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बांग्लादेश के सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने आरक्षण बढ़ाने का फैसला पलटा:रिजर्वेशन की सीमा 56 से घटाकर 7% की, इसके खिलाफ हिंसा में 115 मौतें हो चुकींमलेशिया के 17वें किंग इस्कंदर की ताजपोशी:इनके पास 47 हजार करोड़ की संपत्ति, 300 लग्जरी कारें; बेटा भारतीय सेना में कैप्टन रह चुकाखैबर पख्तूनख्वा में PAK सेना के खिलाफ सड़कों पर लोग:'आर्मी गो बैक' के नारे लगाए, कहा- आतंकियों के बहाने लोगों पर जुल्म कर रही फौजभास्कर अपडेट्स:मणिपुर के इंफाल में सुरक्षाबलों ने डिफ्यूज किए 7 बम; हर एक का वजन 33 किलो थारावलपिंडी का हीरो टिक्का खान कैसे बना बंगाल का कसाई:रजाकारों की सेना बनाकर कराया बंगालियों का कत्लेआम, इनके जिक्र से फिर क्यों सुलगा बांग्लादेशमेडिकल हिस्ट्री कागज पर लिखकर वॉलेट में रखें:दवा-एलर्जी का भी जिक्र करें…तो इमरजेंसी में जिंदगी बचाना आसान होगागाजा के बाद इजराइल का अब यमन पर हमला:हूती के ठिकानों पर एयरस्ट्राइक, रक्षा मंत्री बोले- यह इजराइलियों के खून की कीमतअमेरिका में 43 साल बाद हत्या की आरोपी महिला बरी:पुलिस पर फंसाने का आरोप; सबसे ज्यादा समय तक जेल में रहने वाली निर्दोष महिला बनींदावा-कोरोना में सरकारी आंकड़ों से 8 गुना ज्यादा मौतें हुईं:भारत में 2020 में 12 लाख लोगों ने दम तोड़ा; मुस्लिमों पर सबसे ज्यादा असररूस में कैद अमेरिकी पत्रकार को 16 साल जेल:जासूसी करने का दोषी ठहराया, 3 दिन कमरे में बंद रखा; बाइडेन बोले- अमेरिकी होने की सजा दी

The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About GOVERNMENT JOBS – 2022 Preparation Guide

The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About GOVERNMENT JOBS – 2022 Preparation Guide

Government jobGovernment jobs are well known in India as Sarkari Naukri. If we ask any one from youth – Do you want a government job? Every Indian wants to get Sarkari Naukri in any government department i.e. types of government jobs –  state government, central government, Defence, education, Railways, public sector banks, public sector companies, Govt organization, government universities, government hospitals, etc. 

Government Job

But do you think…Having lots of job opportunities in the private sector; but the youngster wants a job in the government sector. The reason behind this is long lasting job stability in government jobs.  Currently, India is a developing country and its economy depends on other countries’ economies. This has a great impact on job creations due to fluctuations in countries’ growth. 

Now the question is how to get government job?

Getting a government job is not a piece of cake for everyone. It needs a lot of hard work, patience, time, planning, Dedication. Government jobs are a very long process and depend on the government organization for vacancies & to conduct exams. 

Some major contributors to the job creation in Indian government sectors are UPSC, SSC, Indian Railway, UGC, SBI, LIC, and Defence Sector. The application process is also different for Organizations and varies from post to post.

A simple process on how to get government jobs to get a job is given below.

  1. Keep Searching for the Government jobs vacancy
  2. Apply for Government job exam
  3. Prepare according to the syllabus and exam pattern
  4. Appear in the exam
  5. Check the result

1. First Step :- 

The first step is to find the best govt jobs vacancy according to the eligibility depending on the post you are applying for. Eligibility criteria includes – 

    1. Age group
    2. Gender 
    3. Category
    4. Caste 
    5. Educational qualification
    6. Nationality
    7. Experience
    8. Marital Status

For example – if you are filling the form of defense. First of all, you have to identify yourself and be self-sufficient. Whether you are completely ready for the post or not for which you are filling the form. So first, you think and understand and then apply for govt job in which you want to get qualified.

How to find government jobs vacancies? You can visit official websites like UPSC, SSC, SBI, IBPS and other websites providing regular updates for job vacancies for a specific date according to the educational qualification & other eligibility norms. 

2. Apply for Job :- 

Once you find the job opportunities of your specific area of work according to the qualifications, you can take a step ahead and submit the application form very carefully. Nowadays the government mostly accepts the application form in online mode. 

This online application process generally consists of three parts:

  1. First-time registration
  2. Government job online form filling
  3. Fee Payment and final submission of the application

Note: While filling the form please check the details twice & then submit it.

Government Job

3. Prepare for Exam

After applying for a job online (Submit the form) start focusing on  your preparation. As cracking any govt jobs exams is a very difficult task nowadays. Because if there are 10000 job vacancies then applications received are 100000. 

In such conditions cracking an exam is a really difficult task. So, if you are dreaming to get the job with the desired designation and department. Prepare yourself with dedication and hard work. Adopt various methods to prepare for government job examinations. The more you prepare, the more success will come closer to you. It is not OK if you are preparing two or three days before the exam. You can get success only when you start preparing for your exam from the very beginning.

Prepare yourself a week before the exam & then go for a revision only for the remaining days. Prepare according to the syllabus and exam pattern as given on official websites of the department. A typical exam pattern includes sections like General Intelligence & Reasoning, Numerical Ability, English, Current Affairs.

With the preparation of theoretical or written exams keep yourself ready for the interviews, documentation, physical test, medical exams, etc. 

How to prepare for government jobs exam – 

  1. Use proper sources for study.
  2. Learn time management to prepare for exams.
  3. You have to mind about negative marking while giving exams.
  4. Practice more question answers & mock tests. 
  5. Stay focused and motivated.
  6. Only hard work is not the only key to success, work smartly and intelligently.

Read our article – how to prepare for UPSC

4. Appear for Exam

After preparing a lot for exam. It’s the final time to write your exams. While appearing for exams do not hesitate and be calm. There are many stages in the selection process such as Preliminary Exam, Main Exam, Interview, Medical Exam, Document Verification, etc. Candidates can check the different exam dates in the official advertisement and appear for all stages of the exam from time to time.

Result day After appearing for the exams it’s time to wait for the results and merit list. Preparation of the merit list took time just because of the large number of candidates. Candidates can check their results on official websites of the exam conducting authority. If your name appears in the list then surely you will get a government job. 

How to know about the job vacancies – Keep Research for government jobs 

If you want to get a government job, then it is most important to do research, you are not aware when, for which job applications have to apply. The easiest way to find is-

1. On The Internet, you can check whenever you want, for which government job applications are being applied.
2. Read the newspaper, you get a lot of new information from this, as well as new government jobs are also revealing.
3. Turn on notifications of various and genuine job portals to get updates.

Government Job

All the methods given help you in getting success in jobs, if you want to do a good job, then pay attention to all the given methods, and work as hard as you can. Click here to know the government job vacancy.

Reasons for choosing government jobs instead of private jobs. 

It is a huge confusion for most of the youngsters & freshers to choose their career opportunities between government job or private job. But here are some points which highlight why govt jobs are more preferred. 

  1. Good & High salary
  2. Allowances
  3. Health insurance & medical facilities/ Medi claims
  4. Housing benefits
  5. Benefits after retirement / pension
  6. Provident fund
  7. Job security 
  8. Social Security 

Here are few Tips – how to crack government exam – 

  1. Motivate Yourself
  2. Know Where You Stand
  3. Dedication
  4. Collect the study materials you need for preparation
  5. Chase Quality over Quantity
  6. Make tough things your priority
  7. Proper planning
  8. Time management
  9. Finally, try mock tests.

How to get a government job – Easy Tips 

  1. Select the area of field in the government sector 
  2. Positive attitude 
  3. Optimistic Approach
  4. Look for jobs by using job portals
  5. Research about working of department 
  6. Stay updated with notifications & news
  7. Prepare yourself in advance
  8. Get advantage with your network – your network will help you as a reference to get a post in a government department.
  9. Format resume information – Try to avoid giving false information on resume. It may lead to some legal issues.
  10. Be calm & positive through interview process 
  11.  Follow the government norms
  12. National employee exchange – get yourself registered with the nearest to get a direct interaction with the government department officials. It takes a few hours to get registered. 
  13. Expand your general knowledge 
  14. Develop Analytical skills 
  15. Good Communication skills 

Top 90 Tips on How to Prepare a Govt Job Interview:

After you have passed the preliminary tests and exams, you might be called for an interview for the second stage of the selection process. Here, the candidate is expected to have foundational knowledge in English and they should be able to keep up a basic conversation completely in English.

Government Job
    1. Be Ready for the Challenge
    2. Research well about the department you have applied
    3. Cover every info about the government job
    4. Use a solid and authentic reference (if any)
    5. Make a list of all the points to speak in the interview
    6. Prepare all the common type of questions usually asked – from previous year interviews 
    7. Ascertain the competition for the job
    8. Prepare yourself before – Overnight preparation doesn’t work
  • Practice Makes a Man Perfect

    1.  Take the help of your family and friends
    2.   Practice in front of a mirror to build confidence
    3. Overcome your fear by proper preparation
    4. Participate in the quiz and similar kind of interviews – participate in online quiz competition
    5. Try mock interviews
    6. Meet your seniors who have cleared the interview to know his experience & problems faced by him
    7. Should be updated about all the government jobs
    8. Get coaching for clearing government job exams
    9. Try to give more actual interviews
    10. List out a few questions that you want to ask the interviewer
    11. Prepare well to face panel interviews
    12. Prepare yourself psychologically and mentally
    13. Work on your Emotional Quotient (EQ)
    14. Have a positive attitude during the interview day
    15. Body language should be positive
    16. Must have Eye contact and firm handshake
    17. Dress formally
    18. Avoid using strong perfumes or deodorants
    19. Attire must match your personality
    20. Keep it simple not glamorous
    21. Prepare a simple and elegant resume
    22. Avoid Over-designing & over-describe yourself in your resume
    23. Study your resume carefully
    24. Explore More about resume on the web
    25. Wake early on the day of the interview
    26. Have a light breakfast
    27. Visit the interview venue in advance
    28. Use personal vehicle for commuting
    29. Be Punctual
    30. Have all the relevant documents handy
  • First Impression is the Last Impression

    1. Carry fewer things to interview
    2. Do not talk with the rest of the candidates before the interview
    3. Give Interview with an Open Mind
    4. While entering the room, follow all the protocols
    5. Ask permission before you do anything
    6. Always Greet with Good Morning
    7. Prepare the most elaborate introduction of yourself
    8. Do not hide anything about yourself
    9. Eye contact is important
    10. Words and Actions Must go Hand in Hand
    11. While talking, use formal English
  • Avoid using if’s and but’s

    1. Try to be in commanding position
    2. Avoid being talkative
    3. Do NOT be Argumentative
    4. Have a good presence of mind
    5. Remain Calm and Composed during Interview
    6. Talk about your interests and expertise
    7. Answer confidently
    8. The sense of Humor works in interviews
    9. Be sharp and objective
    10. Do NOT Ask too many Questions to Interviewers
    11. Avoid Open-Ended Questions
    12. Share Good & Bad Experiences
    13. Do NOT Ask for Salary during interview
    14. Do NOT Start Growing Weary
    15. Be Humble
    16. Share At Least one Weirdest Moment of Your Life
    17. Explain your Point with Examples
    18. Avoid using too Many Fillers
    19. Your conversation must revolve around the job
    20. Avoid bringing out personal prejudices
    21. Do not panic if something goes wrong
    22. Talk about your academics Only If it is Good
    23. Share about Your Personal Life
    24. Be Natural
    25. Use thank you and greet them after the interview
    26. Ask for Feedback
    27. After interview – Make a List of Points Where You Went Wrong
    28. Do NOT Show frustration at Interviewers if Rejected
    29. Do NOT Lose Heart
    30. Start Developing Personality 
    31. Personality is More Important than Academics
    32. Think positively
    33. Improve listening Skills
    34. Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses
    35. Strengthen Your Communication Skills
    36. Improve your Analytical Skills
    37. Work on Your English Language
    38. Have good general knowledge
    39. Clearing an Interview is all About PERSONA

They might also be called out for group discussions where the candidate has to impress the interviewers by raising and stressing on important facts and points said during the general discussion.

List of government Job vacancies 2022 – all latest government jobs (list of govt exams – Upcoming)


Start Date 

Last Date

UPSC Engineering Services Exam 2022 (Started)

22 Sept 2021 

12 Oct 2021 

CISF AC (EXE) LDCE Exam 2022 (Started)

01 Dec 2021 

21 Dec 2021

NDA/NA Exam 2022

22 Dec 2021

11 Jan 2022

UPSC CDS Exam 2022

22 Dec 2021

11 Jan 2022

Civil Services Exam 2022 (IAS)

02 Feb 2022

22 Feb 2022

Combined Medical Services Exam (CMS)

06 Apr 2022

26 Apr 2022

CAPF AC Exam 2022

20 Apr 2022 

10 May 2022

AFCAT-1 2022

01 Dec 2021

30 Dec 2021 

CGPSC State Services Exam- 2021

01 Dec 2021

30 Dec 2021

CGPSC Senior Resident Recruitment 2022

16 Dec 2021

14 Jan 2022

NPCIL Recruitment 2021

03 Dec 2021

27 Dec 2021

NCL Apprentice Recruitment

06 Dec 2021

20 Dec 2021

Indian Army TGC Recruitment 

06 Dec 2021

04 Jan 2022

The above-mentioned dates may vary. Check the latest government job notifications on time from official websites. 


Government jobs are not only for qualified personnel or highly professionals. There are many government jobs without degree in india are available i.e. clerk, peon, 12th pass jobs etc. Yet, if you haven’t started preparing for your exams till now, then use the above tips & tricks to achieve your aim & height of success. I hope this blog is very helpful to prepare yourself for this by using the above govt job preparation tips.

Thank you 

All the best…

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