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Top Free English Speaking Courses Online

Top Free English Speaking Courses Online

English Speaking Courses – Wake up! Turn on your computer.

Now you are ready to take a college-level English course.

You don’t need to get out of your pajamas. You don’t even need to get out of bed.

English Speaking Courses

English Speaking Courses

Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything.

All you need is an internet connection, a little time, and a willingness to learn.

What? How can this be?

Well, you might already know that a lot of colleges have online courses.

They can be expensive, however, and often take a lot of time.

But a different kind of education is becoming popular.

On the Internet, there are hundreds of English learning courses available that can help you hone your spoken English. In this article, you will find free best online basic English learning classes courses that can help you improve your spoken English online.

These free english language learners, free English courses online speaking will hone your speaking skills; and you will be able to find better opportunities for yourself. Top universities across the world offer these courses through reputed online websites like Coursera, Udemy, IIT Kharagpur, and many other renowned universities.

Make the best use of these courses and come across as your most fluent in spoken English.


He is the one who started it all. Opened in 2007, Alison’s is considered the first MOOC.

English Speaking Courses

And it’s still a great place to learn! The website has over 1,000 courses. Its focus is on improving work skills to help you get a new job or get a promotion in your current job. Because of this, Alison has a whole section of English language courses with lots of great best free online courses English classes for all the different levels.

Courses You Must Take :

Social English Language Skills : This course helps you to improve your conversational English.

Introduction to English Grammar :

Here, you can learn grammar tenses and how to make a good sentence.

Speak English Professionally

Course Duration – 16 Hours

Website – Coursera

Offered By – Georgia Institute of Technology

‘Speak English Professionally’ is a course that the Georgia Institute of Technology offers through Coursera. It is a five-week-long course and you will need around 16 hours to finish it. Online courses are offered by reputed educational institutions in Coursera.

In this best online English-speaking course, you will learn how to introduce yourself fluently in English. By the end of this course, you will be able to talk to anyone and participate in group discussions without any hesitation.

You will learn the art of public speaking, communication, presentation, and handling your stress from this course.

Coursera offers free and paid courses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the website offered thousands of free courses online to help people around the world. Also, most courses have the option of applying for financial aid.

All you have to do is write an application and fill in the relevant details in the application. After that, you are good to go. You can complete the course whenever you want and get an online English course free with certificate at the end.


This website is only for English spoken class learners. As you might have guessed, MOOEC stands for Massive Open Online English Course. The site has classes for learners at all levels, from beginners to advanced.

The courses offered here are shorter than most MOOCs. Instead of taking weeks to complete, MOOEC offers its courses as single lessons. If you’re not sure whether online study is right for you, MOOEC is a good place to start, as it will take less of your time to communicate English & personality development.

English Speaking Courses

MOOEC was made in Australia, and some of the text makes it very clear (easy to see). There are some classes about places in Australia. Some spelling may differ from American English, so keep that in mind.

Courses You Must Take :

Elementary English Courses :

Here is a perfect course if you are just starting out.

Common Mistakes :

This course covers some of the most common English mistakes people make.

Coffee Culture :

For anyone interested in Australian English and culture, this class English teaches everyday listening and speaking skills.

Future Learns

Many online courses can be done on their own, but FutureLearn encourages students to be social and learn English online free, and talk with others taking similar courses. With over a million enrolled in classes here, there will be plenty to talk about!

English Speaking Courses

The courses offered come from 40 locations around the world, including some of the top British institutions such as the British Council and the British Museum. FutureLearn’s the U.S. has no partners, so if you are looking for American English, you may want to try a different website.

FutureLearn works like many MOOCs—lessons are given each week for a set number of weeks. You can learn alongside the class, which is highly encouraged (so you can talk to other students). But if the English online free classes don’t fit your schedule, you can take them at your own pace.

Courses You Must Take :

A Beginner’s Guide to Writing in English for University Study: This is designed for those interested in studying in an English-speaking country, but maybe useful to any English learner.

Understanding IELTS :

Techniques for the English Language Test: This course is excellent if you plan to take an English test, but especially IELTS.

Exploring English :

Language and Culture: With this course, you can learn about British culture while improving your English.

Speaking Effectively

Course Duration – 3 to 4 hours

Website – NPTEL (National Program on Technology Enhanced Education)

Offered By – IIT Kharagpur

NPTEL is an initiative of some of the top educational institutes in India. It is a free portal where students can get full access to the course material whenever they want.

The ‘Speaking Effectively’ course is offered by IIT Kharagpur and Prof. Taught by Aditi Gera Roy. The course is not just about speaking English, it is about speaking effectively and making a strong first impression. That is why this course is unique. It teaches you how to master the art of communication in the real world.

While completing this course you have to complete assignments to earn the certificate. In the end, you also have to pass a test. This is a great initiative by NPTEL, but most of the students are not aware of the online courses free resources it provides to the students.

Practice, Practice, Practice

In the New York Public Library’s Adult English Language and Literacy Program, where free online courses for adults, work on basic English and literacy skills, we are often asked for recommendations for online learning sites for adults to practice – English at home. Below you’ll find resources online—some with a focus on listening, some on vocabulary, others on grammar, and some with a range of activities. Happy Learning!

English Speaking Courses


It’s a website for kids, but who says adults can’t use it too? The site includes educational games organized by grade level from first to fifth and is especially good for spelling and phonetics. There are games to practice with vowels, uppercase and lowercase letters, Dolch sight words, synonyms and antonyms, and more.

Activities for ESL Students

Grammar and vocabulary exercises for all levels, including several bilingual quizzes for beginners. It also includes a link to teachers, including conversation questions, games, and many other ideas to use in the classroom.

BBC Learning English

A series of wonderful activities to practice, some related to current events. Videos, quizzes, vocabulary exercises, idioms, crosswords, and more are included, though all with a British accent.

Dave’s ESL Cafe

A platform for both ESL teachers and students around the world. Contains quiz, grammar explanation, and discussion forum for students. For teachers, it includes classroom ideas on all topics as well as discussion forums.


free English corse for Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese speakers. Start from the basic level or take exams to move up to the higher level. Practice vocabulary and grammar with short lessons that are like playing a game. You will need to sign up with an email address or Facebook account.

Conclusion (English Speaking Courses)

All the English speaking course online free that I have mentioned here are top class and provide great experience about the language. If you’re someone who wants to improve your English and become better than your competitors, try one or all of these courses.

The best thing about free English cource is that they are free and can be learned online. They will definitely improve your communication skills, and you will be able to speak, write and understand the English language better than ever before.

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