unlike step 1 to step 5.

Happy Blogging!

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