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10 Best Professional Computer Courses After 12th

10 Best Professional Computer Courses After 12th

Computer Courses After 12th  In the last few years, there are massive changes recorded in the IT sector. India as a software superpower, it is not a secret that technology plays a huge role in the growth of every business. As information technology developed, it also became the fastest-growing part of our economy.

Computer Courses After 12th

After 12th there are many short-term computer courses & diploma computer courses list is available for students that helps to increase their earnings, but the biggest question is which computer course is best after 12th?

So, there is a list of short-term courses having a duration of between 3-6 months or less. On the successful completion of which, every student is awarded a diploma or certification, as the case may be.

Here is the checklist of the best computer courses after 12th that you can pursue in your career.

List of Best Computer Courses After 12th

1. Data Entry Operator course
2. MS Office Certification Program
3. Website design & Development
4. SEO – search engine Optimization
5. Digital Marketing
7. Mobile Application Development
8. Animation & VFX designing
9. Graphics designing
10. Diploma in Programming language

So, let’s know about these top 10 computer courses in brief.


This is one of the basic computer courses available after 12th focusing on typing skills & data entry skills – the process of putting data in a computerized database or spreadsheet. 

This course is suitable for those who do not want to seek any advanced computer Knowledge. It will help them in getting typing jobs or data entry jobs in the companies.

This is one of the best computer courses for commerce students.

Time Duration – 6 months; vary from institute to institute.

Job Options Data entry operator (full time)
                       Freelancer data entry operator(online)

Here are the 6 best places where you can find data entry jobs.

Computer Courses After 12th

2. MS Office Certification Program 

MS office known as Microsoft Office is one of the widely used software in computers.  Its wide range of user-friendly applications include: MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, etc.

A 3-6 months long MS office computer course after 12th. Here the students learn the use on a regular basis. After obtaining the certificate in MS office computer courses they became efficient at workplaces. This is best suited for frontend office computer jobs where computers are used like coffee shops, restaurants, shops, hotels, Malls, etc.

3. Website Design & Development

This particular computer course after 12th is both short term courses after 12th computer science takes up to 6 months and a diploma course may take up to a year. Where students learn a lot about creating and maintaining e-commerce sites, blogs and websites. In this course, subjects like multimedia and web scripting and graphics are the major subjects. This short-term course teaches technical aspects such as hosting and servers, CMS, etc. In the graphics section, students learn about multimedia, animation and graphics design while the web scripting section deals with JavaScript, Java, Perl, PHP, CSS, HTML, web editors etc.

Designs your websites with vertical solutions.

Today, small companies flaunt their own websites which increases the demands of website designers. 

Job options    – Independent web designer
                        Web designers (MNCs/Agencies/Corporates)
                        Web developer
                        UEX design
                        Graphics designer

4. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a very good short term course to pursue and a diploma SEO course fruitfully results in the best future. Now you are thinking about What is SEO? SEO is basically search engine optimization or tips & tricks which help a website to rank in the SERP search engine result page. The techniques help to rank websites on SERP changes frequently and the highly skilled SEO professionals get new opportunities. After completing a certified SEO course or diploma in SEO students have following

Job options – SEO consultants (independent/full time) 
                      SEO professionals (independent/full time)
                      Project manager
                      Website Auditors            

Computer Courses After 12th

5. Digital Marketing

The most unique & one of the new computer courses after 12th is available, Digital marketing is the vast area that covers digital technology.

Some of the aspects covered by digital marketing are search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content writing, Affiliate marketing, Email Marketing, lead generation, Brand management, mobile marketing. There are many online courses after 12th are available for digital marketing that you can join and get the best job opportunity.

This is mainly useful for launching their own brand, running an independent business or starting an online business field.

Job options    – Digital marketer (independent)
                         Digital marketing professionals (independent)
                         Online Brand management professionals
                         Digital marketing instructors.

6. CADD (Computer Aided Designing & Drafting)

This professional course is best for students with a technical background. This is ideally suited for students of streams like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering.

Here are the different Scholarships for engineering students.

However, 12th pass students can opt for this course only in terms of gaining new skills. These are short term courses in computers. Students learn about various CAD programmes & software’s i.e. AutoCAD, Fusion360, Infraworks, etc.

Job options    – Civil Drafter
                         Mechanical Drafters
                         Architectural Drafter

7. Mobile Application Development

Today, our life is fully stuck with the mobile phones and almost we are doing most of the activities with the applications whether it is shopping, ordering food, chatting with friends, playing games, etc. almost there is an app for every activity. This trend made the development of mobile applications development as a fastest growing IT career.

Mobile Application developers are responsible for designing & building responsive mobile apps for organizations looking for better customer engagement practices. 

This is short term 6-month courses after 12th and further vary from institute to institute.

Job options    –  Application Designer
                          User Interface Designer  
                          Application Developer
                          App Tester

8. Animation  & VFX

A part of graphic designing among students looking for an area of ​​specialization, the animation course has rapidly become well-known computer courses after 12th. Diploma courses of six months to 2 years duration are available in the field of animation and VFX in most cities of India.

So, if you like to draw and let your imagination run on paper, then you may be suitable for this particular course.

Job options    –  Freelance VFX professional 
                          VFX Expert
                          Film Animation Expert
                          Visual Effects Expert
                          Creative Head

Computer Courses After 12th

9. Graphics Designing

Joining graphic designing course after 12th. This can provide you a great platform to showcase your creative abilities. With the introduction of computers, this stream of design is being used everywhere, and has many applications in various fields.

Job Options    – Freelancer graphic designer
                          Printing specialist
                          Creative director
                          Brand & Visual Identity Manager

10. Diploma In Programming Languages

Programming languages are the languages of a computer such as Python, JAVA, C++, C, MySQL, etc. After obtaining a certificate or computer diploma courses in a programming language, students have the option of going for a detailed course as this short-term course teaches only the basic things. However, there is no dearth of opportunities for this type of student.

Job options    Software Tester
                          Software Developer   

Here are Some of the Best Computer Degree Courses After 12th

If you are a student from 12th computer science then you can opt for these degree courses after 12th computer science. Check the list of computer courses below:

1. B. Tech in computer science
2. B. Tech in Information Technology
3. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)
4. B.Sc. in Computer Science

Other than computer courses if you are confused about choosing your career then read these Top 20 courses after 12th.  I am sure you will find your right professional course. 


Whether you are doing a short term computer course or long-term computer course, certified or diploma courses after 12th. Make sure you do it from a recognized & certified or approved institute.

With the increase in the demands of courses, there are lots of institutes providing different computer courses after 12th but take precautions while registering yourself and make inquiries such as institute status, fees structure, subjects included, faculties, etc.

Enroll yourself when you are fully satisfied with all the parameters & verify its placement records as getting a job is your first priority.

So, go with the course you think is beneficial and matches your skills. A Course that became a job-oriented computer course and you can earn from that course.

Thank You
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