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How to Write a Sick Leave Application or Email with Sample Format…

How to Write a Sick Leave Application or Email with Sample Format…

Sick Leave Application: We all get sick at some time abruptly, then we are unable to go to the office or school and we have to inform our colleagues or boss. So, here comes the role of Sick Leave Application.

Whenever we are sick and we need to leave, we can inform the company by leave application for illness or email and we have to write our leave period in our email or in application of sick letter, for example for how many days leave application for medical reason we need, one or two days off.

Sick Leave Application

Legally there are certain rules of organization which every organization needs to follow, it does not mean that the employer has faith in his employee or not. Organizations have their own way which you have to follow; and keep in mind while writing a letter for sick leave or email for a sick leave message.

Therefore, try to understand what a sick leave letter sample is and how to write a sick leave application.

Understanding a sick leave application

To understand what a sick leave application is, we want to know what a sick day email actually is. Every company discharges its employees from a specific number of days of work each year.

Every company has a policy of their leave, according to which they provide leave to their employees; some companies use a calendar year starting from 1st January to 31st December. While others use the financial year starting from 1 April to 31 March of next year.

There are some other companies which use the leave policy calendar as per the date of joining of employees. But there are some companies that confirm the date of joining an employee and then calculate the leave.

Rules about Sick Leave Application

Under India’s labor and employment laws it is mandatory for employers to provide a not feeling well message to your boss.

The law empowers companies to ask for certificates for their health from any of their employees who apply for leave on account of sickness. This certificate is called a medical certificate.

Which can be obtained from a medical practitioner, but in certain circumstances this certificate can be obtained from a government clinic or hospital.

According to the rules, there is a provision of giving medical certificates due to taking leave on getting sick, under which no company can deduct the salary of its employee.

If due to some reason the company does not get the medical certificate by the employee then the salary can be deducted.

That is why every employee should use their sick leave carefully. If the employee misuses these holidays then there is a law in the Indian Constitution to protect these companies.

Importance of Sick Leave Application

When you are sick or take a leave due to any reason, it has a negative effect on your company. It is your responsibility to protect your company from this loss. For which you have to give your work to your colleague for which extra time of the colleague takes time which is called overtime and you have to put a day off request email. The company pays its employees extra for this overtime.

When you take a leave application for fever in the office, it affects your work that is conducted by you. Therefore, it can be said that the reason for delay in work may also be sick leave taken by you.

Under the labor law of the Indian Constitution, every company is required to keep complete details of sick leave of its employees under the guidelines issued by the Human Resources Department and other administrative departments.

So, writing an application for sick leave plays a very important role in your salary sheet.

If you take more than the sick email leave limit prescribed by your company, then your loss is seen on your salary sheet.

Because you are not completely healthy, it is necessary to give a detailed description of the leave dates in your sick leave application; or email and a sick leave to your boss.

So now, here are some tips and samples on how to write such an application.

Some very useful and important suggestions are being given which will help you in writing short sick leave emails.

You should take sick leave stating your subject line for leave clearly.

When writing a sick leave application, the first and most important thing is to mention the subject. Mention clearly that this is the application for sick leave. Specify the starting date and end date — the date before the resume of duties.

Points to include in your Application or Email

Sick Leave Application

Address to the specific person

When you are working for a large group then these types of letters go to the HR department or administration. Therefore, correctly state the official charge.

Don’t be very general in addressing such letters, be specific, so that it reaches the correct person. Example leave a request email to manager.

CC Head of the Department

Make sure that a copy is sent to your department head or immediate senior.

This ensures that they are capable of delegating your essential tasks to someone else. By doing this, you can reduce the loss caused to your employer by your absence.

Brief about your sickness

Sick leave doesn’t mean going or visiting a doctor. However, if you do not go to work for more than two days, it is better to tell the name and address of the doctor or clinic where you are undergoing treatment.

This is a clear indicator that you are truly ill and not abusing your sick leave.

Sudden medical leave

In case of sudden medical leave application format, you need to first call your senior or HR department or administration and inform them about your health condition.

And send a sick leave mail for fever to the manager informing them of your inability to report for the day. And say that you will be able to resume work. This leaves an excellent impression on the employer.

Disambiguation with the employer

This is something you really need to do. Always state that the company or employer sincerely regrets any inconvenience caused by your absence.

And state that you will do your best to minimize any damage when you start work again. It shows your sense of responsibility as a human being and as an employee.

Adding more on Sick Leave Application and email

  1. You can refer to the number of sick leave days that are still not done. Therefore, the person reading your office leave application for fever or sick leave letter for fever finds it easy to check and update your records.
  2. Keep the updated record on your phone so that whenever there is a need of immediate sick leave you can send a mail through your phone.
Sick Leave Application

Right time to place your application and Email

Everyone understands that when you are sick you can’t focus or remember to draft an application for sick leave. But being an employee it’s your duty to inform your colleagues and head; so that they can manage your work and don’t have to bear any losses.

Whenever you get to know and you feel that you can’t work today because of your health at that moment, draft the application on sick leave, it will be the perfect time to intimate your manager. Always use a clear subject or heading in your application when you are writing a sick leave application. You can choose any format according to your application type.

Sample email and application

Below I am sharing a sick email example from there you will get an idea of how to tell your boss you’re sick. Medical leave format:

Heading/subject: Sick leave required

Hi, (name of head)

I am sorry to inform you that today [date] it will not be possible for me and I am unable to work today because of [reason]. According to the reports it might be possible that it will last for 4 days. But If anything urgent shows up, then contact me to meet the deadlines.

Thank you for understanding

[your name]

Wrap up

Before wrapping up,here is something you clearly need to understand: Never claim sick leave because you want to take a day off as paid leave. Always use it when you are genuinely sick and support your words with some evidence like medical certificate, prescription etc. this will prove your loyalty towards your work and your manager will trust you more.

But at times you stay sick for a longer period of time, so it is most likely that you will be on unpaid leave.

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