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Teacher Resume: Tips & Guide

Teacher Resume: Tips & Guide

Teacher resume – There are more than 1.5 million schools in India run by the State Governments and Central government. There are countless schools that are served by educational foundations, community organizations, private organizations and business houses as well as religious groups across the country.

At the same time, India is facing a huge shortage of teachers. There are several reasons for this deficiency.

However, if you are a teacher by profession & still searching for the job, this is the right time to apply for a job. And as always, you have to start again to apply for teaching work.

In this article, I will share tips for writing a resume and the best format writing guide for teachers aspiring for a job.

Teacher resume

To begin with, pay attention to what is required to become a teacher.

Requirements to Work as a Teacher

Now, this may come as a shock: Teachers in India do not need much qualification. It depends on the school, location and many other factors. However, other schools require specific requirements.

  • Bachelor in any stream: Arts, Commerce, Science or others.
  • B. Ed., D.El.Ed,  M. Ed. or Ph.D.

Knowledge of English, Hindi and, preferably, the local language.

At the same time, other schools sometimes hold teachers with a minimum Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or equivalent to teach basic literacy as part of adult education and free primary education.

Teaching skills for resume are the most important factor in getting you that job, regardless of school or education program.

Therefore, you have to prepare a resume that attracts school administration or school owners.

Best Resume Format Guide for Teachers

Here I am providing the best resume format for teachers. This can help you get an excellent job as a teacher in a good school.

Understand Resume Format for Teachers

The first step in writing the best resume for teachers is to understand what the teaching resume formats is.

This will give you a clear idea of ​​what the best resume format is and how you should project yourself.

Teacher resume

1. Begin with a best teacher resume objective

A resume objective summarizes your major work-related accomplishments, skills, and certifications in two to four sentences, and targets the specific job you’re applying for.

When you write your teacher’s resume objective, showcase the most impressive successes you’ve achieved as an educator and how you can apply them to the school you want to work at.

Remember, your resume objective is the first thing principals see when they open your resume, so make sure it inspires them to read on.

Back up any claims you make in your resume objective with hard numbers. For example, don’t just write that you raised average grades, but state you raised average grades by 17%.

Here’s an example of an effective general teaching resumes objective:

2. Back up your professional experience with numbers

Using numbers in your resume experience section helps you better highlight the skills, abilities, and knowledge you’ve accumulated during your career. If you are not aware how to write skill & experience on a resume then must read our blog by clicking here

3. Showcase your teacher resume skills

Your teaching skills need to be kept up to date on your resume for teaching positions because teaching methods often change due to new research and Board of Education policy shifts.

Here are some of the most in-demand job skills to put on resume for teacher jobs (according to anonymous data we’ve gathered from our resume builder):

Top Skills for a new teacher resume: 

1. Classroom management
2. Teaching Methods
3. Performance Evaluations
4. Planning Curriculum
5. Physical Endurance
6. Computer Skills
7. Microsoft Office
8. Disciplinary Action
9. Science Laboratory
10. Ability to Work Under Pressure
11. Collaboration
12. Teamwork
13. Critical Thinking Skills
14. Time Management Skills
15. Project Management Skills
16. Decision Making Skills
17. Interpersonal Skills
18. Problem Solving Skills
19. Creative Thinking Skills
20. Excellent Verbal & Written 21. Communication Skills
22. Leadership skills

Teacher resume

Additionally, add hard skills & soft skills throughout your resume, plus highlight both the skills in your skill section of your resume to show how you can manage students & classroom. 

Hard skills of a teachers 

  1. Planning curriculum & lesson plan
  2. Maintaining record
  3. Classroom management
  4. Conflict resolution
  5. Up-to-date teaching methods
  6. Behavior management
  7. Performance evaluations
  8. Aware of technological advancements
  9. Ability to grade assessments
  10. Basic knowledge of all subjects

Soft skills of teachers 

  1. Good verbal and written communication skills
  2. Leadership
  3. Time management
  4. People skills
  5. Problem solving & troubleshooting
  6. Critical thinking
  7. Disciplined
  8. Ability to handle stress and pressure
  9. Team spirit
  10. Collaboration

As a teacher of IT, science, computer field you must include Technical skills for teacher resume.  Here I’m listing some of the technical skills of a teacher resume to add in your main skill section:
Java Script
Adobe Photoshop 

4. Add teaching certifications 

List all your teaching certifications on your resume. If you haven’t received them yet, you can include the date you expect to receive the certification. You can add your certifications to a certifications section or your skills section.

Certifications differ greatly between states, so make sure you know how they’re listed in the state you’re applying for teaching work. In our teacher resume sample, the candidate is from Florida, where a middle school English teacher certification is called “Certification in Middle Grades English.”

5. Use proper resume format


An organized professional with proven teaching, guidance, and counseling skills. Possess a strong track record in improving test scores and teaching effectively. Ability to be a team player and resolve problems and conflicts professionally. Can communicate complex information in a simple and entertaining manner. Looking to contribute my knowledge and skills in a school that offers a genuine opportunity for career progression.


  1. Florida Certification in Middle Grades English
  2. Bachelor’s degree in computer Application 


Saint Francis School, Coimbatore, TN

English Teacher, July 2008–present

  1. Met parents and school governors; maintain discipline in the classroom; methodically provide resources for lessons; simplify lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives and assist students to prepare for examinations in a 2,500+ student school.
  2. Assess and look after 150+ students’ progress throughout the term and work closely with other staff to efficiently plan and coordinate work.
  3. Provide informative presentations to students regarding different areas of studies and ensure that all students fully comprehend all aspects.
  4. Trained four new English teachers, emphasizing the importance of classroom control, time management, course planning, and adherence to curriculum.
  5. Plan the content to be covered in the class according to the curriculum, the number of weeks available and the date of the final exam.


Teaching Assistant, May 2005–July 2008

  1. Responsible for ensuring that all students fully comprehended the taught curriculum and provided support to students who required extra guidance.
  2. Worked closely with the other teachers to ensure all avenues of the curriculum are met and delivered lessons to the students.
  3. Adopted distinctive teaching methodologies, documented all lessons, organized healthy group discussions, and mentored troubled students.

BA in English, 2005

  1. Expertise in teaching assistance
  2. Excellent with children
  3. Proficient in Microsoft Office 

Click here to draft your CV and resume online.

Teacher resume

Shed Light on Your Education

Highlighting education skills for a resume is the most important step for teachers to write resumes. Because you have to teach different subjects to students upon applying to a school.

School management would like to know about your level of expertise with various subjects. Therefore, depending on your degree, pay special attention to the subjects where you will excel in school and college.

Clearly indicate your marks in subjects where you will score high, as they will be of interest to school management.

Experience v / s No Experience

Now we come to the most difficult part of writing an experienced teacher resume. You can have a B. Ed or M. Ed degree. This will help you in a teacher’s job without much fuss.

However, if you have no experience as a teacher, things can get tough. You have to speak about the reasons you want to teach. Avoid grand words like ‘great profession’ and their choice. Instead, highlight how your skills on specific subjects make you qualified for the job.

Interests & Hobbies

Interests and hobbies play a huge role on resumes teachers. The actual reason behind this is because every school in India and around the world conducts various extracurricular activities for students.

Therefore, talk about your various interests and hobbies in detail. Focus on how these interests and hobbies are important in your life during study, their role in your life and how they will prove useful to your students.

Sometimes, your interest and hobbies can get you a teacher job compared to education or knowledge about a subject.

Interpersonal Skills are Important

Nowadays, interpersonal skills are important for almost every task. However, they are most important for a teacher. Therefore, including interpersonal skills under the subdivision ills other skills for teachers in their resume.

Write in two or three sentences your ability to deal with people in a firm, polite and positive manner. Give examples where possible. School management, as well as your interviewers, are interested in your interpersonal skills.

Teacher resume

Creative Skills Competition

Your creative skills will also be helpful in getting you working as a teacher. And it is also necessary to include them on their resume for teachers.

Creative skills include painting, drawing, art such as singing or dancing and others that are common in schools.

By demonstrating your creative skills on your resume for teachers, you are indicating your teacher abilities to conduct drawing and painting classes as part of curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

Social Initiative and Membership

If you are a member of any organization that has taken social initiatives, send them your resume for teachers. Also, mention clearly whether you are not a member of any non-political organization or a person with political leanings.

Remember, teachers do not appreciate teachers with a strong political bent unless it is run by a foundation or organization with a uniform manifesto.

At the same time, if you are applying to a school run by an organization that supports a specific party, your political affiliations may prove useful.

State your analytical skills

And finally, incorporate your analytical skills on your resume for teachers. Because they are extremely important for every teacher. You can learn about analytical skills, how they are useful in everyday situations and their importance from here.

Excellent analytical skills are expected from teachers, especially if you are teaching mathematics and science subjects. Often, students will come up with questions that you would not imagine.

In such situations, you will need excellent analytical skills to answer and receive healthy respect from students.

Turn off Thoughts

Before closing, I will emphasize a major difference between a resume and any other job. Each school or organization that employs teachers seeks specific teacher skills and qualities and personal characteristics.

Therefore, drafting a resume for teachers is not a proverbial cakewalk by any standards. This requires a lot of consideration and proper presentation on your education, skills, interests and other elements of your personality.

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