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स्पेन से PAK आईं दो बहनों का कत्ल:जबरिया शादी कराई, शौहर को साथ न ले जाने पर जान से हाथ धोना पड़ाफ्यूल मिला तो कालाबाजारी शुरू:श्रीलंकाई पुलिस का पेट्रोल-डीजल के जमाखोरों पर एक्शन, सरकार का दावा- ईंधन की कमी नहीं होगीइमरान ने भारत को सराहा:कहा- रूस से तेल खरीद लोगों को राहत दी, US के सामने नहीं झुके; मरियम बोलीं- वहीं जाओलापता MH370 का रहस्य:एक्सपर्ट का दावा- जानते हैं कि मलेशियाई एयरलाइंस के प्लेन का मलबा कहां है, समुद्र की गहराइयों में छुपा राजबिन ब्याही मां के बेटे हैं ऑस्ट्रेलिया के नए PM:बेटे पर नाजायज का ठप्पा न लगे, इसलिए मां ने बाद में बताई हकीकतक्वॉड 2022 में हिस्सा लेने PM मोदी रवाना:समिट से पहले बोले- क्वॉड लीडर्स के साथ इंडो-पैसिफिक के डेवलपमेंट और ग्लोबल मुद्दों पर होगी बातशेर से भिड़ गई फीमेल डॉग, मालकिन को बचाया:महिला के चिल्लाते ही मुकाबले के लिए सामने आ गई ढाई साल की बेल्जियन मालुनवामनी लॉन्ड्रिंग केस में PAK पीएम शाहबाज को जमानत:जांच एजेंसी ने किया इसका विरोध, कहा पिता-पुत्र आदतन अपराधी घोषित होंअमेरिका में ऑनलाइन ड्रग तस्करी बढ़ी:युवा सोशल मीडिया साइट्स पर धड़ल्ले से खरीद रहे नशे की टैबलेट, गंवा रहे जानऑस्ट्रेलिया चुनाव:PM स्कॉट ने गंवाई गद्दी, लेबर पार्टी के एंथनी अल्बनेसी की जीत; नई सरकार में निर्दलीय भी होंगे

How to find Out Unknown Caller on your Phone

How to find Out Unknown Caller on your Phone

Unknown Caller Receiving unknown calls every now and again is quite irritating. It is impossible to block a number when the user has no idea what it looks like. Unwanted calls are difficult to stop, but with the appropriate approach, a solution might be found. Anyone receiving an unknown call should take precautions. It is important in order to avoid scammers at all costs.

There are several websites that may help you with this service and provide information on such calls. From landline or cell phone numbers, reverse cell phone lookup websites can help collect information such as name, age, and address. Some websites offer this service for free, while others charge for it. However, many scam websites infect users with malware or Trojans after they use their services. It is necessary to use caution and ensure that this service is real.

Unknown Caller

How do callers keep their phone numbers hidden?

A caller can hide their number by using the No Caller ID feature. When a call is made, the caller appears to be an unknown contact. Some people misuse it to harass others and engage in other unlawful acts.

How to find out an unknown caller’s number for free?

There are a few options for obtaining the phone number of an unknown caller for free. A reverse phone lookup service is one option. You may input a phone number and get information about the owner of that number using these services. A Google search is another option for locating an unknown number (अननोन नंबर).

Call your phone company

Because phone companies keep track of your prior calls, they normally offer an anonymous Caller ID service to their consumers. You can use the *57 service depending on your carrier. The unknown mobile number and potentially other minor unknown number details are revealed by this star code.

Unfortunately, not every carrier offers this feature, and those that do frequently charge a price for using it. If the methods listed below don’t work, check with your phone provider to see if dialing *57 would disclose unknown calls. However, you must dial the star code immediately after the anonymous call.

Use TrapCall

Unknown Caller

The TrapCall app allows its users to- 

  1. Any phone number can be unmasked.
  2. With No Caller ID turned on, you can see a caller’s name, address, and photo.
  3. Put these numbers on a blacklist so that if they call again, they’ll get a message saying your phone number has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
  4. Block spam calls automatically.
  5. Record all incoming calls.

To utilize TrapCall, all you have to do is sign up for the service on the official website. The service is then activated on your mobile phone. The procedure normally takes about 5 minutes and is simple to conduct. When you first set up TrapCall, you must deny any calls with no caller ID. The number is then forwarded to TrapCall’s system, which unmasks the caller (कोलर) and sends you a message with the precise number and some extra information. TrapCall is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones. Unfortunately, outside of the United States of America, this service is not available.

How to use a reverse phone lookup to locate an unknown caller’s phone number?

When you get a call from unknown number, you can perform a reverse phone lookup to figure out who it is. To do so, type the unknown number call into a search engine and then select “reverse phone lookup” from the drop-down menu.

Try out the apps listed below-


Unknown Caller

TrueCaller is a free service that allows you to track your calls. Their information is correct, and they also have a spam detection mechanism. It’s like a mobile directory in that it keeps all the TrueCaller users’ cell phone numbers. It works on all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia Asha, and is available in all countries.

All international numbers’ names, addresses, and maps can be found in the White Pages. They can also provide you with information about the cell owner’s age as well as information about their neighbors. You would have to pay costs for additional information such as background checks.

This is another website that provides information on the name, address, and map of the cell phone number in question. You will have to pay a charge for advanced searches once again. This website is owned by Intelius, and according to statistics, it receives over 11 million monthly visits.

Spy Dialer

Users can utilize a spy dialer to learn more about the caller (कालर) without having to pick up the phone. You can input the phone number in the box provided on the website, and a free confidential call will be placed to that number. It will be forwarded to the recipient’s voice mail, allowing you to identify the individual.

Blocking unwanted calls on iPhones 

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Scroll down
  3. Tap on ‘Phone’
  4. Toggle ‘Silence unknown callers’
  5. Done
Unknown Caller

Block unwanted calls on Android

  1. Open ‘Dialer’
  2. Tap the three vertical dots
  3. Select ‘Settings’
  4. Tap ‘Block Numbers’
  5. Toggle ‘Block unknown callers’

Block specific numbers

By using your smartphone features, you can easily block the unknown caller number once you figure out their number. 

How to Block Specific Numbers on iPhone

Following these steps, iPhone users can easily block calls:

  1. Open the “dialer” on your iPhone and scroll to the number you’d like to block.
  2. Tap the “i” with a circle around it located to the right of the number.
  3. Scroll down and choose “Block Caller.”

How to Block Specific Numbers on Android

The instructions for Android differ by make, model, and software version, but they should be quite similar for most phones:

  1. Start the dialer on your phone
  2. Tap on the “phone number” located in the “Recents” tab in your call log.
  3. Click the “i” with a circle around it.
  4. Tap “Block” at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select “Confirm.”

Although you’ve blocked the number that is calling, the user of that number will never know. They will receive a message like a disconnected phone.

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