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How to Start Drop shipping Business in India

How to Start a Drop Shipping Business in India in 2020 And Earn Money Through It?

Start Drop shipping Business – If you are planning to start a business in India, then this time is right. Buying e – commerce or goods on the internet is growing in India.

There are many valid estimates here, this trend will continue for years to come. And you can benefit from the e- commerce boom in our country. Bluember is one for the well-known platform in this industry.

Start Drop shipping Business

However, the question that you must ask: How to start a drop shipping business in India in 2020. All the necessary keys are available in our article.

The reason I include the year 2020 is because this article is based on the current rules and regulations covering e- Commerce and drop shipping in India. As we know that the Government of India can amend such laws at any time.

So how to start drop shipping business in India in 2020. Desire answers are as below.

Therefore, begin to understand what drop shipping is?

Start Drop shipping Business: In Simple Words

Drop shipping is an online retail business that is unique in relation to conventional online stores, for example, Amazon and Flip kart.

A person or company who leaves a business is known as an ‘ipper drop shipper’.

A blob business is always online. Therefore, you will need your website to sell products.

Or you can open the market on Facebook, Shopify, Etsy, and other similar resources and advertise the products you are selling with pictures, descriptions, prices and terms and conditions.

As a drop shipper, you don’t have to keep stock or inventory of the items you sell.

Once you receive an order and payment, you will deliver it to an Indian or foreign supplier.

You can buy products from Indian or foreign stores to supply low prices to your customers.

And you will be selling these items at a higher price on your drop shipping website.

This supplier such as a manufacturer or wholesaler will send the goods directly to your customer after the payment.

Before purchasing a product from an Indian or foreign supplier, you have to agree on the rates and sometimes, order a sample and test the quality of their goods.

Some manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers also allow you to give your brand for your product. This means that you can market products under your brand.

Now that you know the basics, let us see how to start a drop shipping business in India in 2020.

Now, this can get a bit complicated due to the current rules and regulations governing e-Commerce, sending and receiving money from abroad. So, let’s go step by step to understand how to start a drop shipping business in India.

Register Your Business

Under the current Indian laws, you have to register any business. Various options are available to register your business.

Read some excellent articles about registering a business or company in India. Nowadays, you can also register a business or company online through the portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

It is mandatory to register your drop shipping business. Failing to do so can put you in a very serious crisis with various Indian government authorities.

However, once you register a business or company, you can get a lot of benefits from the central and state governments. These include loans and tax rebates at lower interest rates. ‘

Be sure to get the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) for your business. These days it is extremely important to buy or sell anything in India. You will also need this for payment related formalities.

Open a Current Account

Obviously, you are here to make money in this business. Therefore, the next step is to open a current account with any outstanding bank in India.

While the Reserve Bank of India has specific guidelines for offering current accounts to banks, I would suggest scouting the market to find the best one.

However, I would recommend foreign banks as they are large networks of branches and correspondent banks worldwide. This makes the transaction very easy and fast.

For drop shipping business, you will need a current account with the bank which provides instant money transfer to any foreign manufacturer or supplier.

And the bank should be able to provide a VeriSign compliant payment gateway from suppliers such as Razor Pay, CC Avenue or others.

Also, look for foreign transaction fees. Some banks charge too much for sending money abroad. It is Rs. 50 to Rs. 500 per transaction may vary. Remember, these charges will eat into your profits.

Start Drop shipping Business

Open PayPal Account

If you want to start a drop shipping business in India then opening a PayPal account is very important. Often, foreign suppliers wish payment for your merchandise.

And some foreign suppliers can solely provoke payment through PayPal. additionally, PayPal is that the quickest international payment entryway. Therefore, it’s extremely popular among folk’s departure the business worldwide.

You will would like a GSTIN variety and accounting details, among others, to open a PayPal account. PayPal can verify your checking account and different details before acceptive your application.

Usually, they send money and debit from your current account to check your credentials. Of course, you authorize the debit since PayPal and your bank does not allow anyone else to operate the account.

Create a Product List

With the completion of official and bank formalities, you are now ready to take the next step to start business in India.

The first step is how to finalize and draw up a list of products you want to sell as a drop shipper. This can be quite confusing and difficult. Therefore, subtle judgment is necessary.  Confusing because you have to identify the products that sell online.

The difficulty is that you will also compete with e- commerce giants like Amazon and Flip kart. Also, other drop shippers who have marketplaces on Facebook, Shopify, ETC and other platforms.

Therefore, make the time and effort to sell goods online. The best thing is the trending and evergreen items for online sale.

Typically, there are a large number of personal and industrial customers such as mobile phone accessories, automobile accessories, spare parts for machinery, and others.

Finalize the sector in which you want to list the products you want to sell from your drop shipping marketplace.

You have to take an important step before starting a business in India. Check the rules and regulations regarding import and sale of various goods in India.

For example, toys that work with remote controls above a certain frequency are, banned. Food items are there until they get approval from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

There are also strict rules on import of drugs from a foreign country, which means that you cannot open an online pharmacy.

In addition, some products may require prior certification and approval from various government authorities for use in India. The list of restricted and permitted goods for import has frequently amended.

Therefore, make sure you have the latest. India also prohibits importation of certain products from specific countries including China. This is of paramount importance as a large number operate from China to suppliers to drop shippers.

Also, check the import duties on the items you want buy from drop shipping suppliers abroad. For obvious reasons, your customer may not ask to pay customs fees when an order is, taken at a particular price.

Start Drop shipping Business

Contact Supplier for Best Rates

There are many websites including Ali Express, IndiaMart.com and TradeIndia.com that connect retailers with manufacturers, distributors and other suppliers like you.

There are distinct advantages to contacting these top three websites. They have a curated list of products which are, not regulated by the Government of India.

Therefore, it is easy to ship these articles. And some goods do not even attract customs. However, it would be good to check any import duties before selling anything.

In addition, these top websites list suppliers with verifiable and strong credentials. Therefore, there is little chance of you running away with your money or providing substandard goods.

This is necessary for drop shipping because you will not physically inspect every product. You have to accept the supplier’s word on quality and performance.

Finalize Price and Return Policies

When finalizing suppliers, ask for quotations for your products that you want to sell from your drop shipping business in India. In order to offer the customer a choice of products it is better that you have to sort out quotes from more than one supplier.

Often, suppliers may ask you for the average order quantity. Do not answer such questions until you are absolutely sure about the market and bagging orders.

Also, make sure the supplier has a return policy. Often, customers find items that are not working or do not meet their specifications. Sometimes, despite proper handling, items may damage in transit.

You cannot ask a customer to accept a defective, incorrect or damaged product. Therefore, you have two options – accepting returns and writing as losses. Or asking the supplier to withdraw it and change it for free.

Set Your Selling Price

And now 2020 is the most important element to start your drop shipping business in India. Set a price for the products you would be selling.

This means that you want to consider all elements, including import duties, GST and other applicable taxes, returns, and refunds, bank fees for online payments and of course, your operating costs.

Add your own margin only after arriving at the fair value, which includes all of the above elements. Remember, many dropshopers have gone out of business because they have tried to sell things at unrealistic prices.

You can greatly reduce the price of the goods until you have calculated how much the price of the goods and the expenses related to its imports, taxes and other duties are.

If this happens, you have only one option: cancel the order for some reason and return the money to the buyer. However, it can damage your reputation.

Start Drop shipping Business

Open E-Commerce Website or Market Place

The ideal way to start a drop shipping business in India is to start your own e-Commerce website. I am not obliging you to be a direct competitor of Amazon, Flip kart and other giants. Having your own drop shipping website gives your business a variety of credibility.

And on some e-commerce portals, it is much easier to market your drop-down website digitally than on the market. In 2020, the lowest cost to set up a website in India is around Rs.6,000.

However, if you opt for the market, consider Shopify and Etsy. Shopify enjoys high popularity in India while Etsy helps you reach American and other Western customers.

You can also open an online store on Face book Marketplace for a very low fee. The only drawback with the Face book marketplace is that your audience will be, limited to your area or city.

Also, consider Facebook Business which helps you open a full market for a small monthly subscription. You can also integrate the payment system on the Facebook Business Page to allow people to place orders and make payments.

Integrate Devices, Applications and Widgets

Fans can have names like Oberllo and Mel chimp. However, they are the best tools, applications and widgets that you will need to integrate with your website or marketplace.

There are multiple free and paid resources available that will ensure you to get a successful place in drop shipper in India. These applications, widgets and tools help you automate and speed up a lot of drop shipping processes.

You will see the entire list of wonderful free apps, tools and resources for your drop shipping marketplace here. BluEmber Bharat is another robust platform for it. victimization these apps and resources makes managing your drop shipping business a lot of easier.

This enables you to produce customers with a {more robust|an improved} on-line looking expertise whereas generating more business. you’ll would like the assistance of a decent digital merchant to integrate these apps together with your Shopify or different marketplaces.

Start Drop shipping Business

Field of Operation

India is a large country with a wide variety of terrain. Therefore, your supplier may not be able to deliver everywhere. You have two options available in such cases.

One is to limit the area of ​​operation to ensure that your supplier gets there faster. Others are to find various suppliers who will cover the most locations for delivery in India.

There is also a third option that you can consider. Sign-up with service provided by logistic Post, Indian post or National post department.

Logistic Post distributes over 150,000 postal index numbers (PINs) across India. Therefore, you can use their services to cater to customers located in remote parts of the country.

For this you have to stock some items. Logistic Post is a service that is affordable and custom for India’s e- commerce industry like bluemberindia.

Upload Great Images and Content

And finally, upload excellent pictures and content from your drop-downing business in relation to each product you sell.

If you want some excellent examples of using images, then look at global e-commerce majors, such as eBay and Amazon.

Examine how they post attractive pictures and write engaging content to go along with each product. You can learn a lot from these websites on the types of images and information that people search for.

The trick here is to urge the client to truly feel the merchandise on-line, while not truly touching or seeing it. Improve your pictures and descriptions, the upper the possibilities of conversion as a business grows.

Remember, it took Amazon several years to fix their product descriptions and image offerings. Thanks to his efforts, you have readymade tutorials for your drop shipping business.

Piggy-Ride or Launch on App

42 percent to 60 percent of online shopping occurs in India. Because cheap smart phone’s and cheap high-speed mobile internet services are now available all over India.

There will certainly be some patches in mobile internet coverage but these will be less. You can advertise your drop shipping business and products on third-party apps or piggy-ride or launch your own app.

It is well known that most online shopping has done through mobile devices. Therefore, apps are a very important resource for every drop shipper who wants to grow and develop business in India.

Use Social Media for Advertising

You can advertise a drop shipping business through Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. It is significantly cheaper than traditional marketing which involves expensive physical advertising.

In addition, start a blog for your drop-downing business and write excellent yet honest reviews about the products you are selling. Provide affiliate marketing links on the blog to help people place orders quickly.

YouTube should allow you to open a free video channel. Use this resource to post excellent videos about your products and earn money with it. Use storytelling to attract more customers.

In fact, you can record customer testimonials to create videos with which people will identify. This helps to increase your sales by finding new customers. Typically, simple teaser ads that provide insight into a drop shipping product are sufficient.

Turn Off Thoughts

With these above steps, I have tried to explain how to start a drop shipping business in India in 2020. Before concluding, I would add that unless you sell something completely rare and unique in the market, you cannot become a successful drop shipper right away…

In addition, finding customers for your drop shipping products can prove to be cumbersome. Typically, any ideal drop shipping business takes anywhere from six months to a year, which will make a lot of profit. In addition, regularly add more products to your offerings.

It maintains the customer’s interest for your market or website. Starting a drop shipping business in India is quite easy. Through bluember india platform. Nevertheless, it can prove tedious to manage the business.

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