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चिप मैन्यूफैक्चरिंग में चीन का दबदबा खत्म होगा:बाइडेन ने 200 अरब डॉलर के बिल को मंजूरी दी, अमेरिकी कंपनियों को फायदा होगाइमरान का करीबी दोस्त गिरफ्तार:शाहबाज गिल को कार के शीशे तोड़कर ले गई पुलिस, अब पूर्व प्रधानमंत्री खान की बारीभास्कर अपडेट्स:24 घंटे में कोरोना के 14, 317 नए केस, 47 की मौत, दिल्ली और हिमाचल में पॉजिटिविटी रेट 15% के पारश्रीलंका में बिजली की दर में 264% की बढ़ोतरी:रेगुलेटर ने इजाजत दी, कहा- घाटे की भरपाई करने के लिए बदलाव जरूरीकॉमनवेल्थ गोल्ड मेडलिस्ट साक्षी मलिक पहुंची घर:बोलीं- अंतिम मैच सोचकर लड़ी कुश्ती; मोटिवेट करने को किया अभ्यास, नेगेटिव सोच से रखी दूरीक्लाइमेट चेंज का बच्चों की हलचल पर असर:61% बच्चे जरूरी शारीरिक गतिविधि नहीं कर पाते, माता-पिता से 30% कम फिट हैंपाकिस्तान में प्रेग्नेंट महिला की बेहोश होने तक पिटाई:सिक्योरिटी गार्ड ने पहले थप्पड़ मारकर गिराया, फिर मुंह में लात मारी; आरोपी अरेस्टPAK सेना के काफिले में फिर आत्मघाती हमला:रिक्शा में बम बांधकर आए हमलावर ने सेना की गाड़ी में टक्कर मारी; 4 की मौत, 7 घायलनीदरलैंड्स में बुजुर्गों के लिए खास पहल:अब सीनियर सिटीजंस की देखभाल करेंगे स्मार्ट गैजेट्स, 'स्मार्ट फ्लोर' गिरने से बचाएगाडोनाल्ड ट्रम्प के घर FBI की रेड:तलाशी के बाद कई डॉक्यूमेंट्स जब्त; ट्रम्प बोले- वे मुझे 2024 का चुनाव लड़ने से रोक रहे

How to Get Million Views on YouTube

How to Get Million Views on YouTube

Views on youtube – Youtube, the biggest video streaming platform, where each moment 300 hours of videos are transferred. Youtube also works as a search engine, using its power and utilizing it in a proper way. It’s not a big deal to get 1 million views on youtube and expand your business or brand. At the end of this article you will know everything about youtube and how to get views on youtube hack.

There are several ways and steps to follow to be a successful youtuber, it’s not easy as it looks. Here every mistake will degrade you and ultimately it will become tough for you to reach that level. But if you follow the below mentioned steps nothing will stop you getting million and billion views on youtube. Another thing you should remember before starting is that everything needs patience and specially to be successful in youtube it requires a lot of patience. Now without wasting time let’s dig deeper into the topic and learn how to get a million views on youtube hack.

Views on youtube

Create content

It may sound very basic to you that obviously in youtube we will publish content. But here creating content means a content that is compelling, powerful, influencing and problem solving. Audiences always love quality content, content that covers every aspect of the topic and answer their question or solve their problem. Think something innovative, yes you can follow other videos just to get more youtube views, but your content should be yours, the more unique content will be the higher the chances of getting viral and more views on youtube.

Create playlist

Playlist helps in engaging your audience in a better way. It also helps in better search rankings as playlist heading works as a target keyword. Another benefit of a playlist is that in auto play it shows your videos frequently. If you see top brands, just have a look at their playlist. They create and promote their playlist twice. This will help you in how to get millions of views on youtube.

Views on youtube

Promote videos 

There are many ways to promote a video or channel on youtube or any other platform. But here we will talk about the end screen and cards, which is one of the effective ways to grow your channel. For using this feature your youtube account should be verified. End screen tool allows you to conclude your video and invite for any call to action.

Cards are useful to suggest any video in between your current videos, sometimes you just can’t cover everything in a single video and you would like to refer to that topic on your previous videos, through this feature you can do so. Also, you can conduct surveys with cards which lets you know what users or audience are eager to watch. These are youtube tips to get more views.

Optimize it for search engine

As in the introduction I have mentioned that youtube also works as a search engine. So, when a search engine plays a role you need to optimize it accordingly. This is called search engine optimization (SEO). When you are writing a title, hashtag or description you have to check it and use keywords, so that when someone searches for anything relevant to you, your video shows up top in the list. You can read our post on keyword research and SEO so that you will get an idea in depth how to perform it and if you know about SEO you can directly start by clicking here. Many people search for how do you get views on youtube, well this answers your questions.

Views on youtube

Be consistent with video uploading

When a user follows or subscribes to your channel it means they are expecting more videos from you and this applies to all the social platforms. So, you have to come up with new videos and ideas frequently. It will also increase followers or subscribers to your channel and engage the audience more which already follows you. Consistency is the mandatory key to be successful in a youtube views hack career or any other.


Everyone wants to be a successful youtuber, and thousands of people participate in this race but only few succeed. If you follow all these steps and have patience, then it will be easy to get a million youtube views. Youtube is so vast, so choosing your niche to create content is difficult and important, so before getting into it, first research well about your niche that there are millions of people who are willing to investigate that niche. There is no direct hack youtube views to get 1 million views youtube.

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